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Cautious to Converted - A Survey of Existing and Potential Smart Key Customers in EU

Published: May 2013 | Published By: SBD

Product Synopsis

Product Description

Smart key systems may have been available in Europe since 1999, but customer awareness and fitment rates have started to rise more rapidly since 2010. This gives OEM's an opportunity to retain and attract new customers but only if they understand customers perceptions and needs for smart key systems.

SBD's European End-Customer Survey aims to help OEMs and suppliers to identify these areas. Recording detailed responses from 600 customers across France, Germany and UK, the survey categorises all customers into 5 typical profiles - creating an easy 4-step process to increase sales of smart key systems.

Designed as part of the SBD Secure Car research package into the next generation of smart key systems, this report helps you to stay in touch with customers of today and define the correct strategy for the smart keys of tomorrow.

This report will help you:

  • Understand customer awareness and attitudes towards smart key technology on new passenger cars across Europe.
  • Learn the customer perception of smart key functionality and usability.
  • Develop the next generation of smart key related technologies such as enhanced key fob functions that match customer expectations but calm their concerns.
  • Identify the most successful strategy for offering smart key systems to the consumer.

1. Introduction to smart key survey

2. Executive summary

3. Analysis of results
3.1. Marketing
3.2. Education
3.3. Buying
3.4. Implementation

4. Full results

5. Contact information

6. Glossary



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