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Utility Scale Energy Storage Platforms, and Nanotechnology: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2020 to 2026

Published: Jan 2020 | No Of Pages: 176 | Published By: Winter Green Research

The world market for energy storage platforms is increasing.   As these provide the substance of power for smart phones, eco-conscious electric vehicles, and serve as a base for energy platforms that offer power quality management functions demand increases.  Lithium based batteries from Siemens and AES are leading edge technology, offered at prices competitive with oil and coal generation and transmission.

The installed base for power generation that is spewing carbon emissions into the air needs to be replaced.  We know more as a world, if we were starting out now, we would not use poison from burning to create power.  We would use viable alternatives.  As utility scale energy storage platforms linked to solar and wind energy generators, become available, they pose a viable alternative to burning of carbon based fuels.

Nanostructured or nano-enabled batteries are a new generation of lithium-ion batteries and battery systems that illustrate what research can bring to existing lithium ion batteries.   Nano-enabled batteries employ technology at the nano-scale, a scale of minuscule particles that measure less than 100 nanometers, or 100x10-9 meters.

Next generation utility scale storage platforms include Lithium ion batteries .  The storage platform markets reach $2.6 trillion in 2026 in response to the adoption of solar and wind energy generation and the rapid adoption of electric vehicles.  All these products need a way to stabilize the flow of electricity through the grid and inside communities.  

Global warming is forcing a shift from fuels that are burned to renewable energy generation.  Utility scale storage platforms represent the way to leverage lithium ion battery technology and implement renewable energy systems able to power electric cars and provide electric energy for powering manufacturing.   

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Energy Storage Platforms: Executive Summary 7
Energy Storage Platforms Market Driving Forces 7
Energy Storage Systems Market Forecasts 7

1. Energy Storage Platforms: Market Description and Market Dynamics 10
1.1 Energy Storage Platform Market Driving Forces 10

2 Energy Storage Platforms Market Shares and Forecasts12
2.1 Energy Storage Platforms Market Driving Forces 12
2.2 Energy Storage Market Shares 14
2.3 Energy Storage Systems Market Forecasts 17
2.4 Energy Storage Platform Segments 22
2.5 Energy Storage in Gigawatts 45
2.6 Energy Storage Prices 52
2.7 Energy Storage Platforms Regional Segments 55

3 Energy Storage Platforms Product Description 57
3.1 Growing Public Awareness 57
3.2 Amount Of Energy A Battery 59
3.3 Using Utility Scale Energy Storage to Manage Peak Demand 60
3.4 Solar Energy Storage Platforms 62
3.5 Lithium Ion Battery Innovation 66
3.6 Back Up Power 66
3.7 Energy Storage Enabled Microgrids 67
3.8 Renewable Energy 69
3.9 Value Streams for Energy Storage 72
3.10 Residential Energy Storage 75
3.11 Utility Scale Storage 75

4 Energy Storage Platforms Research and Technology 77
4.1 Power Rating of Utility Scale Storage 77
4.2 Solar Thermal Fuel, That Can Store Energy From The Sun 78
4.3 Flow Machine Technology 81

5 Energy Storage Platforms Company Profiles 86
5.1 Primary Providers Of Utility-Scale Battery Storage 86
5.2 AES Energy Storage 87
5.3 Amperex Technology Ltd. (ATL) 100
5.4 BYD 106
5.5 Dynapower 108
5.6 Enel X 112
5.7 Envision AESC 112
5.8 EOS Energy Storage or Ecoult 116
5.9 esVolta 116
5.10 Glasspoint 121
5.11 Innolith 122
5.12 Johnson Controls - JCI / Tyco Merger 127
5.13 Kiwi Power 130
5.14 LG Chem 131
5.15 LightSail Energy 133
5.16 redT 134
5.17 Samsung SDI 136
a. Samsung 136
5.18 Siemens 139
5.19 Solar Reserve 144
5.20 Tesla 144
5.21 Thermo Scientific 154
5.22 WattJoule 154
5.23 Energy Storage Platform Companies 156

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WinterGreen Research Methodology 160
WinterGreen Research Process 162
Market Research Study 162
WinterGreen Research Global Market Intelligence Company 163

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