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Global Industry Insight: Humic Acid Market Development and Demand Forecast to 2020

By: P & S Market Research

The humic acid market is growing due to increase in use of humic acid as a soil supplement for crops in agricultural sector. As biological agricultural systems are growing, the humic acid market is expected to grow with a significant rate in the coming years.

Microbial degradation of dead plant matter such as lignin forms the humic substances, which are very resistant to further biodegradation. The exact structure and properties of a given sample depend on the precise conditions of extraction and the soil or water source. Humic substances can be categorized as fulvic acids, humic acids and humin. The fulvic acids and humic acids are extracted as a colloidal solution from soil and solid phase sources into a strong basic aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide.

Humic acid, produced by biodegradation of dead organic matter, is a component of humic substances having major organic constituents of coal, soil, dystrophic lakes, peat, ocean water and upland streams. It is generally used as a soil supplement in agriculture and nutritional supplement for humans. Humic acid improves water retention, increase microbial activity, reduce fertilizer run off and enhance soil fertility. Humic acid is a complex mixture of different acids, which contain phenolate and carboxyl groups so as to make the mixture behave as tribasic acid or dibasic acid. Humates, salts of humic acid, are used to cancel out the contaminated impacts caused by pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. Precise methods are essential for creating humic acid concentrations to maintain water supplies from upland peaty catchments.

On the basis of applications, the humic acid market can be categorized as conventional farming, biodynamic farming, bioremediation, organic farming, compost teas, sustainable farming, and in premium crop products as an additive. Different humic acid products have different strengths, but most of the products can be used in hydroponics, soil, clones, dry broadcast, aeroponic, landscaping, irrigation, home gardens, golf care and turf, and cuttings. Organic farming is leading under the applications categorization of the humic acid market.

Humic acids are generally used in soil and water systems, but recent agricultural methods have exhausted the soil and water systems to filter the humic substances out of them. It is essential to add humic substances in the form of pounds of humic acids or tons of compost, to act as stimulants for food and microbes for worms in organic agriculture. In traditional farming, humic acids are known as the first step to transit towards more sustainable methods. In organic and sustainable farming, the addition of humic acids has a vital role in promoting plant and soil health naturally and the holistic system.

One of the major factors restraining the growth of the humic acid market is that the overdose of humic acid can have an adverse effect on the soil and substitution. If the humic acid is present in treated drinking water, it can react with chemicals used in the chlorination process to form disinfection byproducts such as dihaloacetonitriles, which are contaminated to humans.

North America had the largest share in the humic acid market due to increase in demand for humic acid because of the growing demand for biological stimulants in agricultural sector.

Some of the competitors in the humic acid market are Humic Growth Solutions, Humintech GmbH, AGLUKON Spezialduenger GmbH & Co., PingXiang Anhua Biotechonlogy Co., Ltd, and Cosmocel, S.A.

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