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Roofing Materials Market in Poland 2014 Development forecasts for 2014-2020

Published: Dec 2014 | No Of Pages: 132 | Published By: PMR
Report provides essential data and forecasts for market development 2014-2019. 
What is the current value of the roofing materials market in Poland? What are the outlooks for various segments of this market over the years ahead? Which are the top producers of roofing materials in Poland? Which legal developments are most likely to affect the market? How? How many construction permits have been issued recently in Poland’s residential sector? How have roofing materials prices changed recently?
Businesspeople with interests in this market can turn to Roofing materials market in Poland 2014, Development forecasts for 2014-2019 when they need answers to these types of questions and many more. This all inclusive business information publication from PMR also supplies corporate profiles of the thirty leading manufacturers of roofing materials intended for this market.
It also provides in-depth analysis of market conditions in each major type of roofing – metal, cement, bitumen and ceramic and includes analysis of flat and sloped construction and the market for roofing materials used in residential, non-residential, industrial and office and retail spaces. 
Readers will learn about recent and projected price changes for roofing materials in Poland, the size of this market (m2) and its value (PLN bn). Their businesses will benefit from knowledge of the structure of the market in terms of roof type and building purpose as well as for each specific roofing material.
This publication explores the regulatory conditions that currently influence the market and provides analysis of the expected results of upcoming legal developments to 2019. It examines Polish macroeconomics, roofing expenditures in the country’s residential and non-residential construction segments and leading investors in this market.
The report also includes rankings of top distribution channels for roofing materials in Poland, provides recent construction permit totals, SWOT analysis and in-depth analysis of the industry’s crucial residential construction segment and its prospects for the future. 
The market experts at PMR recommend this document to clients involved in the manufacture and distribution of roofing materials in Poland and to potential investors from other countries that are interested in this market. It is also extremely valuable to bankers, brokers and other types of financial professionals and to business consultants and researchers working in academic or governmental capacities. 
Roofing materials market in Poland 2014, Development forecasts for 2014-2019 provides a wide range of data, analysis and forecasts combined inside a single, easy to access publication that is valuable when preparing for the launch of a new business, creating a solid business strategy or evaluating potential demand for roofing materials in the future. It is also used when searching for investments or merger and/or acquisition candidates, calculating market share and in compiling in-house reporting documents for shareholders and executives.
Methodology 9 
Executive summary 14 
General situation in the market of roofing materials 20
Pitched roofs 41
Flat roofs 64
Comparative analysis of companies specialised in installation of pitched roofs and flat roofs 84
Profiles of leading manufacturers of roofing materials 92
List of graphs 124 
List of tables 128 
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