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Healthcare Decision Support and IBM Watson Market, Shares, Strategies and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019

Published: Jan 2015 | No Of Pages: 281 | Published By: Winter Green Research

WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Healthcare Decision Support and IBM Watson Market, Shares, Strategies and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019. The 2013 study has 281 pages, 87 tables and figures. Worldwide healthcare cognitive computing markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the healthcare delivery system responds to new products. Growth is achieved in response to changing technology, better analytics, and new information systems that leverage natural language, and changing market conditions.

Healthcare decision support markets consist of traditional market participants led by McKesson and Watson from IBM. IBM Watson offers structured and unstructured data in combination. This represents a major breakthrough in what kind of decision support can be offered.

IBM Watson can provide a far more differentiated testing assessment. Watson knows what tests are relevant to further characterize a particular patient condition and what tests are not. It is a great help to physicians to have an assistant that is able to have read the latest journal articles and is loaded with medical information to recommend what tests may be relevant in a particular situation. Wrong tests, tests that are not useful in a particular situation, account for 30% of the costs of healthcare delivery in the US. This is a lot. To have a new system available that addresses these issues is great.

IBM Watson is initiating a new era of cognitive computing that extends the tabulator and application program intensive enabling new market opportunities based on cognitive performance. Watson is so powerful and so new that the uses for it are not even defined yet. The tools and methods released by natural language computing systems are remarkable. They are very exciting.

Watson is comprised of a core engine. This engine is more powerful than anything that has been designed by humans before. To the credit of IBM, the first purpose that Watson has been put to is to improve healthcare delivery. To those analysts following Watson, there is tremendous promise in the offing.

IBM concentrates on building end to end systems that are able to adapt of market changes. While this may make the IBM product set seem overly heavy in the short run, in the long run, this is of enormous value to clients as proved by the company market leading position in innovation software.

This forecast below is predicated on the assumption that IBM makes available the Watson cognitive computing capability worldwide as a SaaS tool immediately, and people with smart phones learn that for five cents they can access solid medical opinions relating to particular symptoms. This does not turn the consumer into a healthcare provider, but it gives the consumer more power in dealing with the physician and the provider.

Just as the mother that took her child to the doctor this week in February 2013, and said, "I think it is an appendicitis" and the doctor said "No, it is influenza.", after the appendix broke and threatened the life of the child, the mother was angry, the physician was apologetic. With Watson at her side, the mother would have had more credible authority with the doctor.

This scenario really happened to an esteemed marketing manager in Minnesota, USA this week in February 2013. Watson has a lot to offer the consumer, without making the consumer a doctor; it brings more information and authority to the patient - physician interaction. So also, the physicians gain a valuable assistant at their side when they can access Watson for $60 per physician per month. This cost represents two cents per patient encounter, hardly a blip on the bill to the patient, but lends incredible value to the patient - physician interaction, bringing the latest research to bear on the physician diagnostic and therapeutic decision making process.

Watson can be loaded with the latest research results. No physician can track all the latest medical research; there are intense volumes of it. Any one physician can only hope to read a small portion of what is published in his or her own field. Watson knows it all. It is available to share what it knows at a small fee.

Healthcare decision support markets at $201.7 million in 2012 are anticipated to reach $239 billion by 2019 as consumers access apps and these apps generate micro-payments in increments of $.05 per query. Physician access is anticipated to be at a cost of $60 per month per physician, and every facility will have to give its physicians access to IBM Watson and cloud based healthcare decision support.

Personal, consumer queries are anticipated to account for 93% of the healthcare decision support revenue by 2019. Growth is a result of new cognitive computing technology availability. It is not enough to maintain a static position in a market, nimble competitors steal market share away if innovation is not pursued, this is increasingly true in the healthcare decision support markets. Innovation provides competitive advantage and protection of market position.

WinterGreen Research is an independent research organization funded by the sale of market research studies all over the world and by the implementation of ROI models that are used to calculate the total cost of ownership of equipment, services, and software. The company has 35 distributors worldwide, including Global Information Info Shop, Market Research.com, Research and Markets, electronics.ca, Bloomberg, and Thompson Financial.

