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Regenerative Medicine Market - Global Trends, Estimates and Forecasts, 2013-2019

Published: Apr 2015 | No Of Pages: 379 | Published By: Axis Research Mind

Product Synopsis

Global Regenerative Medicine market is estimated to reach US$24.7 billion by 2017. Regenerative Medicine in Orthopedics market is projected to reach US$10.3 billion by 2017, growing at a CAGR of 12.2% for the analysis period 2013-2019 respectively. Skin/Integumentary and Urology together account for approximately 25.97% (2016) of the market are expected to support the Regenerative Medicine Industry going forward. Geographical analysis for Regenerative Medicine in Cardiology shows that the highest Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.1% is anticipated from Asia-Pacific region during the analysis period 2013-2019.
Report Focus:
The report ‘Regenerative Medicine Global Trends, Estimates and Forecasts, 2013-2019’ reviews the latest trends in regenerative medicine with a perceptive attempt to disclose the near-future growth prospects. An in-depth analysis on a geographic basis provides strategic business intelligence for healthcare sector investments. The study reveals profitable investment strategies for market start-ups, pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies, laboratories, Contract/Clinical/Commercial Research Organizations (CROs), government/academic organizations, consulting firms, database buyers and many more in preferred locations. The report primarily focuses on:
  • Emerging Market Trends
  • Advancements in the Technological Space
  • Market Demand of The Segments (By-Region)
  • Key Growth Areas and Market Size
  • Region-Wise Demand Factor
  • Key Competitors Edge
  • Investment Strategies
Estimates are based on online surveys using customized questionnaires by our research team. Besides information from government databases, company websites, press releases & published research reports are also used for estimates.
The analysis primarily deals by therapeutic area and biological substitutes. Further, the subdivided categories include:
  • Regenerative Medicine – Segmentation
  • Therapeutic Area
  • Orthopedics
  • Skin/Integumentary
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Urology
  • Other
  • Biological Substitutes
  • Cells and Biomaterials
  • Biomolecules
  • Manufacturing Factors and
  • Other
The period considered for the regenerative medicine market analysis is 2013-2019. The region wise distribution of the market consists of The Americas (USA, Brazil, Canada and Rest of The Americas), Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Spain, The Netherlands, Russia and Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (Japan, South Korea, Australia, China, India and Rest of Asia-Pacific) and Rest of World (Africa and Middle East). The market growth rate in the major economies such as the U.S., Japan, China etc. are estimated individually.
More than 600 market players are identified in regenerative medicine industry out of which 21 key companies that project improved market activities in the near future are profiled. The report consists of 99 data charts describing the market shares, sales forecasts and growth prospects. Moreover, key strategic activities in the market including mergers/acquisitions, collaborations/partnerships, product launches/developments are discussed.
I. Introduction
A. Regenerative Medicine – In Brief
History Of Organ Engineering
The Methodology Of Regenerative Medicine
  1.  Human Substances
  2.  Cells And Tissues
  3.  Embryonic Stem Cells
Nuclear Transplantation
Opposition To Use Of Embryonic Stem Cells And Nuclear Transplantation
  1. Novel Materials
The Competent Association Between Regenerative Medication And Physical Therapeutics
Clinical Tools And Synthetic Organs
Material Treatments And Bio Substances
Cellular Treatments
Prevalent Hurdles In The Progress Of Cellular Therapies
Skeletal Muscle
Objective Measures Toward Regenerative Rehabilitation
B. Tissue Engineering
Regenerative Medicine And Tissue Engineering
History Of Tissue Engineering
Methods Of Tissue Engineering
Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine In The Current Medical Order
Nih Sponsored Research In Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine
Influencing Stem Cells By Manipulating Their Environment
Transplanting Human Livers In Mice
Engineering Mature Bone Stem Cells
Using Lattices To Help Engineered Tissue Survive
Possible Treatment Option For Worn Out/Injured Knees
Re-Growing A New Kidney 
Tissue Engineering And Biomaterials
Cell And Tissue Banking Standards And Accreditation
C. Stem Cells
Introduction To Stem Cells
History Of Stem Cells
Types Of Stem Cells
  1.  Embryonic Stem (Es) Cells And Epiblast Stem Cells
  2.  Non-Embryonic Stem Cells (Non-Esc)
Tissue Stem Cells
Induced Pluripotent Stem (Ips) Cells 
Regenerative Medicine And Stem Cells
The Microenvironment Of The Stem Cell
Embryonic Stem Cells A More Detailed Look
Blastocyst As A Source Of Stem Cells Legal Issues
Non-Embryonic Stem Cells
  1.  Amniotic Fluid Derived Stem Cells
  2.  Cord Blood Stem Cells
Type-1 Diabetes
Cardiovascular Conditions
Central Nervous System
  1. Bone-Marrow Derived Stromal Stem Cells
  2. In-Vitro Msc Differentiation
  3. Stem Cells Derived From Fat Tissue
  4.  Monocytes
Stem Cell Treatments Why Haven’T They Gained Widespread Popularity?
