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Pasta, Bread & Rice Market Research Reports

Universally, pasta, bread & rice are the staple foods. So the demands for these kinds of foods tend to be constant. These items can be placed under the pulses and cereals market as they are produced by using rice, wheat or other cereals like oats and barley.

The manufacture of pasta, bread & rice has been growing in the last few years. But the prices face stress with the recuperating economic situation. Aspects like low income and unemployment directly impact pasta, bread & rice sector. Additionally, other aspects that could limit the growth of the pasta, bread & rice market are natural catastrophes and failure of crop due to water scarcity as well as low rainfall.

As per the market analysts, the world market for pasta will accrue a total revenue of about eighteen million tons by the end of year 2015. The largest amount of pasta is consumed in European Union and USA. They together contribute for about sixty percentage of consumption and intake of pasta all over the world. At the same time, there is a rising demand for pasta, bread & rice in Asia Pacific Zone, Africa and Middle East due to the rising consciousness about the cuisines and growing trends towards suitable styles of cooking.

High disposable incomes in these regions have also boosted the demand for premium pasta, bread & rice items. However, worldwide consumption patterns of pasta, bread & rice items vary from region to region. Within the bread section, the items like bread and artisanal rolls comprise nearly fifty percentage of the pasta, bread & rice market.

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