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Head and Neck Cancer Market Research Reports

By definition, head and neck cancer refers to a kind of cancer that is created in the lip, nasal, mouth cavity, oral, larynx, pharynx and paranasal sinuses of the body. It has been observed that ninety percent of head and neck cancers occur from the squamous cell carcinomas in the epithelium of the head and neck parts.

Market research analysts all across the globe say that head and neck cancer occurs due to sedentary life style and ecological aspects such as consumption of alcohol, smoking, tobacco chewing, passive smoking, constant exposure to ultra violet radiations and exposure to certain hazardous chemicals at the workplace. All of the above stated aspects are the risk factors for head and neck cancer, usually for larynx area, oral cavity region, and oropharynx area as well as for hypo pharynx section.

In USA, the proportion of occurrence of head and neck cancer in patients is 3% to 5% in comparison to the occurrence of other kinds of cancer. As per the research, this kind of cancer is mostly observed in people exceeding the age of 50 and it is mostly seen in men. Today, the growing hazardous outcomes and effects of this type of cancer are experienced by the South East Asian regions also.

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