Applications Of Stem Cells In Treatment Of Various Diseases And Conditions
A) Bone
I) Bone Defects
Ii) Fracture Non-Union
Iii) Osteogenesis Imperfecta
B) Cartilage
C) Cardiac Muscle
D) Urinary Tissues – Bladder
E) Spinal Cord
Cell-Based Therapies
Cells Developed Today Are Future Therapies
D. Biological Substitutes For Regenerative Medicine
Areas In Human Tissue Construction
Safety And Presentation Concerns
Developmental Features
Other Factors
E. Regenerative Medicine And Various Conditions
1. Skin/ Integumentary
Skin Revival
Nerve Revival
Skeletal Muscle Revival
Regenerative Drugs For Skin Diseases Ips Cells To The Salvage
Skin And Cutaneous Cells And Tissue Applications Opt For Development
Do-Us Association In Regenerative Medicine To Support Acid Attack Victims
2. Regenerative Medicine’S Progress In Orthopedics
Contemporary Notions
Morphogenetic Stimulus
Mechanical Stimulation
Regenerative Medicine In The Bone
Other Organs
A. Intervertebral Disk
B. Meniscus
C. Ligament And Tendon
Gene Therapy Strategy
Gene Therapy Commercial Milestones
3. Cardiac Regenerative Medicine
Cardiovascular And Regenerative Medicine
Type Of Cvd
Cardiovascular Disease And Revival Medicine
Athersys Inc.’S
Cytori Therapeutics
Juventas Therapeutics
4. Regenerative Drugs For Neurological Disabilities
Regenerative Drugs For Neurological Diseases With The Use Of Electrical Stimulation
1. Introduction
2. Electrical Stimulus For Cerebral Infarction
3. Long-Term Potentiation And Neurogenesis
5. Regenerative Nephrology
Regenerative Drug Strategies To Heal Neurogenic Bladder
6. The Essentials Of Tissue Engineering
Bio-Substances Used In Genitourinary Tissue Renovation
Cells For Urogenital Tissue Regeneration Technologies
Tissue Programming Strategies For Bladder Boost And Replacement
Biosubstances Scaffolds For Bladder Regeneration
Regenerative Drugs For Bladder Using Cell Transplantation
7. Diabetes And Regenerative Medicine
8. Alzheimer's And Regenerative Medicine
9. Autoimmune Disorders And Regenerative Medicine
10. Regenerative Medicine In Ophthalmology - Prospect
Cellular Treatments
Results - Advantages
Bio-Substances In The Cornea
Corneal Replacements Are A Possible Option That Needs To Address
Bio-Substances Need To Be
Overview Of Kpro
Exercise Engineering Structure To Corneal Disease
F. Regenerative Medicine The Future Trends
Altered Demographics Create Greater Burden Of Chronic Disease
An Emerging Industry
Obtaining Regulatory Norms In Place
Fda Procedures
Cross-Agency Management
Regulatory Discipline
G. Government Funding
Public And Private Investment Exceeds $1 Billion
H. Us Healthcare Statistics
The Cost Impact Of An Aging Population
Potential Economic Impact Of Regenerative Medicine
Ii. Regenerative Medicine - Market Briefing
The Americas
Rest Of World
Ii. Market Analysis
Regenerative Medicine – Industry Snapshot
A. Regenerative Medicine - Segmentation
Regenerative Medicine – Global
Regenerative Medicine - By Geography
The Americas
Rest Of World
Regenerative Medicine - By Therapeutic Area
Regenerative Medicine - Therapeutic Area - By Geography
The Americas
Rest Of World
The Americas
Rest Of World
The Americas
Rest Of World
The Americas
Rest Of World
The Americas
Rest Of World
Other Therapeutic Areas (Regenerative Medicine)
The Americas
Rest Of World
Regenerative Medicine - Biological Substitutes - By Type
B. Growth Rate Analysis
A. Regenerative Medicine Market Growth Rates – By Geography
B. Regenerative Medicine Market – By Therapeutic Area Growth Rates
C. Investment Focus
Iii. Industry Overview
A. Industry Activities
Mergers/Acquisitions/Agreements/Patents Grants/Joint Ventures/Trends, Etc……
Kite Pharma Establishes Manufacturing Capabilities To Support Development And Commercialization Of Car And Tcr Cancer Immunotherapy Products
Significant Findings In U.S. National Institutes Of Health’S Trial Of Pluristem’S Plx-R18 Cells For Treatment Of Acute Radiation Syndrome
Novasep Selected To Commercially Biomanufacture Celladon’S Mydicar Api
Cytori Begins Enrollment In Act-Oa: Us Phase Ii Trial For Knee Osteoarthritis
Can 3-D Printing Of Living Tissue Speed Up Drug Development?
