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Global Hemophilia Market Report: 2015 Edition

Published: Mar 2015 | No Of Pages: 51 | Published By: Koncept Analytics
Hemophilia is an inherited or acquired bleeding disorder that prevents blood from clotting. People with hemophilia lack, either partially or completely, an essential clotting factor needed to form stable blood clots. People with hemophilia do not bleed any faster than normal, but they can bleed for a longer time. Hemophilia is quite rare and about 1 in 10,000 people are born with it, around 0.42 million people live with hemophilia. Hemophilia patients need to replace the missing factor through infusions. The main treatment is called replacement therapy, in which concentrates of clotting factor VIII (for hemophilia A) or clotting factor IX (for hemophilia B) are injected into a vein. More people suffer with hemophilia A in comparison to hemophilia B and Inhibitors. The US accounts for the major population suffering with hemophilia globally.
The key trends observed in the market include introduction of new products increased competition in rFVIII market and adoption of prophylactic treatment. On the development front, there has been an increase in the launch of new products like next-Generation long-acting Factor VIII and ready-to-use product by Novo Nordisk. But there are certain challenges too which include high risk and cost associated with new drugs, rising cost of hemophilia treatment and low switching rate among patients. The future drivers of the industry are increased rate of diagnosis and treatment, rising male population and global healthcare expense among others.
The report provides a comprehensive study of hemophilia market globally and also provides detailed information for key regional markets. The competition in the global hemophilia market is intense among large players like Baxter International Inc., Novo Nordisk and Pfizer. All these companies have been profiled in the present report highlighting their key financials and business strategies for growth.
By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests. 
1. Overview
2. Market Analysis
2.1 Global Hemophilia Market
  • Market Value
  • Market Segmentation
2.2 Hemophilia Market by Segments
2.2.1 Hemophilia A
  • Market Value
  • Patients Treated
  • Regional Breakdown
  • Supply/Demand of Factor VIII
2.2.2 Hemophilia B
  • Market Value
  • Patients Treated
2.2.3 Hemophilia A & B with Inhibitors
  • Market Value
2.2.4 Von Willebrand Disease
  • Market Value
2.3 Regional Analysis
2.3.1 The US
  • Market Size
  • Patients Treated
  • Hemophilia Prevalence
2.3.2 Australia
  • Market Overview
  • Market Share
2.3.3 Europe
  • Market Size
  • Patients Treated
3. Market Dynamics
3.1 Growth Drivers
3.1.1 Increased Rate of Diagnosis and Treatment
3.1.2 Rising Male Population
3.1.3 Rising Global Healthcare Expense
3.1.4 FDA Regulation and Patents
3.2 Key Trends
3.2.1 Introduction of New Products
3.2.2 Increased Competition in rFVIII Market
3.2.3 Adoption of Prophylactic Treatment
3.3 Challenges
3.3.1 High Risk and Cost Associated with New Drugs
3.3.2 Rising Cost of Hemophilia Treatment
3.3.3 Low Switching Rate among Patients
3.4 Significant Developments
3.4.1 Next-Generation Long-Acting Factor VIII in Process
3.4.2 Ready-To -Use Product by Novo Nordisk
4. Competitive Landscape
4.1 Global
  • Market Share 
  • Products in Development
4.2 The US
  • Leading Products
5. Company Profiles
5.1 Baxter International Inc.
5.1.1 Business Overview
5.1.2 Financial Overview
5.1.3 Business Strategies
  • Advancing Core Portfolio Globally
  • Driving Innovation through R&D Pipeline
5.2 Novo Nordisk
5.2.1 Business Overview
5.2.2 Financial Overview
5.2.3 Business Strategies
  • Strategic Positioning of Hemophilia Portfolio
  • Focused Patient-Centered Strategy
5.3 Pfizer, Inc.
5.3.1 Business Overview
5.3.2 Financial Overview
5.3.3 Business Strategies
  • Business Development Initiatives
  • Focusing on Research Operations
6. Market Outlook
6.1 Market Forecast
6.2 Forecast Methodology
6.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
6.2.2 Correlation Analysis
6.2.3 Regression Analysis 
Incidence of Hemophilia in Global Terms (2013)
US Hemophilia Market Size (2014E)
Number of People in the Registry and Treated by Broad Diagnosis
European Hemophilia Market Size (2014E)
Players and Products across the Different Hemophilia Types (2014)
New Products under Development or Recently Approved
US Factor Products on Market (2014)
Novo Nordisk’s Hemophilia Portfolio
Dependent & Independent Variables (2010-2014)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output 


Types of Hemophilia 
Global Hemophilia Market Value (2010-2014E)
Hemophilia Market by Segments (2014E)
Hemophilia Patients by Type (2014)
Hemophilia Patients by Severity (2014)
Global Hemophilia A Market Value (2011-2016E)
Hemophilia A Patients Treated Per Year Globally (2010-2017E)
Hemophilia A Patients Receiving Treatment by Region (2014E)
Global Demand for Factor VIII (2010-2016E)
Global Demand for Factor VIII by Type (2014E)
Global Supply/Demand of Recombinant FVIII (2010-2016E)
Global Hemophilia B Market Value (2011-2016E)
Hemophilia B Patients Treated Per Year Globally (2014E-2020E)
Global Hemophilia A & B with Inhibitors Market Value (2011-2016E)
Global Von Willebrand Disease Market Value (2011-2016E)
Hemophilia Patients in US (2013-2018E)
Hemophilia B Patients Treated Per Year in US (2014E-2020E)
Recombinant Factor VIII Market Share in Australia (2010-2014)
Hemophilia A Patients Receiving Treatment in Europe (2010-2017E)
Low Diagnosis and Treatment Rates of Hemophilia (2014)
Global Male Population (2010-2014)
Global Health Care Expenditure Per Capita (2009-2014E)
Adoption of Prophylactic Treatment across Countries
Annual Switching Rates
Hemophilia A Market Share by Company (2014)
Hemophilia B Market Share by Company (2014)
Recombinant FVIII Market Share by Company (2013)
Recombinant FVIII Market Share in US by Company (2013E)
Baxter's Revenue Share by Segments (2014)
Baxter's Net Sales and Net Income (2010-2014)
Novo Nordisk's Revenue Share by Segments (2014)
Novo Nordisk's Net Sales and Net Income (2010-2014)
Pfizer's Revenue Share by Segments (2014)
Pfizer's Net Sales and Net Income (2010-2014)
Global Hemophilia Market Forecast (2014-2018F)
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