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Cervical Cancer Market Research Reports

Cervical Cancer kills generally about three lakh women each year. About five lakh cases are reported globally. Every year, about three thousand women are detected with cervical cancer in England. About twelve thousand women in USA suffer from this type of cancer. As per the survey and research studies, most of the women are at a risk of getting affected by cervical cancer. This kind of cancer generally occur in the women aged within thirty five years.

The worldwide predicted data for cervical cancer industry was valued at two billion at CAGR of about 12 % during the forecasted period 2009-2016. Its growth is predicted to be four billion during the year 2016. Cervical cancer is a strange kind of cancer created in cervix of woman. Cervix is the lower narrower component of uterus and an entrance to the womb opening which connects uterus to vagina. Cervical cancer is a malignant tumor that begins in cells of cervix.

The main cause of cervical cancer in most of the women is human papillomavirus. This virus can get into the woman’s body after a sexual intercourse with another person possessing human papillomavirus. Though there are different kinds of human papillomavirus, not all cause cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is preventable and curable in western countries as in these countries screening and vaccine tests for detecting HPV infections are readily available.

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