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Report on Chinas Ice Cream Market Supply-Demand

Published: Mar 2013 | No Of Pages: 80 | Published By: BOABC

Product Synopsis

In recent years, China's ice cream market saw rapid development. The output of ice cream increased for 16 times within 10 years. According to the market survey statistics of National Bureau of Statistics and China Catering Trade Association, in 2009, China's output and sales volume of ice cream exceeded 2.8 billion kg, realizing the sales revenue of over 40 billion Yuan. The statistics also show that China's per Capita consumption of ice cream is only 1.7 kg. Especially, the ice cream market capacity in winter is only 1/30 of that in summer. Compared with the proportion of 1/3 and even 1/2 in America, there is still a tremendous space for the development of ice cream industry. It is estimated by many experts that in 2012 China's ice cream retail sales volume will exceed 5 billion kg. China will enter into a blowout period of ice cream consumption.
Currently, the major ice cream type in China market is the hard ice cream (also called ice cream in America), which is mainly targeted to ordinary consumers and supermarkets. The soft ice cream (also called Gelato in Italy) which is mainly supplied to food stores for them to mix accounted for a very small proportion. Such a market layout is very different from that of developed countries. In European countries, ice cream franchise stores on self-made soft ice cream are very widespread. Compared with hard ice cream, the soft ice cream can do better in meeting the individualized demand of consumers. China's ice cream market has a huge development potential. In view of the current development trend, the living habit of China's people is changing and the consumption of ice cream means not only heat control, but also entertainment. Targeting the high-end consumers, the ice cream will not only meet their requirement concerning taste and flavor, but also the requirement concerning nutrition and health care. The huge demand in China's ice cream market provides more opportunities for domestic and foreign capitals to invest in China's ice cream market.
The content of this report includes an overview of global and China's ice cream industry, an overview of China's ice cream market, China's national food safety standard for ice cream products, China's marketing environment, major ingredient supply market, ice cream production, profitability of ice cream industry, ice cream trade, ice cream market capacity and growth potential, ice cream market consumption, ice cream market competition, development trend of China's ice cream market, information about major ice cream producers, as well as BOABC’s suggestions concerning business strategy to enter into China's ice cream dairy market, etc. The data quoted in this report include not only the official data from home and abroad, but also the data gained from field survey and interview by researchers of this report. The research method of this report integrates paperwork research and field survey, which include field visit and telephone interview, etc. The institutions visited by researchers include ice cream processing enterprises, chain fast-food restaurants, Lactic acid bacteria suppliers, ice cream ingredient suppliers and relevant industry associations. The report is written by senior researchers familiar with China's dairy industry chain and world dairy industry, and we believe this report will serve as an important reference to foreign and domestic production enterprises trying to develop China's ice cream market, investment institutions and other relevant researchers.
1. Overview of Ice Cream Industry
1.1 Overview of Ice Cream
1.1.1 Definition of Ice Cream
1.1.2 Classification of Ice Cream
1.1.3 Analysis of the Nutritional Value of Ice Cream
1.1.4 Ice Cream Processing Technique
1.2 Overview of Global Ice Cream Industry Development
1.2.1 Overview
1.2.2 Output and Distribution
1.2.3Consumption Discrepancy in Different Countries
1.3 Overview of China's Ice Cream Industry Development
1.3.1 Ice Cream Industry Development History in China
1.3.2 Analysis of the Industry Life Cycle of Ice Cream Industry
2. Analysis of China's Ice Cream Marketing Environment