Team Creates New Approach To Gene Therapy
Cellular Dynamics' Icell Hepatocytes Enable Malaria-In-A-Dish Studies
Cesca Therapeutics Announces Approval Of Its Marrowxpresstm System In India
Voyager Therapeutics & Genzyme Announce Major Strategic Collaboration To Develop And Commercialize Novel Aav Gene Therapies For Patients With Cns Disorders
Valeant Pharmaceuticals Announces Expiration Of Bid Deadline In Connection With Agreement To Acquire Assets From Dendreon
3-D Printers Take Center Stage In Japan’S Regenerative Medicine
Cynata Partners With Uwa Centre For Cell Therapy And Regenerative Medicine
Astrazeneca Announces Collaborations To Use Crispr Technology For Genome Editing Across Its Drug Discovery Platform
Avita Medical Announces First Patient Enrolment In Us Pivotal Study Of Recell®
Using 3D Printing, Makerbot And Feinstein Institute For Medical Research Create Cartilage To Repair Tracheal Damage
Sistemic And Roslin Cells Announce Ground-Breaking Collaboration Agreement On Ipsc Characterisation As Part Of Major European Innovative Medicines Initiative Programme
Athersys And Cell Therapy Catapult Announce Grant To Support Clinical Development Of Stem Cell Therapy For Severe Acute Respiratory Condition
Cell Therapy Catapult And Trakcel To Collaborate On Research Project
Neostem And Invetech Announce Agreement To Develop Closed Processing System For Cell Therapy Manufacturing
Nuo Therapeutics And Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Sign Exclusive Licensing And Distribution Agreement For Aurix In Japan
Researchers Grow Functional Tissue-Engineered Intestine From Human Cells
Hart And Mayo Clinic Collaborate On Regenerated Trachea, Esophagus And Heart Valve
Novartis Collaborates With Intellia Therapeutics And Caribou Biosciences To Explore Making Medicines And Drug Discovery Tools With Crispr Genome Editing Technology
Txcell And Ferring Collaboration With Lead Product Ovasave
Orthocell And Bonesupport Enter Into Bone Repair Partnership
Invivo Therapeutics Announces Fda Approval To Expedite Enrollment For Ongoing Pilot Trial
Biotime, Inc. Subsidiary Oncocyte Corporation Completes Initial Enrollment Of Clinical Study Of Urine-Based Bladder Cancer Diagnostic
Heraeus Medical Licenses Platform Polymer Technology To Further Its Regenerative Orthopedics Strategy
Voyager Therapeutics And Massbiologics Announce Strategic Collaboration For Viral Vector Manufacturing
Nyscf And The Cmta Enter Collaboration To Advance Neuropathies Research
Leading Bone Repair Company Bonesupport And Regenerative Medicine Company Orthocell Ltd Announce A Heads Of Agreement
Pfizer Expands Rare Disease Research With Establishment Of Gene Therapy Platform
Establishment Of Gene Therapy Research In Pfizer Rare Disease
Ge Healthcare Life Sciences Licenses Crispr Gene Engineering Technology Patents From Broad Institute
Organovo Collaborates With Yale Team To Develop 3-D Organ Tissues For Surgical Transplantation Research
Pluristem Granted Patent In Singapore For Its 3D Cell Expansion Technology
Stem Cell Agency & Israel Announce International Collaboration To Advance Stem Cell Research
Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology No Longer Supporting Studies In Russia; Will Continue Focus On Preclinical Processes In The U.S. And Eu
Japanese Legislation Takes Effect For Expedited Approvals Of Regenerative Medical Products
Aastrom Biosciences Changes Name To Vericel Corporation
Juno T Cell Therapy For Leukemia Granted Fda Breakthrough Therapy Designation
Ocata Therapeutics Receives Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product Designation From The European Medicines Agency
Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals Enters Into Research Collaboration And Worldwide License Agreement With Janssen For Allogeneic Chimeric Antigen Receptor (Car) T-Cell Therapies
Poland And California Announce International Collaboration To Advance Stem Cell Research Toward Cures
Advanced Cell Technology Changes Name To Ocata Therapeutics
Cytomedix Announces Corporate Name Change To Nuo Therapeutics, Inc.
Cardio3 Biosciences Acquires Corquest Medical Inc.
University And Gsk Collaboration Aims To Tackle Myelin Regeneration
The New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute Announces Largest-Ever Stem Cell Repository
Terumo Bct And Oneblood Partner In A Treatment Use Program Of An Investigational Device To Help Improve Blood Supply Safety
Roosterbio Selects Biolife Solutions Cryostor® To Commercialize Human Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells
Pluristem Advances Its Second Major Cell Therapy Product Line From Development To Large-Scale Manufacturing
Cytori Patents Automated Tissue Processing Device In Japan And Treatments For Wound Healing In China
Osiris And Arthrex Announce An Exclusive Partnership For The Commercialization And Development Of Cartiform
Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Its Ion Pgm Dx Next Generation Sequencing System Is Now Ce-Marked For In Vitro Diagnostic (Ivd) Use
Act Announces Positive Results From Two Clinical Trials Published In The Lancet Using Differentiated Stem Cell-Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium (Rpe) Cells For The Treatment Of Macular Degeneration
Promethera Biosciences Receives Approval In Belgium To Enroll Patients In The Imminent Hep002 Phase Iib/Iii Clinical Trial
The National Stem Cell Foundation Partners With The Orthopaedic Research And Education Foundation On Stem Cell Research For The Regeneration And Repair Of Musculoskeletal Tissues
Cardio3 Biosciences Receives Authorization To Enroll Patients In Switzerland In Its Phase Iii Clinical Trial Chart-1
Smith & Nephew Announces Top-Line Results Of Hp802-247 Phase 3 Study
Neostem Ranked As One Of The Fastest Growing Companies In New York City
Cesca Therapeutics Announces Agreement With New York Upstate Cord Blood Bank
Oxford Biomedica Acquires Windrush Court Office And Laboratory Facilities
Astellas Announces Research Collaboration With Harvard Medical School Investigator For Treatment Of Retinal Degeneration
