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Outlook on Chinese and Global BMS Market 2015-2020 Proposal

Published: Jul 2015 | Published By: ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd.

Chinese new energy vehicles industry has large progress in development by years of research. In 2014, there are 78,499 new energy vehicles had produced and 74,763 was sold in China, which are 3.5 times and 3.2 times increased respectively, compared to previous year. On the other hand, vehicle battery met its sales peak 4.7GWh, which was 210% increased than 2013. AskCI estimates 700 thousand of electric vehicles will be sold in 2020; the market share of new energy vehicles will achieve 3%. For market segments, passenger vehicles and lithium battery usage will jointly rise. Over 49.8GWh battery will be used in 2020 estimated; and lithium battery will exceed electronics become the largest segment in electric vehicles accessories market.

BMS has entered practical application phase in Chinese and other countries; AskCI predicts that BMS will be commercialized as the market demands has existed. Lithium battery and BMS performance improvement are the critical factors decide promotion speed of new energy vehicles. The market share of China’s vehicle BMS market was 2.24 billion in 2014; according to the speed that domestic market developed, AskCI estimates that 700 thousand of electric vehicles will be sold, and domestic BMS market achieve RMB 21 billion in 2020.

I Global BMS Market Development
I-1 Overview on global electric vehicles
I-1.1 Global electric vehicles sales statistics
I-1.2 Global lithium battery market
I-2 Global BMS market development and prospective

II Chinese BMS Market
II-1 Chinese electric vehicle market
II-1.1 Electric vehicle
II-1.2 Lithium battery
II-2 Chinese BMS market size
II-3 Chinese BMS market development prospective

III Global BMS Bellwether Company
III-1 Tesla Motors
III-1.1 Introduction
III-1.2 Product
III-1.3 Performance
III-1.4 Competitive advantage
III-2 Preh
III-2.1 Introduction
III-2.2 BMS product
III-2.3 Performance
III-3 LG Chem
III-4 Lithium Balance
III-5 Vecture
III-6 Rimac Automobile
III-7 Clayton Power

IV China Mainland BMS Provider
IV-1 Huizhou Epower electronics Co., Ltd.
IV-1.1 Introduction
IV-1.2 BMS product introduction
IV-1.3 BMS application
IV-1.4 Performance
IV-1.5 Strategy
IV-2 BYD Co., Ltd.
IV-3 Hefei Guoxuan High-tech Power Energy Co., Ltd.
IV-4 Ningbo Bate Technology Co., Ltd.
IV-5 Sunwoda Electronics Co., Ltd.
IV-6 Anhui LIGOO New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
IV-7 Winston Energy Group Limited
IV-8 Guantuo Power Co., Ltd.
IV-9 Shenzhen Klclear technology Co., Ltd.
IV-10 Wuhu Tianyuan Automobile Electron Co., Ltd.
IV-11 Dongguan PowerWise New Energy Co., Ltd.
IV-12 Ningbo Longway Electrical Co., Ltd.
IV-13 Hangzhou Jieneng Co., Ltd.

V BMS Chip Manufacturers
V-1 Analog Devices
V-1.1 Introduction
V-1.2 Performance
V-1.3 Gross margin
V-1.4 BMS solution
V-2 Texas Instruments
V-3 Linear
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Table 1 Production situation of major ultrafiltration membrane companies
Table 2 Market price of major ultrafiltration membrane companies
Table 3 Output of PP in China, 2009-2014

Figure 1 Output of ultrafiltration membrane, 2009-2014
Figure 2 Market scale of ultrafiltration membrane, 2009-2014
Figure 4 Industrial chain structure of ultrafiltration membrane industry

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