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Cloud Business Solutions, Social Media, and Platform Systems of Engagement: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2018

Published: Jan 2015 | No Of Pages: 673 | Published By: Winter Green Research

WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Cloud Business Solutions, Social Media, and Platform Systems of Engagement: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2018. The 2013 study has 673 pages, 165 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the cloud computing systems are put in place to support mobile end point information collection.

Cloud business solutions, social media, and platform systems of engagement represent major IT market shits. The lines of business are taking over from the IT departments. Systems of engagement leverage the apps market segment. A key cloud computing segment relates to development of apps for every industry. Visual feature and discovery decision tablets permit decision making. Visual decision making components can be exported.

A trapped decision discovery feature is not too useful. What the systems of engagement seek to do is to capture institutional knowledge, social media knowledge and make it accessible to a broader group of people. Solutions are global. They are based on language translation that makes apps useful globally.

Apps have support for mobile devices. Cloud providers are able to develop custom mobile applications that include toolkits and accelerated systems with common functions that are part of process delivery. Buttons, cameras, geo specific features are available in the apps. It is possible to build composite solutions from within the cloud. Cloud mobile solutions tools mean users can build mobile composite applications that span two platforms.

Cloud platforms market driving forces relate to implementation of modular systems. Marketing managers have a desire to control data in ways that permit flexible response to changing market conditions. Modular systems give them more flexibility in being able to do so. The aim of modern computing is to leverage analytics in a manner that supports new views of the customer and provides ideas of new ways to control infrastructure.

Massive changes are occurring in computing systems as smart phone proliferate, end point devices are varied, and cloud computing enters the mix. Back end systems of record and customer systems of engagement leveraging mobile smartphone reach to endpoints need to be interconnected.

Cloud platforms generally use this interconnection to leverage social media and mobile smartphones by permitting implementation of analytics. Analytics are used in every instance of big data implementations.

Cloud platforms enable strategic cloud implementations that are platform based. Cloud systems that have messaging enabled infrastructure are able to implement integration of systems. Mission critical messaging is key to operations in cloud computing environments. Mission critical messaging is used for integration of back end systems of record and systems of engagement leveraging mobile smartphones reach to endpoints.

A cloud adoption strategy is underlying the need for strong architecture and governance programs in 2013. Cloud systems are anticipated to go beyond customer service applications to include all the major applications used in the enterprise, so that these applications become available as cloud offerings across the business landscape. Price per seat is the major driving force.

Consolidation of servers is making the cloud computing a commodity. Organizations need to control the costs for automated process, and systems that are not proprietary can most cost effectively be delivered in the cloud because of workload sharing. The mainframe is the most efficient server to use that achieves workload sharing.

This study has chosen to look at cloud business solutions, social media, and platform systems of engagement to understand the incredible upswing of small player company formation that creates a massive cloud presence that cuts across the more traditional divisions of the cloud services market. While the larger players dominate with market share, the thousands of new market participants are build apps for every industry that leverage smart phones and tablets and use to cloud to create data storage, data backup, and connectivity to the back end.

Systems management, collaboration, mapping, localization, healthcare delivery apps are but a few of the initiatives being developed by cloud market participants. Cloud systems will achieve trillion dollar status soon.

The cloud business solutions, social media, and platform systems of engagement market is expanding. Cloud solution markets at $34.7 billion in 2013 are anticipated to reach $123 billion by 2019. Market growth comes as cloud computing is used to aggregate data from the smart phone end points and integrate it with front end web data and back end transaction system data.

