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Extended Warranty Market For Consumer Electronics By Product (Laptops & PCs, Mobile Devices, Wearables, Others), By Warranty Coverage (Standard Protection Plan, Accidental Protection Plan) - Growth, Share, Opportunities & Competitive Analysis, 2021 – 2029

Extended warranty market expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2021 to 2029 and reach US$ 59.53 Bn in 2029. Growing penetration of high-end smartphones, tablets and laptops among consumers is one of the primary factors governing the growth for extended warranty market for consumer electronics.

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Passenger Service System (PSS) Market By Service (Airline Reservation System, Customer Care System, Departure Control System, Airport Management Consulting Airline Inventory System, Loyalty System, Internet Booking System, Ancillary Services) - Growth, Future Prospects And Competitive Analysis 2020 - 2028

This report on the global passenger service system (PSS) market studies various types of service and geography. Passenger Service Systems (PSS) has become one of the vital parts of the airline industry’s IT landscape. As the airline industry is growing significantly in the near future, PSS systems are also being re-shaped by market stakeholders according to the changing industry requirements, technology upgrades, and shifts in business strategy.

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Legal Services Market Research Reports

In year 2010, the legal services sector produced revenues totaling about six hundred billion globally, as per the figure stated by leading market research experts. By the end of year 2015, this sector is expected to accrue the revenue of about eight hundred billion US dollars recording a growth at the rate of five percent annually.

The number of lawyers is growing at a healthy rate each year across all the spheres within the legal sector like commercial, insolvency, criminal, family and taxation.

There is a fluctuation observed in the demand for legal services with the changes in the size of legal deals. The business growth and prosperity of legal services sector is largely dependent on goodwill of its partners and reputation of the legal firm. Generally, big law firms offer professional legal services to big corporate houses or corporate giants while small law firms offer legal assistance to individuals and small business houses. It is observed that large number of smaller law firms offering consultation services or representing clients in courtrooms are established more globally as compared to giant law firms who offer large array of legal services.

The legal services market in Asia Pacific Zone is thriving. As per the market studies this sector produced a total revenue of nearly about seventy billion US dollars in year 2010. This zone had registered legal practitioners of about 383000 in year 2010. On the other hand, the legal services sector in EU produced a revenue of about two hundred billion US dollars as per the 2010 records. Here the number of registered lawyers was more than 10,00000 as per the 2010 data statistics report.

Maximum income from legal services was produced by region of North America which was about two forty billion US dollars in year 2010. The market overview of the legal services remains moderate, with global recession hitting the sector gruesomely in past. The growth of the legal services market always depends on the global economic conditions.

Legal firms can respond to the drastically varying demands for legal services by depending on the data provided by market research reports. Acute Market Reports sources the market research reports from leading market research firms that can guide the lawyers to get market insights into the emerging demand for legal services.