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Published: Dec 2014 | No Of Pages: 62 | Published By: IDate

Product Synopsis

Opportunities beyond OTT: finance, retail, telecom and connected objects
This report presents data monetisation options for selected verticals, beyond traditional development in pure online markets.

The first part of the report provides an overview of the big data market and its impacts in terms of data monetisation opportunities open to all verticals.

The second part presents current initiatives for data monetisation around upsell and cross-selling, direct advertising/marketing, value-added services (servicisation), intermediation and data resale for four key verticals: finance, retail, telecom and connected objects.

The report provides an assessment of the major real opportunities in the selected verticals and their articulation with aggregators and platforms coming from the online world.

1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology & definitions

3. Data monetisation options for verticals
3.1. Introduction to big data
3.1.1. Market description
3.1.2. Market structure
3.1.3. Market size
3.2. Opportunities for verticals
3.2.1. Major opportunities of big data for verticals
3.2.2. Data monetisation and verticals
3.2.3. Differences between verticals
3.3. The battle with aggregators

4. Data monetisation and finance
4.1. Type of data gathered
4.2. Privacy policies
4.3. Main opportunities

5. Data monetisation and retail
5.1. Type of data gathered in retail
5.2. Privacy policies
5.3. Main opportunities
5.3.1. Geo-fencing
5.3.2. Loyalty card programmes and customer insights
5.3.3. In-store tracking
5.3.4. Tracking buying emotions

6. Data monetisation and telcos
6.1. Type of data gathered
6.2. Privacy policies
6.3. Main opportunities

7. Data monetisation and smart products
7.1. Introduction
7.2. Types of data collected
7.3. Privacy policies
7.4. Opportunities
7.4.1. Development of new services associated with products (servicisation)
7.4.2. Insights and Aggregated data sales

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