Companies Profiled Market Leaders IBM Salesforce Amazon Cisco Adobe Google Microsoft Rackspace Intuit Fujitsu Market Participants Abukai Actuate Adobe Agility Partners AppZero Asirga Axcient BackupAgent Bitrix Box Doctors iPads CTERA Networks CloudOn Cloud Flair DeepField Desktone Dimension Data Cloud Services DocuSign Domo Easy Cloud Solutions Elastra Embrane Enomaly Ericom® Software Esri e-Ternity Fiorano Flexscale FreshBooks Garantia Data Gliffy GoGrid Informatica iWay Software KineticD Layer 7 lynda.com Managed Methods Mindomo Nastel Technologies nCircle Newvem OfficeTime OneOps Oracle Pertino Perficient Rally Software Red Hat RightScale Rebit Sage One ScaleXtreme Silanis E-Signature Innovation Software AG Splunk Enterprise Stormpath Tibco Software Vaultscape Verizon Terremark ViaWest WordPress Check Out These Key Topics Cloud Computing Systems of Engagement Mobile End Points Social Media Apps Social Cloud eSignatures Software as a service SaaS Online file backup Platform as a Service PaaS Infrastructure as a Service IaaS Online file storage Online backups Online backup services Data storage Online data backup Data security Online backup companies Online backup providers Backing up online SOA Products SOA Analytics WEB Services SOA Services Oriented Architecture SOA Cloud Architecture SOA Mobile Architecture SOA Cloud Computing SOA Application Middleware SOA Forecasts SOA Market Shares Web Services SOA Governance SOA ESB SOA Repository SOA Directory SOA Advances In Technology Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Flexible Applications Middleware SOA Management SOA Security SOA Management Monitor SOA Manage SOA Application Service Levels SOA Business Process SOA IT SOA Flexible Response To Changing Market Conditions Innovation For The Very Large Enterprises SOA Innovation Software Localization

