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Surgical Equipment Market Research Reports

There are many aspects that adds to the market growth of the surgical equipment market universally. Few of these aspects like elderly population, modernized anesthetics, technological innovations and emerging economies have fuelled the market growth in the surgical equipment industry.

As per the prediction of leading market research organizations, the global market for surgical equipment is likely to accrue market revenue totaling 7 million US dollars by the end of the year 2016, registering a CAGR of about six percent. These figures depict that there is a lot of scope existing in the surgical equipment market.

Some of the most prominent sections within the surgical equipment market include non-powered handheld surgical devices such as scalpels, blades, clamps and scissors and powered surgical equipment like cutting tools, electrosurgery tools and lasers used for wound closure. While market growth drivers in this sector are many, it is inevitable for the industry players to consider the market restrictions that exist in the form of set-up costs, highly specialized technical knowledge, high entry expenses, stringent rules, heavy fines levied due to violations of rules and cancellation of license.

Recently, lasers are a promising section within the surgical equipment industry, and contributed to about half of the powered surgical equipment section, registering a CAGR of nearly seven percent with market analysts predicting this section to accrue the revenue of nearly 5 billion by the year 2016. The worldwide market for wound closure items displays a growth of approximately five percent up to year 2016. Wound closure items like hemostats and tissue sealants are necessary in regulating bleeding during the surgical operations/ process.

As medical ailments like pancreatic diseases, heart diseases, gall bladder ailments and fatness increase, the demand for surgical equipment also surges in the market.

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