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Ophthalmic Devices Market Research Reports

Rapidly changing lifestyles and dietary designs of persons combined with big lifespan has provided boost to bigger market for ophthalmological treatment and care. In view of these constant changes, it is predicted that the worldwide market for ophthalmic devices will grow at a good pace. It is projected that this industry will achieve its targeted revenue of 28 billion US dollars till 2016.

The ophthalmic devices market consist of eye-care items, ophthalmic surgeries and customer items like sunglasses, eye glasses, pharmaceutical items, prescribed drugs and other items used for treating eye ailments. There are different kinds of surgeries and methods that depend upon the use of high precision ophthalmic devices. They are vitreoretinal surgery, refractive surgery and different surgical instruments like glaucoma, insertion of intraocular lenses and cataract.

As per the WHO reports nearly about 280 million people all across the globe suffer from problems related to impairment of vision. From among these, sixty five percent are above fifty years of age. From among the persons affected by visual defects, a predicted 240 million persons suffer from low vision while thirty nine million persons are blind and eighty percent from among all these people fall within the age group of 50 to 100 years of age.

As per the reported statistical data and figures displayed by USA government medical authorities, over fifty million people of the world are going to get affected with ewe ailments and visual impairments in next decade. This figure will touch 1 billion mark by year 2040. All these aspects are going to add to the ophthalmic devices market growth.

Similarly, rapid growth in the fields of surgical lasers and intraocular lenses are poised to transform the very changing market dynamics of the ophthalmic devices sector. Our market research reports can be a source of business guide for both the existing companies who want to grow their business or new entrepreneurs who want to start new business (by making investments). This is because our market research reports are published by the top market research companies and they help our customers to take accurate business decisions. This in return fuels their business growth and add to their profits.