Table of Content CLOUD BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND PLATFORM SYSTEMS OF ENGAGEMENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Cloud Platform Systems of Engagement Market Driving Forces Mainframe Useful for Enterprise Cloud Computing Reliability Is Foundation of Business Systems Mainframe Is A Green Machine Cloud Platform Solutions Market Shares Cloud Platform Solutions Market Forecasts Systems of Engagement: Apps Market Segment Key Cloud Computing Segments, 2018 BPM Clouds Operational intelligence 1. CLOUD PLATFORM SOCIAL MEDIA AND SYSTEMS OF ENGAGEMENT SOLUTIONS MARKET DESCRIPTION AND DYNAMICS 1.1 Cloud Computing Industry 1.1.1 Demand For Cloud Computing Growth Factors 1.2 Accelerated Business Creation 1.2.1 Open Standards at Cloud Scale - 1.3 Rise of Infrastructure-On-Demand Services Market Challenges And Opportunity 1.3.1 SMB Toolkit: 20 Top Cloud Services for Small Businesses 1.3.2 Model Of Cloud Computing 1.4 Cloud Platform Business Solutions 1.5 Cloud Security 1.6 SOA Foundation Technology for Cloud, Mobile, Office, and Collaboration 1.6.1 SOA Foundation Technology For Cloud 1.6.2 Team Collaboration 1.6.3 Applications Built Using A SOA Style Deliver Functionality As Services 1.7 SOA Application Modernization Based On Integration Technology Useful for Cloud Computing 1.7.1 SOA Supports Cloud 1.7.2 SOA Supports Mobile 1.7.3 Organizations Positioning SOA To Close The Gap Between IT And Business 1.7.4 Model-Driven SOA 1.8 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Automates Key Business Processes 1.8.1 SOA Virtual Experience 1.8.2 SOA Building a Channel 1.8.3 SOA Integration Platform 1.8.4 SOA Infrastructure Supports Delivery of Information As A Service 1.9 Change Engineering 1.9.1 SOA Integration Developer 1.10 SOA Part Of A Continuum 1.10.1 Alignment Of IT To Business 1.11 Enterprise Cloud Computing Environments 1.11.1 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Interconnects Siloed Applications 1.11.2 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Improves IT Efficiency 1.12 Benefits of SOA 1.12.1 SOA Facilitates Integration Beyond The Enterprise Network 1.13 Services Oriented Applications (SOA) Unlock Business Value 1.13.1 Aligning Business Process And Technology 1.13.2 Business Process Challenges 1.13.3 Business Environment 1.14 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Ability To Transform Business 1.14.1 Services Oriented Architecture Works By Abstracting Business Processes 1.14.2 Dynamically Building Application Portfolios 1.14.3 Flexible Application Framework 1.15 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Workflow 1.15.1 Infrastructure for Services Oriented Architectures Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) 1.16 Web Services Standards 1.16.1 SOA Development Methodology 1.16.2 SOA Creates Transformation of Document Interchange 1.16.3 Information Is Mapped From Nodes In A Source Schema To Nodes In The Destination Schema 1.17 IT Spending, Worldwide, 1Q13 Update 1.17.1 World Economy Undergoing A Transformation 1.17.2 Global Economic Conditions: 1.17.3 Global Economy Becomes Steadily More Sluggish 1.17.4 Global Economic Conditions Impact Markets 2. CLOUD BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND PLATFORM SYSTEMS OF ENGAGEMENT 2.1 Cloud Platform Systems of Engagement Market Driving Forces 2.1.1 Mainframe Useful for Enterprise Cloud Computing 2.1.2 Reliability Is Foundation of Business Systems 2.1.3 Mainframe Is A Green Machine 2.2 Cloud Platform Solutions Market Shares 2.2.1 Rackspace 2.2.2 Rackspace Open Cloud Company 2.2.3 Amazon 2.2.4 Google Apps 2.2.5 IBM 2.2.6 Microsoft Office 365 2.2.7 Salesforce 2.2.8 Fujitsu 2.2.9 Fiorano 2.2.10 Cisco