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Global Industry Insight: Spices and Seasonings Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2020

By: P & S Market Research

The increasing popularity of ready-to-use spice mixes is one of the major trends, in the seasoning and spices market. As spice mixes save time and effort, and also deliver consistency in terms of taste, they are gradually becoming popular amongst the consumers. The advanced types of blended spices and aromatic tablets, which have been developed for precise unusual cuisines, are now available for consumption in the market.

Seasoning is a method to add herbs, spices, salt, and pepper while preparing food. Spices are bark, roots, seeds, and dried fruits which give aroma, flavor, and color to the food. Dried leaves and green parts of plants are known as herbs, used in perfumes, medicine, and flavoring. Most of the herbs and species are in use from ancient times as a medicine, to cure health problems and wounds.

The global seasoning and spices market can be classified on the basis of application, type, and regions. On the basis of applications, the global spices and seasonings market can be segmented into bakery & confectionery products, soups, sauces & dressings, meat & poultry products, snacks & convenience food, beverages, frozen products, and others. Based on type, the global spices and seasonings market can be divided into pepper, turmeric, coriander, cumin, clove, cardamom, nutmeg & mace, ginger, garlic, and others.

The major drivers of the seasoning and spices market, is the growing significance of spices and seasonings. Seasonings and spices give aroma, color and flavor to food, which invites consumers to utilize them in food preparation. Various spices and herbs are also gaining importance, because of their health benefits. The interest in different kinds of spices is increasing with the improved demand for ethnic foods. Other than using artificial additives, users prefer to use naturally occurring spices in the preparation of food.

The development in economy of emerging countries of the region, and increasing demand for health and wellness food are some of the opportunities, which are expected to bring a major boost to the global seasoning and spices market. The fine spices and seasonings market has been observed at a phenomenal growth rate from the earlier times. The bold flavors of spices have attracted foreign appreciations and have also treated illnesses and diseases. The global spices and seasonings market is also growing tremendously due to high globalization and growing impact of countries of the East (Asia-Pacific countries). Consumers look for ways to enrich their meals with enhanced tastes, which is a primary factor influencing the growth of the global spices and seasonings market. With growing health issues, consumers get attracted towards the intrinsic natural remedial nature of seasonings and spices, which is also fueling the expansion of the spices and seasoning market.

Adulteration and microbial contamination in spices and the strict government regulations are the major hindrances in the global seasoning and spices market. As the market for spices is largely unorganized in the Asia-Pacific region, vendors find it difficult to capture the market. Countries such as China and India have a low per capita consumption, but the large population base and high growth rate are some of the factors, which are expected to boost the global spices and seasonings market in the near future.

Major competitors of the global seasoning and spices market include AJINOMOTO CO. INC, The Kraft Heinz Company, McCormick & Company Inc., Nestlé USA, ARIAKE JAPAN Co. Ltd., B&G Foods Inc, BARIA PEPPER Company, Bart Ingredient, and The British Pepper & Spice Company Limited.

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