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Production and Market of Chinese Automobile Die Industry 2015-2020 Proposal

Published: Jun 2015 | Published By: ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd.
Automobile sale in China was stick on steady growth in 2014. Over 23 million of vehicles produced national wide, which is 7.26% grown compare with previous year. The quantity of automobile sold was 23.49 million, which is 6.86% growth. However, due to the macroeconomic pressure, the growth of automobile sales in 2014 was slow. At the same year, automobile die industrial market cap hit 82.4 billion, which is 16.11% growth. Chinese high-end vehicles production will stay on a steady increase status in the future five years. The huge demand of high-end automobile from Chinese domestic market is a sign of the rapid growth of automobile die market. In the future 10 years, Chinese vehicles-ownership-rate will keep increase, and there will be smaller technology gap between Chinese automobile manufacturing industry and foreign automobile manufacturing industry. Since the five-year project issued by the government, it is predicted that Chinese die industry will be strong enough to compete with global major die manufacturing countries in 2025, and this could be the object of the next five-year project.THE AIM OF THIS REPORT ?To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of Chinese and global automobile die industry; ?To introduce Chinese major players of automobile die industry; ?To disclose market size of Chinese and global automobile die industry; ?To analyze competitions of automobile die industry; ?To analyze demand and supply of Chinese automobile die industry; ?To understand position of China’s automobile die trade in the world; ?To reveal operation and performance of major players in automobile die industry. 2. SCOPE OF INVESTIGATION The report will investigate global and Chinese dental laser industry from the following aspects: ?Domestic and global market ?Business environment ?Supply and demand ?Import and export ?Forecast and prospective ?Key statistics ?Key players ?Strategy and tactic ?Investment risks and recommendation ?Etc.
Part Contents Executive summary Definition and methodology I Global Automobile Die Industry I-1 Automobile industry overview I-2 Global automobile die industry structure I-3 Global automobile parts supplier I-4 Trends of global automobile die industry II Chinese Die Manufacture Industry II-1 Chinese die industry overview II-2 Die industry operation II-3 Chinese die industry development III Trends of Chinese Die Industry III-1 Overview III-2 Regional development III-3 Challenges IV Statistics of Chinese Die Industry IV-1 Market cap of Chinese die industry, 2011-2015 IV-2 Cost and expense IV-3 Profitability V Supply/Demand V-1 Production V-2 Import/export V-3 Consumption VI Market trends VI-1 Overview VI-2 Market performance VI-3 Automobile die industry developmental strategy VII Technology VII-1 Die VII-2 Injection mold VII-3 Casting mold VII-4 Glass mold VIII Import and Export, 2012-2015 VIII-1 Chinese automobile die import VIII-2 Chinese automobile die export IX Chinese Automobile Die Competition IX-1 Chinese automobile die market IX-2 Cooperation of Chinese and foreign businesses IX-3 Market shares of automobile die industry X Bellwether Company X-1 Tianjin Motor Dies Company Limited X-1.1 Introduction X-1.2 Production X-1.3 Performance X-1.4 Sales network X-1.5 Competitive advantage X-1.6 Strategy X-2 Sichuan Chengfei Integration Technology Co., Ltd. X-3 Greatoo Inc. X-4 Jouder Precision Industry (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. X-5 Shenzhen Silver Basis Technology Co.. Ltd. X-6 Beijing BYD Mould Co., Ltd. X-7 Shanghai Superior Die Technology Co., Ltd. X-8 Beijing Hyundai Mobis Parts Co., Ltd. X-9 Liuzhou Asset Bodywork Industrial Co., Ltd. X-10 Guangzhou Alliance Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. X-11 YsEims Xingda Dies Group X-12 Shanghai JiTai Automobile Enterprise CO.,LTD. X-13 Unipres Guangzhou Corporation X-14 Shandong Yezuo Group X-15 Lianheng Industry (Shang Hai) Co., Ltd. X-16 Fuji Technica & Miyazu Inc. X-17 Anhui Jiang Huai-Asset Bodywork Equipment Co.?Ltd. X-18 Shenyang Jinbei Vehicle Dies Manufacturing Co., Ltd. X-19 Sunrise Auto Mould & Die Co., Ltd. X-20 Anhui CITC-RAYHOO Automobile Die Co., Ltd. XI Chinese Automobile Market XI-1 Overview XI-2 Statistics XI-3 Profitability XII Forecast and Prospective XII Strategy and Recommendation ASKCI’s Legal Disclaimer
List of Tables Table 1 Global automobile production, 2009-2014 Table 2 Major countries of automobile production Table 3 Global automobile sales, 2009-2014 …… List of Figures Figure 1 Global automobile die market size, 2010-2014 Figure 2 Global automobile parts suppliers, 2014 Figure 3 Die industry regulation and policy ……
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