Oxford Biomedica Announces New Process Development And Manufacturing Collaboration Which Includes Lentivector Licence Agreement
Bone Therapeutics Extends Allob Phase I/Iia Trial To Germany
Brainstorm Gets Fda Fast-Track Status For Als Stem Cell Therapy
Tc Biopharm And Sistemic Announce Collaboration To Develop An Innovative Range Of Cancer-Specific Theranostic Products
Histogenics And Intrexon Announce Formation Of Exclusive Channel Collaboration For Cartilage Repair Therapies
Researchers Develop Novel Gene/Cell Therapy Approach For Lung Disease
Mesoblast Partner Jcr Pharmaceuticals Files For?Marketing Approval Of The First Allogeneic Stem Cell Product In Japan
Cesca Therapeutics Announces Approval Of Its Axp(R) Autoxpress(R) System In Taiwan
Horizon Discovery Group Plc Acquires Sage Labs Inc
Baxter To Form New Global Innovation And R&D Center Near Boston For Its Biopharmaceuticals Business
Advanced Cell Technology Announces Final Patient Treated In Stargardt’S Macular Degeneration Phase 1 Trial In The United Kingdom
Fibrocell Science And Intrexon Advance Gm-Hdf-Col7 Toward Clinical Development For The Treatment Of Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa
Genzyme Collaborates On Gene Therapy For Rare Disease That Causes Childhood Blindness
Study Determines Mimedx Allograft Effectively Recruits Circulating Stem And Progenitor Cells
Biolife Solutions And Savsu Technologies Announce Exclusive Distribution Agreement
Utsw Researchers Working To Regenerate Heart, Nerve Cells
Mayo Clinic Center For Regenerative Medicine Forms Collaboration With National University Ireland Galway
Accurexa Announces Exclusive License Agreement With Uc San Francisco
Medpace Continues To Expand Therapeutic Leadership In Oncology Drug Development
Regenerative Medicine To Be Insured
Mimedx Signs Distribution Agreement With Zimmer
Cancer Research Uk, Cancer Research Technology And Asterias Biotherapeutics Partner To Trial Immunotherapy Vaccine For Lung Cancer
Mabvax Therapeutics Enters Agreements With Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center And Juno Therapeutics For Development Of Anti-Cancer Therapeutics
Sangamo Biosciences Announces Target Date For First Ind For Sangamo’S In Vivo Zfn Genome-Editing Platform For Monogenic Diseases
Stem Cell Agency Invests $16 Million To Fight Diabetes And Announces Plan To Launch Cirm 2.0
Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology Obtains Orphan Drug Designation From U.S. Food And Drug Administration For Hart-Trachea
Scientists Find Way To Expand Blood Stem Cell Production In Lab
Abbvie And Calico Announce A Novel Collaboration To Accelerate The Discovery, Development, And Commercialization Of New Therapies
Artificial Virus Promises Effective Drug Delivery And Gene Therapy
Cellular Biomedicine Group Launches Clinical Research Study For Cartilage Defect Stem Cell Therapy
Bone Therapeutics Supports Pioneering Research By Backing Projects Vital To Regenerative Medicine Research
Regeneus's Hiqcell Obtains Approval From Afl
Biotime To Collaborate With The University Of Wisconsin And Louvain University In Test Of Hystem-Based Hydrogel For Vocal Fold Scarring
Paving The Way For Gene Therapy In Huntington's Disease
Asterias Biotherapeutics Receives U.S. Fda Clearance To Initiate Phase 1/2A Clinical Trial Of Ast-Opc1 In Patients With Cervical Complete Spinal Cord Injury
Cesca Therapeutics Advocates Benefits Of Cell Therapy To The Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services
Mesoblast Unveils Path To Bring Its Key Products To Market
Regeneus Enters Partnership With Cryosite For New Stem Cell Products
Biolife Solutions Cryostor And Hypothermosol Now Embedded In 130 Regenerative Medicine Clinical Trials
Viacyte, Inc. Announces Signing Of Rights Agreement With Janssen Research & Development Llc.
Cytomedix Partners With Net Health To Expand Ced Data Collection Capabilities To Approximately 400 Additional Wound Care Centers
Novartis To Invest In Israel's Gamida Cell, Could Buy Out Company
Barda Executes Contract Option With Cytori For Continued Development Of Thermal Burn Injury Counter Measure
Viacyte, Inc. Announces Fda Acceptance Of Ind To Commence Clinical Trial Of Vc-01 Candidate Cell Replacement Therapy For Type 1 Diabetes
Fda Clears Mayo Clinic For Manufacture Of Nurown And Participation In Brainstorm’S Phase 2 Als Trial
Engineering New Bone Growth
The Alliance For Regenerative Medicine And The Alliance For Advanced Therapies Merge
Tissue Development 'Roadmap' Created To Guide Stem Cell Medicine
Organovo To Offer Preclinical Drug Tests Based On 3-D Liver Tissue
Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute Opens First-Of-Its-Kind Research Stem Cell Clinic For Cardiac Patients
3-D Bioengineered Brain Tissue Grown In Lab
Stem Cell Therapy: Fda Regulatory Science Aims To Facilitate Development Of Safe And Effective Regenerative Medicine Products
Uniqure Acquires Cardiology Gene Therapy Company Inocard
Human Longevity, Inc. And Celgene Cellular Therapeutics Sign License Agreement To Develop And Commercialize Placental Stem Cell Population, Psc-100 For Multiple Therapeutic Applications
Vivex Biomedical And Akron Biotech: Collaborative Venture In Regenerative Medicine
Japan's Reprocell Announces Acquisition Of Two Stem Cell Companies
Chiesi And Uniqure Provide Update On Glybera Launch
Biolife Solutions Cryostor Demonstrates Superior Cell Preservation In Multicenter Biobanking Study
Cellular Biomedicine Group Announces Acquisition Of Immune Cell Therapy Technology And U.S. Patent
Biolife Solutions Cryostor Demonstrates Superior Cell Preservation In Multicenter Biobanking Study
Light-Induced Nanocarriers Switch On Improved Gene Therapy
Orthocell Delivers Excellent Results In Tennis Elbow Trial
Mesoblast Mpcs Trial To Test For End-Stage Heart Failure
Biotime, Inc. Subsidiary Oncocyte Corporation Expands Clinical Development Of Bladder Cancer Diagnostic By Initiating A Large Multi-Site Clinical Trial
Carnegie Mellon Chemists Create Nanofibers Using Unprecedented New Method
Cellectis Sells Its Swedish Subsidiary, Cellectis Ab, To The Japanese Company Takara Bio Inc.