2.1 Population Environment
2.2 Economic Environment
2.3 Technical Environment
2.4 Legal Environment
2.5 Social and Cultural Environment
2.6 Market Competition Environment
3.Analysis of China's Ice Cream Production
3.1 Analysis of Production
3.1.1 Structure China's of Ice Cream Types
3.1.2 Growth Potential of Total Ice Cream Output
3.1.3 Discrepancy of Ice Cream Production Regions
3.2Analysis of Production by Different Subjects
3.2.1 Analysis of Production by Processing Enterprises
3.2.2 Analysis of Production by Chain Fast-Food Restaurants
3.2.3 Analysis of Self- Production by Families
3.3 Analysis of China's Major Ingredient Supply Market
3.3.1 Fat
3.3.2 Non-fat Milk Solids
3.3.3 Eggs & Egg Products
3.3.4 Sweetener
3.3.5 Emulsifier
3.3.6 Stabilizer
3.3.7 Flavoring Agents
3.3.8 Other Food Additives
4. Analysis of China's Ice Cream Trade
4.1 Overview
4.2 Ice Cream Import Volume and Changing Trend
4.3 Ice Cream Import Sources
4.4 Ice Cream Import Price
4.5 Distribution of Ice Cream Import Source Regions
5. China's Ice Cream Market Consumption
5.1 Overview
5.1.1 Ice Cream Consumption Structure of Urban Residents
5.1.2 Ice Cream Consumption by Urban Residents
5.1.3 Ice Cream Consumption by Rural Residents
5.1.4 Analysis of Major Factors Affecting Ice Cream Consumption
5.2 In-Depth Analysis of Ice Cream Consumption Market
5.2.1 Distribution of Consumption Regions
5.2.2Consumer Group
5.2.3Consumption Style
5.2.4Consumption Volume
5.2.5 Ice Cream Price in End Market
5.2.6 Ice Cream Brands
5.2.7 Marketing Channels and Paths
5.3 China's Ice Cream Market Capacity and Growth Potential
5.4 Estimation of China's Ice Cream Market Development in Future
6. Analysis of the Profitability of Ice Cream Industry
6.1 Average Profitability of Hard Ice Cream Industry
6.1.1 First-Tier Brands
6.1.2 Second-Tier Brands
6.1.3 Third-Tier Brands
6.2 Average Profitability of Soft Ice Cream Industry
7.In-Depth Analysis of China's Ice Cream Production and Processing Enterprises
7.1 Wall's
7.1.1 Company Background
7.1.2Operation Performance
7.1.3Product Series and Output
7.1.4Sales Channels and Marketing Network
7.1.5 Retail Terminal Price
7.1.6 Market Share
7.2 Baxy
7.2.1 Company Background
7.2.2Operation Performance
7.2.3Product Series and Output
7.2.4Sales Channels and Marketing Network
7.2.5Retail Terminal Price
7.2.6Market Share
7.3 Nestle
7.3.1 Company Background
7.3.2 Operation Performance
7.3.3 Product Series and Output
7.3.4 Sales Channels and Marketing Network
7.3.5 Retail Terminal Price
7.3.6 Market Share
7.4 Haagen-Dazs
7.4.1 Company Background
7.4.2 Operation Performance
7.4.3 Product Series and Output
7.4.4 Sales Channels and Marketing Network
7.4.5 Retail Terminal Price
7.4.6 Market Share
7.5 Dairy Queen
7.5.1 Company Background
7.5.2 Operation Performance
7.5.3 Product Series and Output
7.5.4 Sales Channels and Marketing Network
7.5.5 Retail Terminal Price
7.5.6 Market Share
7.6 Mengniu
7.6.1 Company Background
7.6.2 Operation Performance
7.6.3 Product Series and Output
7.6.4 Sales Channels and Marketing Network
7.6.5 Retail Terminal Price
7.6.6 Market Share
7.7 Yili
7.7.1 Company Background
7.7.2 Operation Performance
7.7.3 Product Series and Output
7.7.4 Sales Channels and Marketing Network
7.7.5 Retail Terminal Price
7.7.6Market Share
7.8 Mayile
7.8.1 Company Background
7.8.2 Operation Performance
7.8.3 Product Series and Output
7.8.4 Sales Channels and Marketing Network
7.8.5 Retail Terminal Price
7.8.6 Market Share
7.9 Tianbing
7.9.1 Company Background
7.9.2 Operation Performance
7.9.3 Product Series and Output
7.9.4 Sales Channels and Marketing Network
7.9.5 Retail Terminal Price
7.9.6 Market Share
7.10 Hong Bao Lai
7.10.1 Company Background
7.10.2 Operation Performance
7.10.3 Product Series and Output
7.10.4 Sales Channels and Marketing Network
7.10.5 Retail Terminal Price
7.10.6 Market Share
8. BOABC's Suggestions concerning Operation Strategies for Entering into China's Ice
Cream Market
8.1 Analysis of Access Barriers and Opportunities to Enter into China's Ice Cream Market
8.1.1 Analysis of Access Barrier into Ice Cream Industry
8.1.2 Analysis of Opportunities to Access Ice Cream Industry
8.2 Suggestions concerning Operation Strategies to Enter into and Develop China's Ice Cream Market



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