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Fruit & Vegetables Market Research Reports

As per the estimations provided by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), exports of fruit & vegetables creates a revenue of about forty five billion US dollars for any economy. In this industry, the top fifty firms hold a market share of more than seventy percent of the revenue.

The fruits & vegetables sector consists of many different kinds of items like processed fruits & vegetables, frozen items, concentrates and dehydrated items. The processed fruits & vegetables sector is further divided into various sections like jams, pickles, chutneys and juices. Market research also displays that nearly about sixty five percent of the total market contain vegetables.

As many of the customers are becoming health conscious and aware of the benefits derived from the intake of fruits & vegetables, the demand for the items in this section is on rise. This has led to an equivalent increase in the demand for skilled workforce, processing devices and transportation as well as packaging solutions. Customers are increasingly displaying a higher demand for vegetable juices as well as fresh fruit juices ambiguous to fizzy drinks and sugar-rich drink flavors consisting of artificial preservatives. It is projected that the market for natural fruit & vegetables juices will expand in near future. The industry also consists of an increasing number of customers who show keen interest in consumption of juices and intake of processed products made from organic constituents. Thus industry analyst predict an increase in the market size and market structure of organic constituents.

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