Wyss Institute Launches Organs-On-Chips-Focused Startup
Stem Cell Advance May Increase Efficiency Of Tissue Regeneration
Lion Biotechnologies Announces Exclusive License Agreement With Moffitt Cancer Center
Whitehead Institute Researchers Create “Naïve” Pluripotent Human Embryonic Stem Cells
3-D Printed Tissues Advance Stem Cell Research
Ziopharm Announces Expansion Of Ground-Breaking Synthetic Immuno-Oncology Programs With Intrexon And Clinical Program Update
Lilly And Immunocore Enter Immunotherapy Agreement To Co-Discover And Co-Develop Novel Cancer Therapies
Transplanting Gene Into Injured Hearts Creates Biological Pacemakers
Stem Cell Therapy In Cardiovascular Disease: Past Obstacles And Promising New Directions
Microbiologics Licenses Biomatrica Technology For Molecular Controls
Regeneus Secures Exclusive Worldwide Rights For New Therapeutic Human Cancer Vaccine
University Of Pennsylvania's Personalized Cellular Therapy For Leukemia Receives Fda's Breakthrough Therapy Designation
Researchers Regrow Human Corneas: First Known Tissue Grown From A Human Stem Cell
Stem Cells: Hope On The Line
Improving Stem Cells' Regenerative Potential
Ethics Of Bioengineering Organs And Tissues
Mesoblast Mpcs Show Encouraging Results In Treating Heart Failure
Bluebird Bio Acquires Precision Genome Engineering, A Privately Held Gene-Editing Company
Regeneus Enters Into Us Marketing Trial Agreement For Novel Canine Cancer Vaccine
Agtc And Safc Create Strategic Partnership To Provide Gene Therapy Manufacturing Services
Dimension Therapeutics And Bayer Healthcare Enter Collaboration To Develop Novel Gene Therapy For Hemophilia A
Ut Southwestern Researchers Discover Biomarker For Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Function In Human Body
Pfizer And Cellectis Enter Into Global Strategic Cancer Immunotherapy Collaboration
Fibrocell Science Announces Exclusive Technology License Agreements With Ucla To Advance The Development Of Personalized Cell Therapies
Aastrom Announces Strategic Plan For Recently Acquired Cell Therapy And Regenerative Medicine Business
Ccrm And Stem Cells Australia Agree To Collaborate In The Global Translation Of Stem Cell Research
Cardio3 Biosciences Teams Up With Medisun International To Create Cardio3 Biosciences Asia Holdings Ltd, A Joint Venture Aimed At Conducting Pivotal Clinical Programs In Greater China
Txcell Granted Certificate Of Gmp Compliance From Ansm For Cell Therapy Manufacturing Facility
Uclb Signs Exclusive Licencing Agreement With Collagen Solutions For Next Generation Collagen Products
Cellectis Enters Into An Agreement With Cellforcure For The Cgmp Manufacturing Of Allogeneic Cart Cells
Adaptimmune Enters Strategic Cancer Immunotherapy Collaboration With Glaxosmithkline To Develop And Commercialise Novel Cell-Based Therapies
Aastrom Completes Acquisition Of Sanofi's Cell Therapy And Regenerative Medicine Business
Pharmacell To Finalize Purchase Of Cell Therapy Production Facility
Mesoblast's Mpcs Enhance Outcomes In Type 2 Diabetes
Ortho-Ati Delivers Promising Results In Treating Hip Tendon Pain
Stem Cell Agency Invests $32 Million Toward Therapies For Spinal Cord Injury And Hiv/Aids
Sangamo Biosciences Announces Publication Of Preclinical Data Demonstrating Gene Correction In Scid-X1 Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Device Produces Packaged Batches Of Stem Cells For Regenerative Medicine
Biorestorative Therapies Signs Research Agreement With Pfizer Inc.
Roslin Cells Announces New Cell Therapy Manufacturing Contract With Pfizer Inc.
Pluristem Receives Clearance From South Korea To Use Plx Cells Manufactured At Its New Facility In Its Advances Studies
Neostem Announces Licensing Agreement And Plans To Begin Phase 2 Hepatocellular Carcinoma Trial In China
Patient Stem Cells Used To Make ‘Heart Disease-On-A-Chip’
Novel Method Grows Cord Blood Cells For Medical Applications
Regeneron And Avalanche Biotechnologies Announce Collaboration To Develop Next-Generation Gene Therapy Products In Ophthalmology
Mesoblast Seeks Fda Fast-Track For Gvhd Treatment
New Hope In Regenerative Medicine
Regenx Biosciences Enters Into License Agreement With Aavlife For Development Of Treatments For Friedreich's Ataxia Using Nav® Vectors
Avita Medical Launches Enhanced Recell Spray-On Skin Version
Bristol-Myers Squibb Acquires Ipierian, Inc.