WebEx 2.2.11 Intuit 2.2.12 Intuit QuickBooks Online 2.2.13 WordPress 2.2.14 DocuSign 2.2.15 KineticD 2.2.16 Cloud Flair 2.2.17 Asirga 2.2.18 Adobe 2.2.19 RightScale 2.2.20 Enomaly IaaS Platform 2.2.21 Verizon Terremark 2.2.22 GoGrid 2.2.23 Flexscale 2.3 Cloud Platform Solutions Market Forecasts 2.3.1 Cloud Platform Systems of Engagement Solution Market Segment Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019 2.3.2 Cloud Platform Systems of Engagement Infrastructure Market Segment Forecasts 2.3.3 Systems of Engagement: Apps Market Segment Key Cloud Computing Segments, 2018 2.3.4 BPM Clouds 2.3.5 Operational Intelligence 2.3.6 Document Signing 2.3.7 Telco Cloud Positioning 2.3.8 Online Backup Industry 2.4 Cloud Computing Business Risks 2.4.1 Public vs. Private Cloud Computing Market Segments 2.4.2 Cloud Platform Solutions Markets 2.5 Cloud Platforms Prices 2.6 Cloud Platforms Regional Market Analysis 3. CLOUD BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND PLATFORM SYSTEMS OF ENGAGEMENT DESCRIPTION 3.1 Cloud Solutions Platforms: Enterprise Class, Mid-Size Business, and Small Business 3.2 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Operations 3.2.1 Amazon Web Services Meets Business Challenges 3.2.2 Amazon Web Services 3.2.3 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Business Benefits 3.3 IBM Smart Cloud Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) 3.3.1 IBM SmartCloud Datacenter Virtual Machines 3.3.2 IBM IaaS Built-in PaaS Extends Cloud Capabilities 3.3.3 IBM SmartCloud IaaS Cloud Storage Offerings 3.3.4 IBM SmartCloud IaaS Virtual Desktop 3.3.5 Selected Examples of IBM SmartCloud Solutions Portfolio 3.4 Rackspace 3.4.1 Rackspace Dedicated Hosting 3.4.2 Rackspace Cloud Hosting 3.4.3 Rackspace Product Categories 3.4.4 Rackspace Public Cloud 3.4.5 Rackspace Dedicated Cloud 3.4.6 Rackspace Private Cloud 3.4.7 Rackspace Hybrid Hosting 3.5 RightScale 3.5.1 RightScale 3.6 Dimension Data Cloud Services 3.6.1 Dimension Data Public Cloud 3.6.2 Dimension Data Private Cloud 3.7 Peer-To-Peer, REST-Based and SOA Cloud Platforms 3.7.1 Fiorano SOA Proven Market Leader 3.8 IBM SOA 3.8.1 IBM SmartCloud Enterprise 3.9 Fiorano ESB 3.9.1 Fiorano ESB: Enterprise Class Cloud Technology 3.9.2 Fiorano ESB: Cloud Enabled Platform 3.9.3 Fiorano Financial Services 3.9.4 Fiorano Integrated Enterprise Solutions 3.9.5 Fiorano Cloud Platform® Integrates Applications Across SaaS, PaaS and On-Premise 3.9.6 Fujinami Fiorano ESB 3.9.7 Fiorano Cloud 3.9.8 Fiorano Cloud Platform - Architecture 3.10 Cloud Platform for Mobile Solutions 3.11 IBM® SmartCloud Mobile Marketing and Location-based Targeting Solutions 3.12 Egnyte 3.12.1 EgnytePlus for IBM System Storage 3.12.2 Egnyte. Optimizes Network Bandwidth 3.13 WhatsApp 3.14 OfficeTime 3.14.1 OfficeTime Records Billable Hours 3.15 Easy Cloud Solutions 3.15.1 Easy Cloud Solutions Wordpress 3.15.2 WordPress Features 3.15.3 Easy Cloud Solutions Small Business 3.15.4 Easy Cloud Solutions Healthcare 3.15.5 Easy Cloud Solutions Education 3.16 WordPress i 3.16.1 WordPress.org 3.16.2 WordPress Uses 3.16.3 WordPress Connect with the Community 3.16.4 WordPress Easy Cloud Consultants 3.16.5 Easy Cloud Consultants Types of Solutions 3.17 Mindomo Project Management 3.17.1 Mindomo for Google Apps&trade 3.17.2 Mindoro for Desktop 3.17.3 Mindomo Project Management Cloud Services for Small Business 3.17.4 Mindomo for Google Apps&trade 3.18 Box 3.18.1 Box Personal 3.18.2 Box for Business 3.19 SalesForce.com CRM 3.19.1 Salesforce.com Professional Edition 3.19.2 Salesforce Sales Cloud 3.19.3 Salesforce Service Cloud 3.19.4 Salesforce Marketing Cloud 3.19.5 Salesforce Platform 3.20 Quickbase 3.20.1 Quickbase Project Management