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Bladder and Ureter Cancer Drug Development Pipeline Review, 2017

Published: Dec 2017 | Published By: GBI Research


This report provides an overview of the bladder and ureter pipeline landscape. The report provides comprehensive information on the therapeutics under development and key players involved in therapeutic development for these two indications, and features dormant and discontinued projects.

Bladder cancer occurs in tissues of the urinary bladder. Symptoms include blood or blood clots in the urine, frequent urination, lower back pain on one side of the body and burning during urination. There are a total of 223 products in development for this indication, by 158 companies and 19 academic institutions. Key companies active in this space include F. Hoffmann-La Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, MedImmune and Pfizer.

Ureter or ureteral cancer affects the ureter, the tube that transports urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder. Symptoms and signs of urethral cancer include bleeding from the urethra or blood in the urine, discharge from the urethra and enlarged lymph nodes in the groin area. This pipeline is far smaller; there are a total of nine products in development for this indication, by six companies and two academic institutions.


  • Which companies are the most active within each pipeline?
  • Which pharmaceutical approaches are the most prominent at each stage of the pipeline and within each indication?
  • To what extent do universities and institutions play a role within this pipeline, compared to pharmaceutical companies?
  • What are the most important R&D milestones and data publications to have happened in this disease area?

Reasons To Buy

  • Understand the overall pipeline, with an at-a-glance overview of all products in therapeutic development for each indication
  • Assess the products in development in granular detail, with an up-to-date overview of each individual pipeline program in each indication, and a comprehensive picture of recent updates and milestones for each
  • Analyze the companies, institutions and universities currently operating in the pipeline, and the products being fielded by each of these
  • Understand the composition of the pipeline in terms of molecule type, molecular target, mechanism of action and route of administration

1 Table of Contents
1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures

2 Executive Summary

3 Introduction
3.1 Bladder and Ureter Cancer Report Coverage
3.2 Ureter Cancer – Overview
3.3 Bladder Cancer – Overview
3.4 GBI Research Report Guidance

4 Therapeutics Development
4.1 Ureter Cancer
4.1.1 Pipeline Overview
4.1.2 Pipeline by Companies
4.1.3 Pipeline by Universities/Institutes
4.1.4 Products under Development by Companies
4.1.5 Products under Development by Universities/Institutes
4.2 Bladder Cancer
4.2.1 Pipeline Overview
4.2.2 Pipeline by Companies
4.2.3 Pipeline by Universities/Institutes
4.2.4 Products under Development by Companies
4.2.5 Products under Development by Universities/Institutes

5 Therapeutics Assessment
5.1 Ureter Cancer
5.1.1 Assessment by Target
5.1.2 Assessment by Mechanism of Action
5.1.3 Assessment by Route of Administration
5.1.4 Assessment by Molecule Type
5.2 Bladder Cancer
5.2.1 Assessment by Target
5.2.2 Assessment by Mechanism of Action
5.2.3 Assessment by Route of Administration
5.2.4 Assessment by Molecule Type