Md Anderson Announces Immunotherapy Collaboration With Gsk
Neostem Announces Definitive Agreement To Acquire California Stem Cell, Inc
Akron Biotech Awarded Sbir Grant For Development Of Novel Method To Isolate Adipose Derived Stem Cells
Md Anderson Announces Immunotherapy Collaboration With Gsk
Recell Containing Ambient-Stored Enzyme Launched In United Kingdom And Europe
Baxter To Acquire Chatham Therapeutics
Regenx Biosciences And Avexis Enter Into Exclusive Agreement For Development Of Treatments For Sma
Astellas: Establishment Of Regenerative Medicine Unit
Companies Collaborate To Advance Dominant Rp Gene Therapy
Bioheart Announces Clinical Study For Degenerative Disc Disease
Gene Therapy's Big Comeback
Survey Of Pharma And Large-Cap Biotech Shows Significant Investment In Regenerative Medicine
Spark Therapeutics And Genable Technologies Announce Collaboration To Advance A Gene Therapy Treatment For A Rare Form Of Retinitis Pigmentosa
Brainstorm And Massachusetts General Hospital Sign Definitive Agreement For Als Clinical Trial
Brainstorm Granted Key Us Patent For Its Autologous Stem Cell Technology
Medinet Builds Strategic Partnership With Tc Biopharm For The Development And Sales Of A Immuno-Cell Medicinal Product In Europe
Takeda, Ucl Partner In $250K Study Of Treating Md With Ips Cells
Histogen Aesthetics Acquires Cellceuticals Biomedical Skin Treatments
Scientist Urges Withdrawal Of His Own 'Breakthrough' Stem Cell Research
Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy And The Promise Of Heart Regeneration
America Makes Funding Contract Enables Pitt Researchers To Explore 3-D-Printed Bone And Tissue Scaffolds
Healios And Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Establish A Joint Venture Company For Regenerative Medicine And Cell Therapy Business
Neostem And Mass. Eye And Ear/Schepens Eye Research Institute Announce Second Research Collaboration Exploring Neostem’S Vsel™ Technology For Retinal Repair
Dendreon Announces Plans To Make Provenge ® Commercially Available In Europe
Admedus Obtains Fda Approval For Cardiocel
Cinven Invests In Medpace, Citing Strong Growth Drivers In The Cro Market
Regenx Biosciences And Esteve Enter Into License Agreement For Rare Lysosomal Storage Disorder
Plasticell Signs Deal With Jcr Pharmaceuticals To Use Combicult® Stem Cell Technology In Japan
Cell Therapy Catapult & University Of Leeds To Collaborate On Acellular Scaffolds
Scientists Develop Stem Cell Based Method For Restoring Strength To Damaged Skeletal Muscles In Elderly
Parcell Laboratories Partners With The University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center To Study Effective Stem Cell-Based Wrinkle Treatments
Prima Biomed And Neopharm Group Execute Final Agreement For Cvac License Prima Biomed Und Die Neopharm Group Schließen Finale Vereinbarung Über Cvac-Lizenz
Key European Patent Granted For Use Of Mesoblast's Mesenchymal Precursor Cells In Cardiac And Vascular Conditions
Pluristem Receives Key 3D Cell Expansion Patent In Australia
Genea Biocells Becomes The World’S Largest Provider Of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Cynata Therapeutics Signs Stem Cell Agreement With Waisman Biomanufacturing
Uniqure Announces Closing Of Initial Public Offering
California Stem Cell Partners On Cirm Grant To Develop Transplantable 3D Retinas
Riken, Kyoto University To Partner In Stap Cell Applications
Brainstorm Receives Us Notice Of Allowance For Its Key Stem Cell Technology Patent
Mesoblast's Mpcs Shown To Alleviate Back Pain In Phase Ii Trial
Regeneus To Collaborate With Lonza For Us Cryoshot Trial
Brainstorm Signs Definitive Agreement With Mayo Clinic For Als Clinical Trial And Nurown Manufacturing
Kiadis Pharma Initiates Collaboration For Personalized Immunotherapies Using Atir™ With Technische Universität München Within Munich Biotech Cluster
Medigene Acquires Trianta Immunotherapies
Tigenix To Sell Dutch Manufacturing Facility To Pharmacell
Pharmacell To Purchase Cell Therapy Production Facility From Tigenix
News Release: Regeneus Partners With Lonza For Manufacturing Cryoshot Canine Cell Therapy Product For Us Fda Trial
Organogenesis Inc. Announces Acquisition Of Dermagraft® From Shire
Derma Sciences Enters The Skin Substitute Market With Licensing Agreement For Innovative Amniotic Membrane Wound Care Products
Organovo Announces Collaboration With National Institutes Of Health
Athersys Announces New Patents In Japan For Stem Cell And Regenerative Medicine Technology
Biogen Idec And Sangamo Biosciences Announce Global Collaboration To Develop Treatments For Hemoglobinopathies
Cellular Dynamics Signs Agreement With Nestle Institute Of Health Sciences To Supply Icell(R) And Mycell(R) Products For Nutritional Research
Immunocore And Medimmune Enter Immunotherapy Agreement To Develop Novel Cancer Therapies
Thermogenesis Signs Direct Supply Agreement With Cord Blood Registry
Pluristem Receives Key Placental Cell Therapy Patent In Australia
Baylor College Of Medicine, Chi St. Luke’S Health, Texas Heart Institute Collaboration: Executive Biographies
Capricor Therapeutics And Janssen Biotech, Inc. Enter Into Collaboration Agreement And Exclusive License Option
Thermo Fisher Scientific Reaches Agreement To Sell Its Cell Culture, Gene Modulation And Magnetic Beads Businesses To Ge Healthcare
Pall Corp. Signs Agreement To Acquire Atmi’S Lifesciences Business
Intrexon To Acquire Medistem To Generate Multipotent Cells
America Stem Cell, Inc. Changes Its Name To Targazyme, Inc.
