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FTTx Monetization

Published: Nov 2014 | No Of Pages: 42 | Published By: IDate

Product Synopsis

Markets, Technologies & Supply-side strategies

The tremendous cost of new gen access networks makes monetizing them a crucial issue. Ultrafast-boradband (UFB) access providers' supply-side strategies are aimed at ensuring enough customers who will upgrade to a UFB service in order to generate substantial income.

This report addresses the following key questions:

What are the levels of current UFB ARPUs and how could there evolve in the 5 coming years?
How to justify possible differences from one country to another?
What are some of the most likely development scenarios for the ultra-fast broadband market?
What are the main criteria to take into consideration?

IDATE also provides UFB market estimates for 2013 and up to 2018.

1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology
2.1. General methodology of IDATE's reports
2.2. Market assessment and forecasts
2.2.1. Countries and companies covered
2.2.2. Market assessment methodology

3. Global ultra-fast access market and trends up to 2018
3.1. Ultra-fast access market status by technology and volume at the end of 2013
3.2. Ultra-fast access ARPU growth
3.2.1. How will ISPs' positioning evolve?
3.2.2. National ARPU growth paths
3.3. Ultra-fast access market revenue in 2013 and forecasts up to 2018
3.3.1. The global ultra-fast access market forecast to grow by 76% over the next five years
3.3.2. North America by far the biggest ultra-fast access market in 2013
3.3.3. Ultra-fast access increasing its share of the broadband market in all corners of the globe
3.4. Detailed national market data
3.4.1. North America
3.4.2. Asia-Pacific
3.4.3. Europe

4. Ultra-fast broadband plans
4.1. Ultra-fast access supply-side strategies: adds vs. upgrades
4.1.1. Model No. 1: Plans designed to attract new customers
4.1.2. Model No. 2: Upgrade plans
4.2. Summary
4.2.1. What the players hope to achieve
4.2.2. Marketing strategies

Table 1: Risks and advantages for FTTx market players for each scenario
Table 2: National trends up to 2018
Table 3: UFB market value, by region, 2013-2018
Table 4: Comparison of triple play bundles aimed at new customers
Table 5: Orange triple play bundles: BB vs. UFB
Table 6: Main strategic objectives attached to UFB plans
Table 7: Comparison of a selection of ISPs' BB and UFB plans

Figure 1: UFB market growth and regional split from 2013 to 2018
Figure 2: Number of FTTH/B customers worldwide and regional split, at the end of 2013
Figure 3: Geographical breakdown of ultra-fast access architectures worldwide, at the end of 2013
Figure 4: Scenario, ARPU and offering model: trends per country up to 2018
Figure 5: UFB market and subscriber growth by region, 2013-2018
Figure 6: Regional breakdown of the ultra-fast access market, 2013-2018
Figure 7: Regional breakdown of ultra-fast access subscribers, 2013-2018
Figure 8: Ultra-fast broadband's share of the broadband market in the EU-28, in 2013 and 2018, in subscriber numbers and market revenue
Figure 9: Ultra-fast broadband's share of the broadband market in North America, in 2013 and 2018, in number of subscribers and market revenue
Figure 10: Ultra-fast broadband's share of the broadband market in Asia-Pacific, in 2013 and 2018, in number of subscribers and market revenue
Figure 11: Verizon's new customer information form
Figure 12: Comcast Internet plans
Figure 13: Range of broadband and superfast speeds attached to new customer plans
Figure 14: The MyRepublic 1 Gbps plan
Figure 15: The Ono TV plan, available to broadband and ultra-fast broadband customers
Figure 16: Deutsche Telekom ultra-fast access bundle
Figure 17: Orange: choosing Internet access according to network architecture
Figure 18: A selection of Telefónica plans
Figure 19: Product description for Free's Freebox Revolution
Figure 20: Swisscom broadband and ultra-fast broadband triple play bundles
Figure 21: Benchmark for Internet options in Triple Play services (Broadband vs Superfast Broadband)
Figure 22: Benchmark for TV options in Triple Play services (Broadband vs Superfast Broadband)
Figure 23: Monthly cost for Triple Play services (Broadband vs Superfast Broadband)
Figure 24: A selection of operators' marketing strategies

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