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IT Market in Poland 2014 Development forecasts for 2014-2018

Published: Oct 2014 | No Of Pages: 244 | Published By: PMR
Report surveys IT professionals, provides market development forecasts 2014-2018.
Expansion in Poland’s IT sector has been attributed to increased production and sales of computer hardware and for new business and consumer software. Small enterprises that provide IT services have also experienced rising demand from an increasing number of clients as technology advances, providing a growing range of products and services for Polish businesses and consumers.
To find out the latest in market news and to benefit from the carefully calculated forecasts of PMR experts, consult IT market in Poland 2014, development forecasts for 2014-2018.  This report tracks the activities of major market players and provides extensive statistical data focused on market value and growth. It describes the structure of the market and furnishes important figures for wages and employment in the hardware, software and IT segments as well as high-growth sub-segments. 
Readers will also benefit from the information gathered in a survey of more than 200 management personnel at IT companies serving locations across Poland.  Topics include best-selling software and hardware products and in-demand services such as training, implementation, maintenance, consulting and outsourcing. 
The report explores recent sales data and offers forecasts for sales of desktop computers, laptops, monitors and printers. It details the distribution network for these products in Poland and highlights the most valuable channels. A wide variety of software is also represented, such as the use of ERP, CRM and BI and educational and gaming applications. Developments in the areas of Cloud computing and SaaS are also noted.
Major IT companies in all three segments are profiled within the pages of this document. It provides location and contact information, revenues and strategic plans for expansion, areas of expertise and more. 
This publication takes a look at the future of Poland’s IT market and its key segments via reliable forecasts for the period 2014-2018. It examines significant trends in consumer preferences and technology and provides insightful analysis of the influences that these trends are expected to exert on the market in terms of value and potential opportunity.
The report focuses on material that is especially valuable to companies, managers and executives currently involved in the IT market in Poland. Target users include manufacturers and distributors of hardware, software development specialists and providers of vital IT services such as maintenance, training, consulting and implementation. Marketing teams will appreciate the aid of this document, as will as wide range of academic, research and business consultancy professionals. 
IT market in Poland 2014, development forecasts for 2014-2019 is a reliable business asset when planning the launch of a new business or the strategic expansion of a current enterprise. It is also helpful in strategic decision-making, trends analysis and in the search for investment and other business opportunities across the Polish market. 
Methodology 7 
Executive summary 13 
Overview of the IT sector in Poland 17
Findings of the survey of the largest IT companies in Poland 79
Hardware market 111
IT services market 147
Software market 179
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