Novartis Needs Special Delivery For Potent Cell Therapy
Regenerative Medicine: Mayo Clinic And Collaborators Develop New Tool For Transplanting Stem Cells
Regenx And Lysogene Enter Into License Agreement For Treatment Of Mps Iiia Using Raavrh10 Vectors
Jain Foundation Signs Agreement With Cellular Dynamics To Create Ipsc Lines From Patients With Muscular Dystrophies
Nyscf And Personalgenomes.Org In Groundbreaking Collaboration Combine Genomic Sequencing And Stem Cell Technology To Understand Human Disease
Singapore Scientists Make Breakthrough In Regenerative Medicine
Astrazeneca, Lieber Institute Join To Develop Neuroscience Therapeutics
Txcell Obtains Manufacturing Accreditation Status For Its French Cell Therapy Manufacturing Facility
Living Cell Obtains Approval To Continue Parkinson's Trial
Aussie Stem Cell Firms Switch To Japanese Fast Lanes
Mesoblast’S Mpcs Enhance Cardiac Function
Mesoblast’S Partner Allowed To Conduct Phase Iii Heart Trial
Scientists Create Artificial Skin From Stem Cells Of Umbilical Cord
Molmed Enters An Agreement With Gsk For The Manufacture Of The Experimental Gene Therapy For Compassionate Use For Ada-Scid
Q Therapeutics Receives Orphan Drug Designation From U.S. Food & Drug Administration For Q-Cells® For Treatment Of Als
American Cryostem And Protein Genomics Form Autogenesis Corporation To Support Development Of Unique Stem Cell-Based Wound Products
Terumo Bct Releases Software 2 For Quantum Cell Expansion System
Ge Healthcare Life Sciences Launches Xuri™ Technology Family For Cell Therapy Manufacturing
Neostem Subsidiary Progenitor Cell Therapy Announces Cell Therapy Manufacturing Collaboration With Atmi
Merck Serono, Kadimastem Collaborate On Cell-Based Drug Screening
Stem Cells For Regeneus
Fidelity Biosciences And Regenx Biosciences Launch Dimension Therapeutics To Develop And Commercialize Novel Aav Gene Therapy Products
Stemcells, Inc. Acquires Seminal Neural Stem Cell Patent Portfolio
Mesoblast Updates Market On Registration Plans For Gvhd Cell Product In Japan
Mesoblast Acquires Osiris’ Culture Expanded Stem Cell Therapeutic Business
Tap Biosystems Group Plc Announces Acquisition Offer By Sartorius Stedim Biotech
Asterias Biotherapeutics, Inc., A Subsidiary Of Biotime, Inc., Acquires Geron’S Embryonic Stem Cell Assets
Mesoblast To Acquire Stem Cell Business From Osiris
First Parkinson's Patient Implanted With Lct's Ntcell
Efficacy Of Allied's Cardiocel Proven In A Long-Term Test.
Bioheart Announces Agreement With Invitrx To License Adipose Derived Stem Cells
Biotime Signs Exclusive Agreement With Jade Therapeutics For Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Applications Of Hystem® Technology
Reinnervate Ltd And Roslin Cellab To Partner Around 3D Stem Cell Printing Products And Technologies
Harvard's Wyss Institute And Charité, One Of Europe's Largest University Hospitals, Announce Partnership
Evotec And Harvard Stem Cell Institute Form Curemn Collaboration To Advance Als Research
Cell Therapy Catapult & Roslin Cells To Create Clinical Grade Stem Cells To Accelerate Research Into New Treatments
Sernova And Medicyte To Collaborate On Cell-Based Therapy To Treat Haemophilia
Novartis Announces An Exclusive Global Licensing And Research Collaboration With Regenerex, Leveraging A Novel Cell Platform To Broaden Presence In The Cell Therapy Space
Llied Healthcare Secures Important Ce Mark For Cardiocel
Avita Enlists First Three Patients For Recell Spray On Skin Trial
Avita Medical Announces Completion Of Enrollment In Recell® Trial For Vitiligo
Sangamo Biosciences To Acquire Ceregene
Fda Approves Msc-Np Therapy As Investigational New Drug In Ms Clinical Trial: A Research Milestone
Vital Therapies, Inc. Receives Orphan Designation In Europe
Doors Open For Australian Biotech Companies In Switzerland
Regenx Biosciences And Audentes Therapeutics Enter Into Exclusive License Agreement For Development Of Treatments For Serious, Rare Muscle Diseases Using Navtm Vectors
Stemcells, Inc. Launches Alzheimer's Disease Program Supported By California Institute For Regenerative Medicine
Brainstorm’S Nurown Cell Therapy Receives Orphan Drug Designation In The European Union For Als
Biotech Firm’S Stem-Cell Deal Could Reap Rewards In China
Transatlantic Partnership To Tackle Neurodegenerative Disease
Thermogenesis And Totipotentrx Announce Definitive Merger Agreement
Neostem Advances Autoimmune Platform Through Ucsf Collaboration
Sernova Receives Patent Allowance For Therapeutic Immune Privileged Cell Technologies
Capricor And Nile Therapeutics Announce Merger Agreement
Pluristem’S South Korean Partner Files Ind With Korean Fda For Plx Cells
Mesoblast Wins Japanese Patent For Stem Cell Platform
Life Technologies Expands Range Of Stem Cell Reprogramming Solutions
Emd Millipore Launches Pluristem™ Human Es/Ips Medium For The Expansion Of Human Embryonic And Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Cti Clinical Trial And Consulting Services Announces Acquisition Of S2 Statistical Solutions
Our Lady Of Lourdes Medical Center & The Heart House Participating In Research Study Using Adult Stem Cells For Chronic Cardiac Condition
Stem Cells Reach Standard For Use In Drug Development
Mesoblast’S Preclinical Trial Results Of Intracoronary Cell Therapy Published In Circulation Research
American Cryostem To Collaborate With Rutgers University On Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Research
A*Star’S Genome Institute Of Singapore Partners Oxford Biodynamics To Discover And Monitor Cells For Pathologies Or Abnormalities
Pluristem Develops Plx-Rad Cells For Use In Hematology
Vistagen Therapeutics And Duke University Publish Results On Production Of Functional 3D Human Heart Tissue
Miltenyi Biotec Acquires Owl Biomedical, Inc.
