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Pet Products Market By Product (Feeding, Bedding, Playing and Chewing Toys, Leashes and Collars, Cages, Crates and Carriers ) - Growth, Future Prospects & Competitive Analysis, 2017- 2025

Owning pets (primarily cats and dogs) is increasingly becoming a mainstream hobby across several regions worldwide. Due to immense benefits for physical, mental as well as emotional health, people are now more inclined towards owning pets. Moreover, pet owners are now observed to spend more money than ever on related pet products and services.

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Pet Wearables Market By Technology (GPS, RFID, Sensors), By Product (Smart Tags, Smart Collars, Smart Vests) - Growth, Future Prospects, And Competitive Analysis, 2020 - 2028

Pet wearables are primarily smart trackers and monitors embedded into small gadgets that can be worn by pets. Pet wearables are widely used across the world for applications such as pet tracking, health monitoring, and emergency notifications. Pet wearables make use of various technologies including global positioning systems (GPS), radio frequency identification (RFID), sensors (proximity sensors, accelerometers, temperature and pressure sensors, heart rate monitors, etc.), Bluetooth, and cellular connections, among others.

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Animal Healthcare Market By Product Type (Additive Feed, Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines), By Animal Type (Production Animals, Companion Animals) - Growth, Share, Opportunities & Competitive Analysis, 2022 - 2030

This report on global animal healthcare market studies the market in terms of various product types and their applicability on different animal species. Animal healthcare has been an area of interest for many pharmaceutical companies in the last few years due to the rise in global population and increasing demand for protein rich diet. It has become even more important because of greater instances of animal disease outbreaks coupled with large scale factory farming that requires high quality animal feed additives, vaccines as well as hygiene management products.

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Pet Care Services Market Research Reports

Pets are the part of our family and their care lies in our hands. The pet care services sector is dependent on the number of pets owned and affected by personal aspects. This pet care services market is growing on a large scale. The sector has small dealers who provide personal pet care services and particular items to infuse the association well in the pet care industry. The growth of the pet care services industry/business displays how vital is the role of pets in our lives.

In last decade, the pet care services industry has witnessed an enthused growth crossing the profit margin of fifty billion US dollars and thus earning all time high revenue setting a new record of growth in revenue for the decade. This sector is the 7th largest retail sector in USA growing at the rate of 12 % from 8 %.

The pet care services refer to a broad range of pet services that include factors like veterinary, grooming, daycare, boarding, training, pet walking and pet sitting. There are few other service areas that include pet journey, pet waste management and pet bereavement.

Domestic pets are making an important place in households globally, and depending on this, considering the rising trends in pet care services, the market is spending higher on pet care activities that include pet food, pet toys , pet treatment, pet hygiene and pet health.

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