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Research Report on Chinas Corn oil Industry

Published: Aug 2011 | No Of Pages: 100 | Published By: BOABC

Product Synopsis

With the fast development of Chinas economy and the great growth of peoples living standard, peoples requirements for the quality of edible oil are increasing and the concept of consuming healthy edible oil is getting obvious. Corn oil is more beneficial to health, because it contains more unsaturated fatty acid. In the future, Chinese people will take more consideration to health. In addition, the national income is growing continuously, it is expected that corn oil consumption will be expanded further. 
There is a big gap between edible supply and demand in China, and the sufficiency rate is less than 40%. China is the second largest corn production country around the world and owns rich corn resource that can be used to make corn oil which is a by-product of corn deep processing. In China, about 15% corn used for industrial consumption, while in US the proportion is up to 30%. In addition, the industrial consumption of corn in US is much larger than China, so there is some space for the development of corn processing industry. In the process of corn deep processing, most corns havent undertaken expelling, so the production of corn oil in China has a large growing room in the future.
Chinese corn oil market has broad prospect, several domestic edible oil enterprises entered into the market and promoted their corn oil brands, such as Fulinmen of COFCO, Arawana of YiHaiKerry Group, XiWang of XiWang Group and Jonquilof Three-stars oil company. There are both opportunities and challenges in corn oil industry, so it is necessary for existing enterprises or investors who want to go into the market to learn the competition and the development trend. The special report will provide reference for investors and enterprises to learn corn oil market.
Based on the analysis of world corn oil development status, the report makes deep research on the policy environment, consumption prospect, production situation and competition of Chinas corn oil industry, and gives a macro view of the corn industry chain. 
The report is the wisdom crystallization of BOABCs edible oil research team which keeps a good relationship with related government departments, key edible oil manufacturing enterprises and relevant industries. These resources provide great support for the report, and also ensure the accuracy, authority, scientificity and perspectiveness of the data. BOABC believe that the report is one of the most important reference materials for domestic and foreign investment companies, edible oil manufacturing enterprises, traders, industry association and research institute.

1. Environment Analysis on Chinas Corn Oil Industry
1.1. Policy analysis and forecast of Chinas corn processing industry
1.2. Access policy of Chinas corn processing industry
1.3. Policy tendency of the development of Chinas fat processing industry
1.4. Policy tendency of the development of Chinas corn oil processing industry

2. Comparison between Chinas corn oil market and international market
2.1. Total output and trend of world corn oil, 2006-2011
2.2. Corn oil production status of major producing countries, 2006-2011
2.3. World corn oil consumption and its position in edible oil, 2006-2011
2.4. Consumption in major consuming countries, 2006-2011
2.5. Per capita consumption comparison, 2006-2011
2.6. Analysis on world trade
2.7. The position of Chinas oil trade in world market

3. Research on Chinas corn oil consumption market
3.1. The position of corn oil in edible oil, 2006-2011
3.2. Nutrient component comparison between corn oil and other fats
3.3. Consumption trend and forecast of Chinas corn oil, 2006-2016
3.4. Distribution of Chinas corn oil consumption regions and forecast, 2006-2016
3.5. Analysis on the supply and demand of Chinas corn oil and forecast, 2006-2016

4. Research on the production of Chinas corn and corn oil
4.1. Production of Chinas corn
4.1.1. Chinas corn acreage and production trend, 2000-2016
4.1.2. Distribution of Chinas corn producing areas
4.2. Production of Chinas corn oil
4.2.1. Corn oil consumption structure and development trend, 2000-2016
4.2.2. Total production and forecast of Chinas corn oil, 2006-2016
4.2.3. Distribution of Chinas corn oil manufacturing areas and forecast, 2006-2016

5. Research on Chinas corn oil trade
5.1. Import and export of Chinas corn oil, 2000-2011
5.2. Export of Chinas corn oil
5.2.1. Total export volume and forecast, 2000-2016
5.2.2. Export volume by destinations, 2000-2011
5.2.3. Export volume by customs, 2000-2011
5.2.4. Export volume by enterprises, 2011
5.3. Import of Chinas corn oil
5.3.1. Total import volume and forecast, 2000-2016
5.3.2. Import volume by origins, 2000-2011
5.3.3. Import volume by customs, 2000-2011

6. Forecast to the price change of Chinas corn oil
6.1. Price change and forecast of Chinas bulk corn oil
6.2. Price comparison between bulk corn oil and other fats
6.3. Price comparison between small package corn oil and other fats

7. Research on Chinas corn industry chain
7.1. Profitability analysis on different segments of the industry chain
7.1.1. Profitability analysis on corn planting, 2006-2011
7.1.2. Profitability analysis on corn processing, 2006-2011
7.1.3. Production cost and profit of corn oil, 2006-2011
7.2. Research on the driving factors of corn industry chain
7.3. Research on the limiting factors of corn industry chain

8. Research on the competition of Chinas corn oil industry
8.1. Analysis on brand competition
8.2. Analysis on price competition
8.3. Analysis on enterprises competition
8.4. Regional competition
8.5. Analysis on the competition between corn oil and substitutes

9. Research on typical enterprises of Chinas corn oil industry
9.1. YiHaiKerry Group
9.1.1. History and stock ownership
9.1.2. Business and distribution of capacity
9.1.3. Brand positioning and status
9.1.4. Profitability
9.2. COFCO
9.2.1. History and stock ownership
9.2.2. Business and distribution of capacity
9.2.3. Brand positioning and status
9.2.4. Profitability
9.3. Shandong Three-star Group
9.3.1. History and stock ownership
9.3.2. Business and distribution of capacity
9.3.3. Brand positioning and status
9.3.4. Profitability
9.4. Shandong XiWang Food Company
9.4.1. History and stock ownership
9.4.2. Business and distribution of capacity
9.4.3. Brand positioning and status
9.4.4. Profitability
9.5. Shanghai Rongs Company
9.5.1. History and stock ownership
9.5.2. Business and distribution of capacity
9.5.3. Brand positioning and status
9.5.4. Profitability
9.6. JiLin ZhengWang Company
9.6.1. History and stock ownership
9.6.2. Business and distribution of capacity
9.6.3. Brand positioning and status
9.6.4. Profitability



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