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Detailed Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking 2013 - A comparison of 10 leading tools for multi-platform app development

Published: Oct 2013 | No Of Pages: 40 | Published By: Research2guidance

Product Synopsis

The report is a comparison of ten leading cross-platform tools on a detailed level. Tools are compared one-on-one by dimensions like time savings, tool complexity, platform coverage, HW feature access, API access, app quality, support service quality cost-performance ratio, etc.

The detailed Cross-Platform Tool Benchmarking includes the following CP Tools:

  • AIR,
  • Construct2
  • Corona SDK
  • JQuery Mobile
  • Marmalade
  • Phone Gap
  • Sencha Touch
  • Titanium
  • Unity 3D
  • Xamarin

The report describes each of the ten Cross-Platform tools (CP Tools) and the goes into detail comparing:

  • How satisfied users are with CP Tools in general and with each single tool?
  • Which tool meets user satisfaction most? Which least?
  • Which tool caters which industries best?
  • Which tool is best for which user profile (i.e. company size)?
  • The tools’ complexity, i.e. time to get familiar with the tool and get the best out of it. How does this learning investment pay off for app development later? Is the learning time worth the time saving? Which tool is most efficient?
  • Which tool supports which mobile platforms?
  • Which Cloud API Services and other features are available for each tool?
  • Which tool produces the apps with the highest quality?
  • Which tool has the best cost-performance ratio?
  • Which tool gets the highest overall rating (by its users)?

The accuracy and informative value of the results depends on the number of user ratings of a particular CP Tool. Please note that three tools (Sencha Touch, Construct2, Corona SDK) have less the 30 answers, which are marked in grey in the document to facilitate interpretation of the results. Even lower numbers of user ratings give a good indication of the strengths and weaknesses of a CP Tool.

1. Benchmarking methodology

2. The Cross Platform Tool coverage of the benchmarking study
2.1 Phone Gap by Adobe
2.2 Air by Adobe
2.3 JQuery by JQuery Foundation
2.4 Marmalade by Marmalade
2.5 Unity 3D by Unity Technologies
2.6 Xamarin by Xamarin
2.7 Titanium by Appcelerator
2.8 Corona SDY by Corona Labs
2.9 Sencha Touch by Sencha
2.10 Construct 2 by Scirra

3. User background comparison

4. Usage intensity comparison

5. Comparison of targeted industries and app categories

6. Cross platform tool complexity comparison

7. Support services quality comparison

8. Platform support comparison

9. App project duration and time-savings comparison

10. User satisfaction with technology features
10.1 Cloud API services
10.2 Accessibility of device hardware features
10.3 Accessibility of pre-installed applications

11. App Quality benchmarking
11.1 Design feature comparison
11.2 Usability comparison against native apps
11.3 Performance comparison against native apps
11.4 App security comparison
11.5 App revenue comparison

12. Cost-performance ratio comparison

13. About the authors



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