Software 3.20.2 Quickbase Sales Management Software 3.20.3 Quickbase IT Management Software 3.20.4 Quickbase Marketing Management Software 3.21 SageOne 3.21.1 SageOne Simple Accounting 3.21.2 SageOne Sharing 3.21.3 Sage One 3.22 Adobe Formscentral 3.22.1 Adobe FormsCentral 3.22.2 Adobe Connect 3.23 DocuSign 3.23.1 DocuSign Personal 3.23.2 DocuSign Professional 3.23.3 DocuSign Workgroup 3.23.4 DocuSign Advanced Authentication 3.23.5 DocuSign Central Administration 3.23.6 DocuSign Pro 3.24 SigningHub 3.24.1 Low-cost e-signatures + PKI digital signatures 3.24.2 Document Signatures From Any Where 3.24.3 Online Document Signing In The Public Or Private Cloud 3.24.4 Electronic signature on iPad 3.25 Microsoft Office 365 3.25.1 Office 365 Small Business Premium 3.25.2 Office 365 Home Premium 3.25.3 Office 365 Midsize Business 3.26 Gliffy 3.26.1 Gliffy 3.27 Virtual Desktops 3.28 Microsoft Virtual Desktops 3.29 Desktone 3.30 Mapping Via the Cloud 3.31 Google 3.31.1 Google Cloud Scalable And Secure Mapping Platform 3.31.2 Scalable and Secure Mapping Platform Powered by the Google cloud 3.32 Tibco Software SOA Location Based Cloud Solutions 3.33 Ericom Product Portfolio 3.34 Esri 3.35 ArcGIS 3.35.1 ArcGIS app Go Mobile 3.35.2 ArcGIS app Ready-to-Use Content 3.35.3 ArcGIS app Collaboration Made Easy 3.35.4 ArcGIS app Easily Add Data 3.35.5 ArcGIS app Make Maps Directly in Excel 3.35.6 ArcGIS app Data in the Cloud 3.35.7 ArcGIS app Security and Data Ownership 3.35.8 ArcGIS app A Platform for Building Apps 3.35.9 ArcGIS SCRIPT language='JavaScript1 3.36 Intuit 3.36.1 Intuit QuickBooks Online 3.37 Expense Report 3.38 Abukai 3.38.1 Abukai Expenses 3.39 OfficeTime 3.40 Cloud Based Storage 3.40.1 IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Back-up and Storage 3.40.2 Egnyte Systems Access Files From Anywhere, With Any Device 3.41 FreshBooks 3.42 Online Storage/Backup and Collaboration 3.43 Microsoft SkyDrive 3.44 Google Drive 3.44.1 Google Drive Supporting Sharing Of Files 3.44.2 Google Drive Access Everywhere. 3.45 Circle PureCloud IT Tools and Management 3.46 Red Hat 3.46.1 Red Hat Cloud with Virtualization 3.47 TopCoder 3.48 Agility Partners 3.49 Nirvanix 3.50 Rebit 3.50.1 Rebit Pro 3.50.2 RebitPro Leveraging A Single Backup Engine 3.51 nCircle 3.51.1 nCircle Purecloud 3.51.2 nCircle PureCloud Enterprise 3.51.3 nCircle PureCloud Enterprise Network Perimeter Scanning 3.51.4 nCircle PureCloud Remote or Branch Office Scanning: 3.51.5 nCircle PureCloud Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence 3.51.6 nCircle PureCloud Partner and Third-Party Assurance: 3.52 lynda.com 3.52.1 lynda Pro 3.52.2 lynda Enterprise 3.53 CloudOn 3.53.1 CloudOn Ingrid 3.53.2 CloudOn Lucas 3.54 Enomaly 3.54.1 Enomaly Elastic 3.54.2 Enomaly Cloud Desktop 3.54.3 Ericom's PowerTerm® WebConnect with Enomaly's Elastic Computing Platform® (ECP) 3.54.4 Enomaly Cloud Desktop Infrastructure (CDI) Platform 3.54.5 Enomaly Cloud Platform Monetization and Back office Integration 3.54.6 Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform Solutions For Service Providers 3.55 Serve Path / GoGrid 3.55.1 GoGrid High-Availability Architecture 3.55.2 GoGrid eCommerce 3.55.3 GoGrid Development & Test 3.55.4 GoGrid High-Performance Compute 3.55.5 GoGrid Cloud Hosting 3.55.6 GoGrid Dedicated Hosting 3.55.7 GoGrid Private Cloud 3.55.8 GoGrid Pricing 3.56 Vaultscape 3.57 Longjump 3.58 AppZero 3.59 Elastra 3.60 DeepField 3.60.1 DeepField Cloud Mapping 3.61 Domo 3.61.1 Domo CEO/C-Suite 3.61.2 Domo Finance 3.61.3 Domo IT/BI 3.61.4 Domo Marketing 3.61.5 Domo Operations 3.61.6 Domo Sales 3.62 Embrane 3.62.1 Embrane heleos 3.63 Ericom® Software 3.63.1 Ericom Realizing the Benefits of IT 3.64 Garantia