6 Companies Involved in Therapeutics Development
6.1 Ureter Cancer
6.1.1 Altor BioScience Corp
6.1.2 Eisai Co Ltd
6.1.3 Exelixis Inc
6.1.4 GlaxoSmithKline Plc
6.1.5 MedImmune LLC
6.1.6 Merck & Co Inc
6.2 Bladder Cancer
6.2.1 4SC AG
6.2.2 Abivax SA
6.2.3 Adaptimmune Therapeutics Plc
6.2.4 ADC Therapeutics Sarl
6.2.5 Altor BioScience Corp
6.2.6 AndroScience Corp
6.2.7 ANP Technologies Inc
6.2.8 APIM Therapeutics AS
6.2.9 Archivel Farma SL
6.2.10 Argos Therapeutics Inc
6.2.11 Arno Therapeutics Inc
6.2.12 Array BioPharma Inc
6.2.13 Asana BioSciences LLC
6.2.14 Asieris Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd
6.2.15 Astellas Pharma Inc
6.2.16 Astex Pharmaceuticals Inc
6.2.17 AstraZeneca Plc
6.2.18 AVEO Pharmaceuticals Inc
6.2.19 Bavarian Nordic A/S
6.2.20 Bayer AG
6.2.21 Biocad
6.2.22 BioCancell Ltd
6.2.23 Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company Ltd
6.2.24 Biomics Biotechnologies Co Ltd
6.2.25 Biotest AG
6.2.26 Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH
6.2.27 Bristol-Myers Squibb Co
6.2.28 Celgene Corp
6.2.29 Celldex Therapeutics Inc
6.2.30 Celprogen Inc
6.2.31 Celsion Corp
6.2.32 Celyad SA
6.2.33 Cleveland BioLabs Inc
6.2.34 Cold Genesys Inc
6.2.35 Corvus Pharmaceuticals Inc
6.2.36 CytomX Therapeutics Inc
6.2.37 Cytori Therapeutics Inc
6.2.38 Daiichi Sankyo Co Ltd
6.2.39 Eisai Co Ltd
6.2.40 Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc
6.2.41 Eli Lilly and Co
6.2.42 Elsalys Biotech SAS
6.2.43 EpiThany Inc
6.2.44 Esperance Pharmaceuticals Inc
6.2.45 Exelixis Inc
6.2.46 Exicure Inc
6.2.47 F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
6.2.48 Five Prime Therapeutics Inc
6.2.49 Gene Signal International SA
6.2.50 Genentech Inc
6.2.51 Genmab A/S
6.2.52 GlaxoSmithKline Plc
6.2.53 H3 Biomedicine Inc
6.2.54 Hamlet Pharma AB
6.2.55 Hanmi Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd
6.2.56 HitGen LTD
6.2.57 Horizon Pharma Plc
6.2.58 Immunocore Ltd
6.2.59 Immunomedics Inc
6.2.60 Immupharma Plc
6.2.61 Imugene Ltd
6.2.62 Incanthera Ltd
6.2.63 Incyte Corp
6.2.64 Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc
6.2.65 InteRNA Technologies BV
6.2.66 Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc
6.2.67 Johnson & Johnson
6.2.68 Kite Pharma Inc
6.2.69 Laboratoires Pierre Fabre SA
6.2.70 LipoMedix Pharmaceutical Inc
6.2.71 Loxo Oncology Inc
6.2.72 Lycera Corp
6.2.73 MacroGenics Inc
6.2.74 Marina Biotech Inc
6.2.75 MaxiVAX SA
6.2.76 Medicenna Therapeutics Corp
6.2.77 MedImmune LLC
6.2.78 Merck & Co Inc
6.2.79 Merck KGaA
6.2.80 Mirati Therapeutics Inc
6.2.81 Moleculin Biotech Inc
6.2.82 MTG Biotherapeutics Inc
6.2.83 NanoCarrier Co Ltd
6.2.84 NantKwest Inc
6.2.85 Nektar Therapeutics
6.2.86 Novartis AG
6.2.87 OncoTherapy Science Inc
6.2.88 Oncovir Inc
6.2.89 Ono Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
6.2.90 Optimum Therapeutics LLC
6.2.91 Oxford BioTherapeutics Ltd
6.2.92 Pfizer Inc
6.2.93 Pharma Mar SA
6.2.94 Philogen SpA
6.2.95 Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc
6.2.96 Plexxikon Inc
6.2.97 Polaris Pharmaceuticals Inc
6.2.98 Provecs Medical GmbH (Inactive)
6.2.99 Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc
6.2.100 PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd
6.2.101 Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc
6.2.102 Samyang Holdings Corp
6.2.103 Sanofi
6.2.104 Sareum Holdings Plc
6.2.105 Shionogi & Co Ltd
6.2.106 Sierra Oncology Inc
6.2.107 Sillajen Biotherapeutics
6.2.108 Sitka Biopharma Inc
6.2.109 Sorrento Therapeutics Inc
6.2.110 Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc
6.2.111 Stemline Therapeutics Inc
6.2.112 Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Ltd
6.2.113 Taiwan Liposome Company Ltd
6.2.114 Taris Biomedical LLC
6.2.115 Theralase Technologies Inc
6.2.116 Tocagen Inc
6.2.117 Tolero Pharmaceuticals Inc
6.2.118 Transgene SA
6.2.119 UroGen Pharma Ltd
6.2.120 Vaccibody AS
6.2.121 Vakzine Projekt Management GmbH
6.2.122 Vault Pharma Inc
6.2.123 Vaxeal Holding SA
6.2.124 Vaxiion Therapeutics Inc
6.2.125 Viralytics Ltd
6.2.126 Vyriad Inc
6.2.127 Zymeworks Inc

7 Dormant Projects
7.1 Bladder Cancer

8 Discontinued Products
8.1 Bladder Cancer

9 Product Development Milestones
9.1 Ureter Cancer
9.1.1 Featured News & Press Releases
9.2 Bladder Cancer
9.2.1 Featured News & Press Releases

10 Appendix
10.1 Methodology
10.2 Coverage
10.3 Secondary Research
10.4 Primary Research
10.5 Expert Panel Validation
10.6 Contact Us
10.7 Disclaimer

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