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Outlook on Chinese and Global Automobile Aftermarket 2015-2020 Proposal

Published: Jun 2015 | Published By: ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd.

Chinese automobile market is developing fast and the market size is growing fast in recent years, which the compound annual growth rate of automobile aftermarket exceeds 25%. Base on the statistics showed, national car ownership was 144.75 million by the end of 2014, which is 14.2% increase than previous year. The data shows the annual transaction volume of Chinese automobile aftermarket is about RMB 690 billion in 2014.

Due to China’s current automobile industry structure and needs, the automobile rental, care & beauty, financial services, and other market segments are widely in need. AskCI predicts the proportion of the profits from aftermarket services will rise on automobile sellers’ book; estimates Chinese automobile aftermarket would achieve RMB 1,000 billion in 2016, and approach RMB 2,460 billion by the end of 2020.

I Outlook on Chinese Automobile Aftermarket
I-1 Overview
I-2 Development environment
I-3 Sales channels
I-4 4S channel
I-4.1 4S shops overview
I-4.2 Foreign 4S shops operation
I-4.3 Chinese 4S shops operation
I-4.4 Poter’s five forces analysis
I-4.5 Major 4S shops operational strategy
I-4.6 S.W.O.T analysis

II Chinese Automobile Repair and Maintenance Market
II-1 Market analysis
II-1.1 Overview
II-1.2 Trend
II-1.3 Marketing
II-1.4 Sales channels
II-1.5 Major regional automobile repair and maintenance market
II-2 Diagnosis market
II-2.1 Overview
II-2.2 Technology
II-2.3 Trend

III Chinese Automobile Financial Services Market
III-1 Global automobile financial services overview
III-2 Study of global automobile financial services
III-3 Chinese automobile financial services
III-4 Global and Chinese market size
III-5 Chinese Automobile financial leasing market
III-6 Automobile insurance market

IV Global and Chinese Automobile Electronics Market
IV-1 Global automobile electronics market overview
IV-2 Chinese automobile electronics market
IV-3 Developmental strategy
IV-4 Competition structure

V Chinese Automobile Maintenance Market
V-1 Overview
V-2 Automobile maintenance
V-3 Accessories
V-4 Automobile decoration
V-5 Modification
V-6 Audio

VI Global and Chinese Repair Market
VI-1 Global repair industry overview
VI-2 Chinese repair industry
VI-3 Management and operation
VI-4 Chain shop

VII Used Car and Car Rental Market
VII-1 Global used car market overview
VII-2 Chinese car rental market

VIII Major Regions of Chinese Automobile Aftermarket
VIII-1 Pearl River area
VIII-2 Yangtze River area
VIII-3 Bohai Sea rim area
VIII-4 Northeastern China
VIII-5 Central China
VIII-6 Northwestern China

IX Chinese Automobile Aftermarket Industry Competition
IX-1 Global market competition
IX-2 Chinese market competition

X Bellwether Company
X-1 Care and beauty
X-1.1 Launch Tech Co., Ltd.
X-1.1.1 Introduction
X-1.1.2 Service
X-1.1.3 Performance
X-1.1.4 Sales network
X-1.1.5 Competitive advantage
X-1.2 New Focus Auto Tech Holdings Limited
X-1.3 Bosch Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
X-1.4 Cinep Auto Beauty & Maintenance Chain Store
X-1.5 Tefulai Automotive Decoration Beauty Treatment
X-2 Modification
X-2.1 Gungzhou Yongtaihe Co., Ltd.
X-2.2 Shenzhen YyongJiKe Care Co., Ltd
X-2.3 Zhejiang Tengfei MyCar Co., Ltd.
X-2.4 Beijing Yuegangxiuli auto decoration company limited.
X-2.5 Wuhan BOB Co., Ltd.
X-3 Car rental
X-3.1 EHi Auto Services Limited
X-3.2 China Auto Rental Holdings Inc.
X-3.3 Shenzhen Topone Car Rental Co., Ltd.
X-3.4 Beijing Yinjian Rent A Car Co., Ltd.
X-3.5 SQZL Co., Ltd.
X-4 Automobile financial service
X-5 Circulation market

XI Investment and Prospective
XI-1 Investment opportunity
XI-2 Trends
XI-3 Market size forecast
ASKCI’s Legal Disclaimer

Table 1 Chinese automobile aftermarket sales, 2009-2014
Table 2 Chinese automobile after service pattern
Table 3 U.S.A automobile sales channel

Figure 1 Europe automobile sales channel
Figure 2 Japan automobile sales channel
Figure 3 Global automobile financial service development

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