Data 3.64.1 Garantia Redis Cloud 3.64.2 Garantia Redis Cluster 3.64.3 Garantia Memcached Cloud 3.64.4 Garantia Memcached Cluster 3.65 Tibco Predictive Analytics for the Data Center 3.65.1 Tibco Data Silo Patterns 3.66 AlphaPoint Technology 3.67 Newvem 3.67.1 Newven Cloud Baseline 3.68 DevOps 3.69 IBM Urbancode Acquisition, Devops Value 3.69.1 Greg Lotko, Business Line Executive and Vice President, IBM Describes System z Test & Development Offering Efficiencies Achieved 3.70 OneOps 3.70.1 OneOps Catalogs 3.70.2 OneOps Platforms 3.70.3 OneOps Components 3.70.4 OneOps Cloud Portability 3.70.5 OneOps Public Cloud Provider Support 3.70.6 OneOps Private Cloud Providers 3.70.7 OneOps Local Cloud Providers 3.71 Pertino 3.71.1 Pertino Networking 3.71.2 Pertino Bank-Level Security 3.72 ScaleXtreme 3.72.1 ScaleXtreme Cloud Management: Manage and Control Public Cloud Servers 3.72.2 ScaleXtreme Rich DevOps Platform 3.72.3 Cloud-Based Monitoring, Provisioning, Management For Internal Enterprise and Cloud Servers 3.73 Stormpath 3.73.1 Stormpath User Management and Authentication For Developers 3.73.2 Stormpath Security Workflows 3.74 Activity and Collaboration Apps 3.75 IBM Lotus Live and SmartCloud Apps 3.76 Google Apps 3.76.1 Gmail 3.76.2 Calendar 3.76.3 Drive 3.76.4 Docs 3.76.5 Sheets 3.76.6 Slides 3.77 Bitrix24.com 3.77.1 Bitrix24.com 'Like' button 3.77.2 Bitrix24.com Conversations Used To Start Collaborations 3.77.3 Bitrix24.com Messenger Interface 3.77.4 Bitrix24.com Photo Gallery 3.78 Centroy 3.79 Online Backup Industry 3.80 IBM Smart Business Backup and Recovery 3.81 Asigra 3.81.1 Asigra Software Backup Service Delivery 3.81.2 Asigra Enterprise Cloud Backup and Recovery 3.81.3 Asigra Encryption Secures Data In- Flight And At At-Rest 3.81.4 Asigra Supports Data Restoration and Recovery 3.82 KineticD 3.83 NovaStor - 3.84 Intronis - 3.85 Backup-Technology - 3.86 CoreVault - 3.87 SecurStore - 3.88 EMC / Mozy - 3.89 Zetta.net - 3.90 VaultLogix - 3.90.1 VaultLogix Backup And Recovery Solutions 3.91 StorageCraft 3.92 HP Autonomy 3.93 CTERA Networks 3.94 BackupAgent - 3.95 CommVault 3.96 Axcient 3.97 EVault 3.98 e-Ternity 3.99 Verizon Terremark 3.100 Dakota Backup 3.101 Xilocore - 3.102 MemoPal - 3.103 Attix5 - 3.104 Silanis e-Signatures 3.104.1 Silanis Industry Specialty 3.105 Vembu Cloud Backup And Recovery 3.105.1 Venyu Cloud Service Provider 3.106 Hitachi 3.107 NEC 3.108 Fujitsu 3.109 Rally Software 3.109.1 Rally Software Solutions Benefits 3.109.2 Rally Software Competitive Strengths 3.109.3 Rally Software Growth Strategy 3.110 Cloud Systems Management 3.111 IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure 3.112 Managed Methods 4. CLOUD PLATFORM INFRASTRUCTURE, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND SYSTEMS OF ENGAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY 4.1 Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Technology Foundation for Cloud Computing 4.1.1 SMB Cloud Services 4.1.2 Cloud Services Key Issues Addressed 4.2 Asigra No Agent Cloud Backup 4.2.1 Backup Service Delivery Software 4.2.2 Agent Based Backup Service Delivery Architecture 4.2.3 Agentless Backup Service Delivery Architecture 4.3 Networks, Power Supplies And Data Centers Points Of Failure 4.3.1 Asynchronous And Synchronous Messaging 4.3.2 Synchronous Calls 4.3.3 Asynchronous Calls 4.3.4 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Technology 4.3.5 SOA Validation System 4.3.6 SOA Exception Management 4.4 SOA Data Integration 4.4.1 Encapsulating Business Logic As Services 4.4.2 Composite Applications 4.4.3 SOA Return on Investment (ROI) 4.5 SOA Management Systems 4.5.1 SOA Management and Security 4.5.2 SOA Management 4.5.3 Monitor And Manage SOA Application