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Global Mobile Gaming 2014 - 2019

Published: Feb 2015 | No Of Pages: 95 | Published By: Global Wireless Research

Product Synopsis

Report Audience

  • Mobile Cellular Carriers
  • Cloud Services Companies
  • Wireless Device Manufacturers
  • Wireless Infrastructure Providers
  • Mobile Gaming and Entertainment Companies
  • Commerce, Content and Application Providers

Report Overview

Mobile and wireless games represent an entertainment application that is typically played on a feature phone, smartphones, PDA, tablet computer, or portable media player. While the gaming console market continues to grow with market leaders Sony PS4 and Xbox One leading the way, there remains a strong market for anytime, anywhere mobile gaming.

  • The mobile gaming ecosystem is rapidly evolving. Even more important than crisp graphics and visual fidelity, immersive and engaging games are becoming increasingly important as evidenced by Microsoft’s $2.5B acquisition of Minecraft.
  • This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the mobile gaming marketplace including ecosystem analysis, market drivers, constraints, and emerging opportunities. The report includes forecasting through 2019 for revenue and gamers by device and region.

Report Benefits

  • Forecasts for mobile gaming devices and revenue through 2019
  • Understand mobile gaming dynamics across the value chain
  • Understand important mobile gaming trends and developments
  • Identify opportunities across the mobile gaming ecosystem
  • Identify next generation mobile gaming technologies and solutions

1. Introduction

2. Market Overview
2.1. Mobile/Wireless Game Types
2.1.1. Action/Adventure
2.1.2. Arcade
2.1.3. Board
2.1.4. Casino/Gambling
2.1.5. Location-based
2.1.6. Motion-based
2.1.7. Simulations
2.1.8. Strategy
2.1.9. Trivia
2.2. Understanding the Mobile Gamer
2.2.1. Demographics
2.2.2. User Characteristics
2.2.3. User Behaviors
2.3. Mobile Gaming Ecosystem
2.3.1. Mobile Network Operators
2.3.2. Device Manufacturers
2.3.3. Game Developers
2.3.4. Application Stores
2.3.5. Media Companies
2.3.6. Social Networks
2.4. Current Mobile Gaming Leaders
2.4.1. Leading Platform Providers
2.4.2. Leading Applications

3. Important Gaming Trends
3.1. Device vs. Cloud-based Gaming
3.2. Emerging Gaming Platforms
3.3. Freemium vs. Premium Gaming
3.4. In-game Currency Monetization
3.5. In-game Advertising and Sponsored Gaming

4. Mobile Gaming Market Drivers
4.1. Gaming Industry Investments and M&A
4.2. Continuously Growing and Evolving Industry
4.3. Cultural Evolution towards Anytime Entertainment

5. Market Constraints
5.1. Privacy and Security Concerns
5.2. Legal and Regulatory Issues

6. Market Opportunities
6.1. Wearable Gaming
6.2. Personalized Gaming
6.3. Immersive Gaming
6.4. Gaming Analytics

7. Mobile Gaming Forecasts 2014 to 2019
7.1. Mobile Gaming by Device Forecasts
7.1.1. Gamers by Device
7.1.2. Gamers by Region
7.2. Mobile Gaming Revenue Forecasts
7.2.1. Revenue by Device
7.2.2. Revenue by Region

8. Next Generation Mobile Gaming
8.1. Immersive Gaming
8.1.1. Wearable Technology
8.1.2. Augmented and Virtual Reality
8.2. Pervasive Gaming
8.2.1. Cross-platform Social Gaming
8.2.2. Embedded Gaming: Gamification
8.3. Advanced Gaming Discovery and Engagement
8.3.1. Presence Detection and Location
8.3.2. Sensors and Ambient Awareness

9. Conclusions

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