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Global LTE (Long Term Evolution) Tariff Tracker

Published: May 2013 | Published By: Tariff Consultancy Ltd

Product Synopsis

Launched in April 2012, the Global LTE Tariff Tracker comprises of a spreadsheet analysis, quarterly descriptive summaries and free customer service.

The database covers pricing for both Mobile Broadband and Smartphone offerings and allows the subscriber to compare like-for-like offerings.

The latest edition covers pricing for an 103 moible operators across 61 countries worldwide and it is constantly being updated as operators introduce new LTE services both mobile broadband and smartphone price plans.

Section Headings
Name of LTE vendor
Geographical coverage
Launch date
Type of offering
Download spped
Monthly cost
Data (MB/GB) included
Outside the bundle pricing
Promotional pricing in effect at the time of updating
and relevant notes

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