Service Levels 4.6 SOA Security 4.7 Mission Critical Massaging and SOAP 4.8 SOA Automatic Service Failover Protection 4.9 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Layers 4.9.1 Service-Oriented Architecture Business Benefits 4.9.2 IBM WebSphere Integration Workflow Support 4.10 Business Benefits of Service-Oriented Architecture 4.10.1 Service-Oriented Architecture IT Benefits 4.10.2 SOA Self-Assessment 4.10.3 Service Infrastructure 4.10.4 Infrastructure Implementations Using SOA Products 4.10.5 SOA Technology Principles 4.10.6 Decoupled Services Value 4.10.7 Security 4.11 Web Services 4.11.1 Web Services Software Components 4.11.2 SOA Web Services Technology 4.11.3 Creating a SOAP Web Service 4.11.4 Java Technology 4.11.5 J2EE 4.11.6 Soap 4.11.7 Apache Soap 4.11.8 Load Balancer With SSL Support 4.11.9 Points Of Failure 4.11.10 Metadata Repository 4.11.11 Metadata Describes Location, Format, Relationships, Transformation, Rules, Cross-Reference 4.11.12 Metadata Drives Creation Of Data Integration Services 4.11.13 Wrappering 4.11.14 SOA Data Integration Layer Supports Developer Access To Metadata To Build Services 4.12 State Machine 4.12.1 SOA Network Strategy 4.12.2 SOA Representational State Transfer Is A Mode Of Communication Accessible To Programs And Humans 4.12.3 Registry SOA Engine 4.13 SOA Dynamic Architecture 4.13.1 Google Search Engine Dynamic Architecture 4.13.2 BigFiles 4.13.3 Repository 4.13.4 Microsoft .Net Defines Reusable Modules Dynamically 4.13.5 Microsoft Combines Managed Modules into Assemblies 4.13.6 Microsoft Architecture Dynamic Modular Processing 4.13.7 IBM SOA Architecture is Dynamic for the Transport Layer 5. CLOUD SOLUTIONS COMPANY DESCRIPTION 5.1 Abukai 5.1.1 Abukai Expenses 5.2 Actuate 5.2.1 Actuate Core Strengths 5.3 Adobe 5.3.1 Adobe Global Leader In Digital Marketing And Digital Media Solutions 5.3.2 Adobe Market Presence 5.3.3 Adobe Flagship Products And Solutions 5.1.1 Adobe Revenue 2012 5.1.2 Adobe Systems 5.1.3 Adobe Targets Businesses And Organizations 5.1.4 Adobe Revenue 5.3.4 Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription To Significantly Increase Long-Term Revenue Growth 5.3.5 Adobe Print and Publishing 5.1.5 Adobe Systems Software Tools 5.1.6 Adobe Systems Creative Solutions Business Summary 5.1.7 Adobe Knowledge Worker Market Opportunity 5.1.8 Adobe Systems Knowledge Worker Products 5.1.9 Adobe Systems Enterprise Opportunity 5.1.10 Adobe Systems Enterprise Business Summary 5.1.11 Adobe Systems Enterprise Strategy 5.1.12 Adobe Systems Process Management 5.1.13 Adobe Systems Content Services 5.1.14 Adobe Systems Knowledge Worker and Enterprise Related Products 5.4 Agility Partners 5.5 AppZero 5.5.1 AppZero Products 5.5.2 AppZero Primary Use Cases 5.5.3 AppZero Product Use Options 5.6 Axcient 5.7 BackupAgent 5.8 Bitrix 5.9 Box 5.9.1 Box.com Supports Doctors iPads 5.10 CTERA Networks 5.11 CloudOn 5.12 DeepField 5.13 Desktone 5.14 Dimension Data Cloud Services 5.15 DocuSign 5.15.1 Docusign Customers 5.15.2 DocuSign Raises $47.5 Million 5.15.3 DocuSign Global Standard for eSignature 5.16 Domo 5.17 Easy Cloud Solutions 5.18 Elastra 5.19 Embrane 5.20 Enomaly 5.21 Ericom® Software 5.21.1 Ericom Core Products 5.21.2 Ericom Customer Base 5.21.3 Ericom Strategic and OEM Partners 5.22 Esri 5.22.1 Esri Alliances 5.23 e-Ternity 5.24.1 Fiorano Leadership In Enterprise Middleware 5.24.2 Fiorano Customers Worldwide 5.25 FreshBooks 5.26 Garantia Data 5.27 Gliffy 5.28 GoGrid 5.28.1 GoGrid Cloud Pioneer 5.28.2 GoGrid Cloud Innovator 5.28.3 GoGrid / ServePath 5.29 Google 5.30 IBM 5.30.1 IBM Strategy 5.30.2 IBM PureData System for Transactions 5.30.3 IBM Business Partners 5.30.4 IBM Messaging Extension for Web Application