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Production and Market of Chinese Cubilose Industry 2015-2020 Proposal

Published: Jun 2015 | Published By: ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd.

There is extreme low output of cubilose in China; most cubilose processing producers are foreign companies. According to Chinese customs statistics, cubilose import was 7.39 tons in 2011. However, the processing cubilose products scale exceeds import scale. On the one hand, smuggle cubilose depressed proper import cubilose products’ sales. On the other hand, there are many fake cubilose products in domestic market.

Cubilose has been the top tonic in Chinese culture for over hundred years; and the market of cubilose grown fast in recent decade. Cubilose was added into baby foods, tonics, healthcare products, and fast foods; it has large market and development possibility. Though Hongkong and Taiwan used to the major market of cubilose, Chinese richs have become the driver of cubilose market, and China become the fastest consumption growing region. Under Chinese traditional tonic value, over 40 million Chinese middle class consumers push cubilose market’s development; consequently, Chinese cubilose market supply could achieve 158 tons in 2020.

I Chinese Cubilose Market
I-1 Cubilose supply
I-2 Market size
I-2.1 Chinese cubilose market size, 2009-2014
I-2.2 Chinese cubilose market size forecast, 2015-2020
I-3 Market segment

II Chinese Cubilose Industry Chain
II-1 Introduction
II-2 Upstream
II-2.1 Overview
II-2.2 Capacity
II-2.3 Problems and solution
II-3 Downstream
II-3.1 Demographics and structure
II-3.2 Food and healthcare expense
II-3.3 Nutritious foods
II-3.4 Demands of cubilose
II-3.5 Regional demands

III Import and Export of Chinese Cubilose
III-1 Overview
III-2 Import
III-2.1 Volume
III-2.2 Amount
III-2.3 Source
III-2.4 Average price
III-3 Export
III-3.1 Volume
III-3.2 Amount
III-3.3 Average price

IV Chinese Bellwether Company
IV-1 Beijing Tong Ren Tang Group Co., Ltd.
IV-1.1 Introduction
IV-1.2 Production
IV-1.3 Performance
IV-1.4 Sales network
IV-1.5 Competitive advantage
IV-2 Xiamen Shuangdanma Industry Development Co., Ltd.
IV-3 Xiamen Yonganyan Co., Ltd.
IV-4 First Edible Nest Co., Ltd.
IV-5 Supreme Tasting Bird’s Nest (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd.
IV-6 Dragon Brand Bird’s Nest Pte., Ltd.
IV-7 Imperial Bird's Nest International Company Limited.
IV-8 Home of Swallows Limited.
IV-9 Lo Hong Ka Sdn Bhd.
IV-10 Guangzhou Dragonbrand Sinyan Co., Ltd.

V Trends and Prospective of Chinese Cubilose Business, 2015-2020
V-1 Chinese cubilose business investment prospective
V-2 Chinese cubilose business investment risks

VI Cubilose Business Strategy and Tactics
VI-1 Cubilose strategic development planning
VI-1.1 Business upgrades
VI-1.2 Business expands
VI-1.3 Business sustainable develops
VI-2 Cubilose business strategic planning gist
VI-2.1 Government policy
VI-2.2 Industry law of development
VI-2.3 Resource and capability
VI-2.4 Foreseeable strategic positioning
VI-3 Cubilose business tactics
VI-3.1 Integrated tactical planning
VI-3.2 Technology develop tactic
VI-3.3 Regional tactical planning
VI-3.4 Industry tactical planning
VI-3.5 Brand marketing tactic
VI-3.6 Competition tactical planning
VI-4 Key customer strategy
VI-4.1 Necessary of key customer strategy
VI-4.2 Key customer definition
VI-4.3 Key customer development
VI-4.4 Key customer marketing
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Table 1 Chinese cubilose market processing trend, 2010-2014
Table 2 Chinese cubilose market processing forecast, 2015-2020
Table 3 Sale of cubilose in Chinese market, 2009-2014

Figure 1 Sale of cubilose in Chinese market forecast, 2015-2020
Figure 2 Sale of Chinese cubilose market segments, 2014
Figure 3 Chinese cubilose bellwether companies

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