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Petrochemicals Market Research Reports

Petrochemicals are a group of chemical products acquired from petroleum. Aromatics and Olefins are the two main categories of petrochemicals. Aromatics is bifurcated into benzene, toluene and xylene isomers while olefins consists of ethylene and polypropylene. Usually, petrochemicals are obtained on large scale at petrochemical producing plants which also create a range of other additional items. Countries like Holland, USA, England and India are considered as petrochemical hubs of the world.

Growth of Petrochemicals industry depends upon the availability and feasibility of the services provided by railways, ports, roadways, energy substations and storage systems. Today, petrochemicals industry is driven by constant research and innovation.

Derivatives and products of petrochemicals are used in large amounts by different industrial sectors that range from textiles, food, rubber, beverages, paints, construction materials and coatings. It is thus self-evident that the growth, development and expansion of petrochemicals market directly or indirectly depends upon the growth and advancements of the above mentioned markets/ business sectors.

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