American Cryostem Marks Major Global Expansion Milestone: Receives First International Shipment Of Adipose Tissue For Processing And Cryo-Storage From Hong Kong
Tigenix Reports Positive Phase Iia Study Results In Refractory Rheumatoid Arthritis With Allogeneic Stem Cell Product Cx611
Biotime Enters Into Worldwide License Agreement With Ucla To Develop Therapy For The Treatment Of Stroke
Stem Cell Therapeutics Licenses Exclusive Rights To Clinical Cancer Stem Cell Program
Neuralstem Receives Fda Approval To Commence Phase Ii Stem Cell Trial In Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Leading The Way In Regenerative Medicine
Thermo Fisher Scientific To Acquire Life Technologies Corporation
Vistagen Announces $36 Million Strategic Financing Agreement
Brainstorm Partners With Dana-Farber For Nurown™ Production In Phase Ii Als Clinical Trial
Maryland Invests $500,000 In Gaithersburg Medicine Company
Bioheart Completes Fda Registration For Tissue Bank Establishment
Elastic Patch Supports Cardiac Cell Growth
Reneuron And Cell Therapy Catapult In Landmark Collaboration On New Cell Manufacturing Technologies - First Uk Corporate Deal For Ct Catapult To Focus On Reneuron’S Lead Cell Therapy Candidate
Bluebird Bio Announces Global Strategic Collaboration With Celgene To Advance Gene Therapy In Oncology
Cryo-Cell International Affiliate Earns Patent For Processing Umbilical Cord Blood For Therapeutic Use In Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases And Spinal Cord And Brain Injuries
Sistemic And Pct Initiate Study On Novel Stem Cell Characterization Technology
Stem Cell Company Athersys Expects More R&D Spending, Potential Partnerships In 2013
Histogen Creates Pur Biologics, A Joint Venture Developing Next-Generation, Biologic Solutions In Orthopedic Applications
U Of M Researchers Utilize Genetically Corrected Stem Cells To Spark Muscle Regeneration
Roche And Biolamina Start Collaboration To Develop Novel Cell Culture Systems
Life Technologies Signs License And Collaborative Stem Cell Research Agreement With Harvard University
Vistagen Therapeutics Enters Strategic Collaboration With Celsis To Further Advance Liversafe 3D™
Riken To Apply For Approval To Conduct Ips Clinical Research
Sernova And Centre For Commercialization Of Regenerative Medicine Partner To Treat Chronic Diseases
Modeling Alzheimer's Disease Using Ipscs Reveals Stress Phenotypes Associated With Intracellular A? And Differential Drug Responsiveness
An Open Label Dose Escalation Study To Evaluate The Safety Of Administration Of Non-Viral Sdf-1 Plasmid To Treat Symptomatic Ischemic Heart Failure
Organovo Partners With Zenbio To Create 3D Tissue Models
Allied Receives Iso Certification For Cardiocel
Mesoblast Up Following Patents In Us And China
Allied Finds Cardiocel Better At Seeding Stem Cells
Cynata’S Stem Cells Could Potentially Treat Critical Limb Ischemia
Allied Healthcare Researches New Tissue Engineering Applications
Organovo And Ohsu Knight Cancer Institute Announce Collaboration In Cancer Research
Monitoring And Robust Induction Of Nephrogenic Intermediate Mesoderm From Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Cellular Dynamics Announces The Production Of Human Ipsc Lines Under Cgmp Conditions
Neostem's Subsidiary, Progenitor Cell Therapy, Enters Into A Cell Therapy Manufacturing Services Agreement With Adaptimmune
New Collaboration Between Ccrm And Nikon To Reap Benefits Outside The Lab
Sanbio Announces Enrollment Of The Second Cohort Of Patients In Its Clinical Trial Of Stem Cell Therapy For Chronic Stroke
Neuralstem Receives Fda Approval To Commence Spinal Cord Injury Trial
Allied Healthcare Explores New Tissue Engineering Applications
Texas Heart Institute Selected To Store Cells Used In Nationwide Research
Athersys Announces New Patents In Japan For Stem Cell And Regenerative Medicine Technology
Brainstorm Achieves Important New Development For Commercialization Of Nurown
Xthermo Fisher Scientific Expands Cryopreservation Reagents For Cell Culture
Canadian Firm Aims To Treat Diabetes Naturally With A Cell Therapy/Device Combination
Industry Leaders Predict A Great Year For Regenerative Medicine
Brainstorm Receives Notice Of Allowance To Grant European Patent Covering Its Stem Cells For The Treatment Of Cns Diseases
Advanced Cell Technology Achieves Clinical Milestone
Geron Sells Stem Cell Assets
Progenitor Cell Therapy, And Hackensack University Medical Center Enter Into A Cell Processing And Storage Services Agreement
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