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Commercial and consumer drones

Published: May 2015 | No Of Pages: 54 | Published By: IDate

Product Synopsis

Market potential and outstanding issues in Europe and the United States

Although still quite small, the civilian drone market is flourishing, particularly in France. A host of trials are being conducted with professional drones, and the first major contracts should not be far behind. Applications are many and various. The use of UAV in all industry sectors is opening up an array of new prospects.

As in any nascent market, there is no shortage of issues to address, and stakeholders will have to rise to some major challenges - our study deepens these aspects.

Furthermore, this report answers the following questions:

  • What key properties must civilian drones have to meet market demand?
  • What will the core applications be for UAV?
  • Which players will secure contracts with major (still unconvinced) corporations?
  • Will regulations help or hinder market development?
  • How will civilian drone sales evolve over the next five years?

1. Executive Summary
1.1. A technology turning in increasingly strong technical-economic performances
1.2. Multiple use cases, generating a host of trials and commercial services
1.3. A market taking shape, that could become a service-based economy
1.4. The market's development will depend on the introduction of a suitable regulatory framework
1.5. A market expected to gather momentum in 2016

2. Methodology & definitions
2.1. IDATE's general methodology
2.2. Methodology specific to this report: forecasting methods
2.3. Definitions

3. Technical properties of civilian drones
3.1. Drone classification: consumer vs. professional
3.1.1. Consumer drones
3.1.2. Professional/commercial drones
3.2. On-board technologies
3.2.1. Engines
3.2.2. Sensors
3.2.3. Radio technologies
3.3. Issues, challenges and development outlook
3.3.1. Technical-economic performances that are expected to improve
3.3.2. Mastering the underlying technologies being used by drones, and the ability to integrate them into the craft are key to future success

4. The many uses of civilian drones
4.1. That's entertainment!
4.1.1. Photos and videos
4.1.2. Gaming and augmented reality
4.2. Professional applications
4.2.1. Observation and surveillance
4.2.2. Precision farming
4.2.3. Media: film and TV production
4.2.4. Logistics: shipping merchandise
4.3. Issues, challenges and development outlook
4.3.1. Working drones need to adapt to a range of tasks and situations
4.3.2. Today's trials should lead to tomorrow's contracts
4.3.3. The overlap between usage professional and recreational use should not be overlooked

5. A value chain taking shape
5.1. Civilian drone manufacturers
5.1.1. Manufacturers moving from the recreational to the professional market
5.1.2. Manufacturers targeting the professional market with turnkey solutions
5.1.3. Military drone manufacturers entering the civilian drone market
5.2. Civilian drone operators
5.3. Service providers: the data processing challenge
5.4. Issues challenges and development outlook

6. Future regulation will be key to the market's development
6.1. The regulatory framework in Europe
6.2. Regulation in the United States
6.2.1. Consumer applications
6.2.2. Professional applications
6.3. Issues, challenges and development outlook

7. Five-year forecasts for the civilian drone market
7.1. Methodology
7.2. Civilian drone sales from 2014 to 2020

8. Abbreviations and acronyms

Table 1: How civilian drones need to improve
Table 2: Drone classifications in France pursuant to the Order of 11 April 2012 on civil UAV design and conditions for their use
Table 3: Main features of consumer and professional drones
Table 4: Comparison of a selection of consumer drones
Table 5: Comparison of a selection of professional-grade drones
Table 6: Comparison of the different versions of Wi-Fi used by drones
Table 7: How civilian drones need to improve
Table 8: Status of civilian drone regulations across Europe
Table 9: The 10 rules for flying a hobby drone in France
Table 10: Flight scenarios defined by French regulation

Figure 1: The drone market value chain
Figure 2: Growth of civilian drone market value between 2014 and 2020
Figure 3: The range of different drones according to US classifications
Figure 4: A multi-rotor fixed-wing drone
Figure 5: A fixed-wing drone
Figure 6: Example of a low-end consumer drone (FAZE RTF Hobbyzone)
Figure 7: The Bebop Drone from Parrot
Figure 8: The Safran Patroller S, on the cusp civilian and military UAV
Figure 9: senseFly cameras, from Parrot's professional drone applications division
Figure 10: The Parrot Skycontroller (left) and DJI flight controller (right)
Figure 11: Delair-Tech DT-18 ground control station
Figure 12: The Parrot Rolling Spider control interface, enabling in-flight acrobatics
Figure 13: AirDog, funded on Kickstarter
Figure 14: AR.FlyingAce: augmented reality aerial combat application
Figure 15: AR.Race
Figure 16: Inspection of the Millau viaduct by a drone
Figure 17: Drones used by ERDF to inspect overhead power lines
Figure 18: How drones can help with precision farming
Figure 19: Use of the eBee drone in precision farming
Figure 20: Director Sebastien Montaz-Rosset filming Summits of My Life, with a little help from a drone
Figure 21: The "parcelcopter" prototype use by DHL
Figure 22: The Amazon drone: an octocopter with 8 electric motors, sensors and GPS
Figure 23: The drone market value chain
Figure 24: Where the world's top 200 civilian drone manufacturers are located
Figure 25: The eBee civilian professional-grade drone
Figure 26: A Delair-Tech turnkey solution: the Big Mapper Package
Figure 27: The Delta Drone solution
Figure 28: The DVF 2000 UAV
Figure 29: The Copter 4 UAV
Figure 30: Redbird's solutions: from data acquisition to processing
Figure 31: Rules and recommendations for recreational drone users in the US
Figure 32: Growth of civilian hobby drones worldwide between 2014 and 2020
Figure 33: Growth of civilian commercial drones worldwide between 2014 and 2020
Figure 34: Growth of the civilian drone market value between 2014 and 2020

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