Pattern 5.30.5 IBM PureSystems Partners 5.30.6 IBM MobileFirst 5.30.7 IBM Business Analytics and Optimization Strategy 5.30.8 IBM Growth Market Initiatives 5.30.9 IBM Business Analytics and Optimization 5.30.10 IBM Strategy 5.30.11 IBM Smarter Planet 5.30.12 IBM Cloud Computing 5.30.14 IBM Business Revenue Segments And Capabilities 5.31 Informatica 5.31.1 Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) 5.31.2 Informatica Data Integration Software 5.31.3 Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) 5.32 Intuit 5.32.1 Intuit Software and Platform as a Service 5.32.2 Intuit Mobile Computing 5.32.3 Intuit "Always-on" Delivery 5.32.4 Intuit Leading Provider Of Business And Financial Management Solutions 5.32.5 Intuit Revenue 5.32.6 Intuit / QuickBooks Online 5.32.7 Intuit Quickbase 5.33 KineticD 5.33.1 KineticD 20 Years of Cloud Backup Experience 5.34 iWay Software 5.35 Layer 7 5.36 lynda.com 5.37 Managed Methods 5.37.1 Managed Methods Solutions 5.37.2 Managed Methods Practical Management For APIs and SOA 5.38 Microsoft 5.38.1 Microsoft Key Opportunities and Investments 5.38.2 Microsoft Smart Connected Devices 5.38.3 Microsoft: Cloud Computing Transforming The Data Center And Information Technology 5.38.4 Microsoft Entertainment 5.38.5 Microsoft Search 5.38.6 Microsoft Communications And Productivity 5.38.7 Microsoft Revenue 5.38.8 Microsoft Customers 5.38.9 Microsoft .NET Framework 5.38.10 Microsoft Office 365 5.38.11 Microsoft Acquires Cloud-Monitoring Startup MetricsHub 5.38.12 Microsoft Key Opportunities and Investments 5.38.13 Microsoft Smart Connected Devices 5.38.14 Microsoft: Cloud Computing Transforming The Data Center And Information Technology 5.38.15 Microsoft Entertainment 5.38.16 Microsoft Search 5.38.17 Microsoft Communications And Productivity 5.39 Mindomo 5.40 Nastel Technologies 5.40.1 Nastel Privately Held Company 5.41 nCircle 5.42 Newvem 5.43 Oracle 5.43.1 Oracle Revenue 5.44 Perficient 5.45 OfficeTime 5.46 OneOps 5.47 Pertino 5.48 Rackspace 5.48.1 Rackspace Revenue 5.48.2 Rackspace Focused On Segment Of The Cloud Computing Market 5.48.3 Rackspace Revenue 5.49 Rally Software 5.49.1 Rally Software Revenue 5.49.2 Rally Software Solutions for Organizations 5.49.3 Rally Software Revenue 5.50 Red Hat 5.51 RightScale 5.52 Rebit 5.53 Sage One 5.54 Salesforce 5.54.1 Salesforce 2012 5.54.2 Burberry Builds Deeper Customer Connections,From The Runway To The Retail Store 5.55 ScaleXtreme 5.55.1 ScaleXtreme: Next-Generation Monitoring And Systems Management 5.56 Silanis E-Signature Innovation 5.56.1 Silanis E-signatures 5.56.2 Silanis Technology Partnerships 5.57 Software AG 5.57.1 Software AG 5.57.2 Software AG Revenue by Segment 5.57.3 Software AG Longjump 5.58 Splunk Enterprise 5.58.1 Splunk Partners 5.59 Stormpath 5.59.1 Stormpath Gives Companies An Easier Way To Authenticate User 5.59.2 Stormpath Addressing security concerns in the cloud 5.59.3 Stormpath Delivering quality Applications 5.60 Tibco Software 5.60.1 Tibco Software 5.60.2 Tibco 5.60.3 Tibco Software Customers 5.60.4 Tibco Event-Enabled Enterprise Platform 5.60.5 Tibco Platform 5.60.6 Tibco SOA Development 5.60.7 Tibco Revenue 5.60.8 Tibco Cloud Computing Environments 5.60.9 Tibco Software Acquires Maporama Solutions 5.60.10 Tibco / Maporama Solutions 5.60.11 Tibco Customer Interportpolice Deploys Tibbr As Global Collaboration Platform 5.60.12 Renaissance Capital / Tibco Big Data Opportunity 5.61 Vaultscape 5.61.1 VaultScape Robust Backup Technology 5.62 Verizon Terremark 5.63 ViaWest 5.63.1 ViaWest Adds Christopher Rajiah 5.64 WordPress 5.64.1 WordPress.org 5.65 Cloud Solution Platform Leaders and Selected Companies

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