Table of Contents

Healthcare Decision Support and IBM Watson Executive Summary

Healthcare Decision Support Market Driving Forces
IBM Watson Can Provide A Far More Differentiated Testing Assessment
IBM Watson Initiates New Era of Cognitive Computing
Three Key Players In The Clinical Decision Support Market

Healthcare Decision Support Market Share

Healthcare Decision Support Market Forecasts

1. Healthcare Decision Support and IBM Watson Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 Strongest Bonds To A Customer
1.1.1 IBM Watson Offers Structured And Unstructured Data
1.1.2 IBM Watson Adapts Patient Centered Care Models That Work
1.2 IBM Watson Use Cases
1.2.1 'If Someone Has Relevant Content, We Want To Be
Working With Them,' :Dr. Josko Silobrcic IBM Watson
1.2.2 MD Anderson Has Data Access Among Keys to
Personalized Cancer Therapies
1.2.3 Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and IBM
Watson Collaborate in Cancer Treatment
1.3 IBM Watson Getting Started, Next Steps
1.4 IBM Healthcare Watson Positioned to Take Better Care of Patients
1.4.1 ICD-10
1.5 McKesson Offers Robust Mix Of Healthcare IT, Patient Care, Financial Performance And Connectivity Solutions
1.5.1 McKesson Investing $1 Billion Over The Next
Two Years On IT R&D
1.6 McKesson Physician Management of Advanced Payment Models
1.7 Healthcare in the United States
1.7.1 World Economy Undergoing A Transformation
1.7.2 Global Economic Conditions:
1.7.3 Global Economy Becomes Steadily More Sluggish
1.7.4 Global Economic Conditions Impact Markets

2. Healthcare Decision Support and IBM Watson Market Shares and Market Forecasts
2.1 Healthcare Decision Support Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 IBM Watson Can Provide A Far More Differentiated Testing Assessment
2.1.2 IBM Watson Initiates New Era of Cognitive Computing
2.1.3 Three Key Players In The Clinical Decision Support Market
2.2 Healthcare Decision Support Market Share
2.2.1 McKesson InterQual Decision Support
2.2.2 InterQual, a Division of McKesson
2.2.3 Milliman
2.2.4 Truven / Solucient
2.3 Healthcare Decision Support Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Natural Language Cognitive Computing Healthcare Decision Support Market
2.3.2 Healthcare Decision Support Market Forecasts, Facility, Research, and Insurers
2.3.3 M-Health Wireless Tele-Health Apps
2.3.4 Smart Phone Home Tele Monitoring
2.3.5 eICUs
2.3.6 Healthcare Physician Decision Support Market Forecasts Rapid Readmissions
2.3.7 Healthcare Decision Support Market Forecasts, Facility, Research, and Insurers
2.3.8 Tele-health  Originating Site Facility Fee Payment Amount Update
2.4 IBM Watson Cognitive Computing
2.4.1 Healthcare Decision Support Market Forecasts, Facility, Research, and Insurers
2.4.2 Medical Criteria to Ensure Hospitalizations Are Necessary Gets Outdated Too Fast
2.4.3 Some Published Healthcare Data Is Wrong
2.4.4 US Revising the Medicare Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems (IPPS
2.4.5 Smart Phone Healthcare Decision Support App
2.4.6 Mobile Medical Productivity Tools Market Forecasts
2.4.7 Proper Diagnosis
2.4.8 Value of IBM Watson for Correct Medial Testing
2.4.9 Effective Utilization Of Lab Testing
2.4.10 Provider-Payor Collaboration
2.4.11 Technology The Healthcare Decision Support Equalizer
2.5 Global Healthcare Analytics Market
2.6 Healthcare Decision Support Pricing
2.7 Healthcare Decision Support Regional Market Segments
2.8 Application Server Embraces Enterprise Mobile Apps Development
2.8.1 Application Server Supports Web Reach
2.8.2 SOA Business Integration Foundation Systems
2.8.3 Application Servers Support Internet Channel
2.8.4 IBM Mainframe vs. Distributed Server ROI
2.8.5 Application Server Real Time Business Benefits

3. Healthcare Decision Support and

4. Watson Product Description
3.1 IBM Watson
3.1.1 Watson Used to Build a Sustainable Healthcare System
3.1.2 IBM Watson Enabling Technologies For Healthcare Transformation
3.1.3 IBM Healthcare Solutions Redefine Healthcare Delivery
3.1.4 IBM Investing in Care Co-Ordination Solutions
3.1.5 IBM Consumer Software for Healthcare
3.1.6 IBM Healthcare Analytics
3.1.7 IBM integrated and Configurable Patient Care and Insights Solution Suite
3.1.8 IBM / Wellpoint
3.2 McKesson Point-of-Care Decision Support Solutions
3.2.1 McKesson InterQual Chart
3.2.2 McKesson InterQual Alliance Partners
3.2.3 CMS Extends Decade-Long Use of McKesson's InterQual Criteria to Support Medicare Initiatives
3.2.4 McKesson InterQual  Alliance Partners
3.2.5 McKesson InterQual Criteria via Web Access
3.2.6 McKesson InterQual® Online
3.2.7 McKesson Auto Authorization of Treatment Plans
3.2.8 McKesson InterQual Criteria and Enables Automated Medical Review Authorization, Notification,Eligibility And Direction
3.2.9 McKesson Decision Support for Testing
3.2.10 McKesson Advanced Diagnostics Management Approach to Molecular and Genetic Tests
3.3 Milliman
3.3.1 Milliman Positioned To Support The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)
3.4 Tuven Health Clinical Performance Improvement Solutions
3.4.1 Tuven Health CareDiscovery
3.4.2 Tuven Health CareDiscovery Quality Measures
3.4.3 Tuven Health Meaningful Use Quality Manager
3.4.4 Tuven Health Clinical Strategic Services
3.4.5 Tuven Micromedex® Medication Management

4. Healthcare Decision Support and IBM Watson Technology
4.1 IBM Watson
4.1.1 Watson Supporting New Era Of Computing
4.1.2 IBM Watson Initiates New Era of Computing
4.2 McKesson Paragon Fuel s Healthcare Facility Growth
4.2.1 McKesson Paragon Offers A Set Of Unified Tools

5. Healthcare Decision Support Company Description
5.1 Accenture
5.2 Aetna
5.2.1 Aetna Health Benefits And Insurance Plans
5.3 AMD
5.3.1 AMD Telehealth Commitment to the Customer
5.3.2 AMD Management
5.3.3 AMD Global Telemedicine Service
5.4 American Well Systems
5.5 Assa Abloy
5.5.1 Assa Abloy Regional Division - EMEA
5.5.2 Assa Abloy Regional Division - Americas
5.5.3 Assa Abloy Regional Division - Asia Pacific
5.5.4 Assa Abloy Acquisitions 2012
5.6 AT&T
5.7 Boehringer Ingelheim
5.8 Bosch
5.8.1 Bosch Group
5.9 Bayer - Viterion
5.10 Biotronik
5.11 BT
5.12 Buccaneer
5.13 Cardionet
5.14 Centerstone Research Institute
5.15 Centerstone Research Institute
5.16 ciCoach.com
5.17 Cisco
5.18 Cleveland Clinic
5.18.1 Cleveland Clinic MyChart
5.19 CMS
5.20 Deutsche Telecom
5.21 eCardio Diagnostics
5.22 Eliza Corp
5.23 EMC
5.24 Healthrageous
5.25 Honeywell HomMed
5.26 Humedica
5.27 GlobalMed
5.27.1 GlobalMed Telemedicine Services
5.28 IBM
5.28.1 IBM Revenue Q2 2012
5.28.2 IBM Business Model
5.28.3 IBM Revenue Second-Quarter 2012
5.28.4 IBM Geographic Regions Q2 2012
5.28.5 IBM Growth Markets Q2 2012
5.28.6 IBM Services Q2 2012
5.28.7 IBM Software Q2 2012
5.28.8 IBM Hardware Q2 2012
5.28.9 IBM Financing Q2 2012
5.28.10 IBM Lombardi
5.29 Intel
5.30 Kaiser
5.30.1 Kaiser
5.31 Mayo Clinic
5.31.1 Mayo Clinic Telehealth
5.32 Medical Strategic Planning
5.32.1 Medical Strategic Planning (MSP) Alliance Organizations
5.33 Medullan
5.33.1 Medullan Services
5.34 NTT
5.34.1 Operating Revenues
5.35 Partners Healthcare
5.35.1 Partners Healthcare Integrated Health Care System
5.36 Philips
5.37 Polycom
5.38 PwC
5.39 Qolpac
5.40 Qualcomm
5.41 Sorin Group
5.42 Sotera
5.43 Skype
5.44 Sony
5.45 Sutter Center for Integrated Care
5.46 Telecare
5.47 Telesofia Medical
5.48 Textron Systems
5.49 VA Department of Veterans Affairs
5.50 Verizon
5.51 Vidyo
5.52 Walmart
5.52.1 Walmart Affordable Healthcare
5.53 Worksmart

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