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India Power - Market Analysis and Forecast till 2030

Published: Nov 2014 | No Of Pages: 100 | Published By: Market Analyix

Product Synopsis

The Future of the Philippines Power Market Economy, Power Outlook, Capacity, Consumption, Levelized Cost of Energy, Investment Opportunities, Regulations and Company Profiles and Forecasts to 2030 published by Techsila.


The report provides detailed analysis on the Philippines by Power sector. The report examines the overall economy of the country, estimates the power consumption, and analyzes the different power technologies and also forecasts their growth for next fifteen years.

This report offers detailed analysis of Philippines Power market with capacity forecasts covering the next fifteen years. This report will also analyze factors that influence demand for the industry, key market trends, and challenges faced by industry participants. In particular, it provides an in-depth analysis of the following Philippines Power market size and drivers: detailed analysis of the Philippines Power market during 2014-2030, including highlights of the demand drivers and growth stimulators for the market. It also provides a snapshot of the countrys economy and power outlook.
The report highlights installed capacity trends from 2001 to 2030 in Philippines Power market. The research provides data related to investments and levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for Power in Philippines during 20132030.
The research also provides company snapshots of some of the major market participants. The report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, secondary research and in-house analysis by team of industry experts.
The report analyzes the power market scenario in Philippines (includes thermal, hydro and renewable energy sources) and provides future outlook with forecasts up to 2030.
The research provide details economy and renewable power market outlook in the country (includes wind, small hydro, biopower and solar PV) and provides forecasts up to 2030.

Reasons To Buy
Understand the industry dynamics, growth trends and key challenges to assist in decision making
Identify business opportunity across the value-chain with information on product prices, and opportunity analysis
Benchmark various industry participants present and identify performers, laggards and emerging players
Use the data and analysis to develop business plan, formulate strategies, analyze companies and benchmark countries for investment
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India, Import and Export of Wind Turbines, $Million, 20092013 47
14.7. Wind Market, India, Top 5 Importer and Exporter of Wind Turbines, %, 2013 48
15. Wind Power Market, India, Company Profiles 49
16. India Biogas Power Market 49
16.1. India Biogas Power Market Overview 49
16.2. India Biogas Power Market, Cumulative Installed Biogas Capacity, MW, 2001-2030 49
16.3. India Biogas Investments, $Million, 2013-2030 49
16.4. India Biogas LCOE, ($/MWh), 2013-2030 50
16.5. India Biogas Opportunities, $Million 50
17. Biogas Power Market, India, Company Profiles 51
18. India Biomass Power Market 51
18.1. India Biomass Power Market Overview 51
18.2. India Biomass Power Market, Cumulative Installed Biomass Capacity, MW, 2001-2030 51
18.3. India Biomass Investments, $Million, 2013-2030 52
18.4. India Biomass LCOE, ($/MWh), 2013-2030 52
18.5. India Biomass Opportunities, $Million 53
19. Biomass Power Market, India, Company Profiles 54
20. India Nuclear Power Market 54
20.1. India Nuclear Power Market Overview 54
20.2. India Nuclear Power Market, Cumulative Installed Nuclear Capacity, MW, 2001-2030 54
20.3. India Nuclear Investments, $Million, 2013-2030 56
20.4. India Nuclear LCOE, ($/MWh), 2013-2030 56
20.5. India Nuclear Opportunities, $Million 57
21. Nuclear Power Market, India, Company Profiles 57
22. India Solar PV Power Market 58
22.1. India Solar PV Power Market Overview 58
22.2. India Solar PV Power Market, Cumulative Installed Solar PV Capacity, MW, 2001-2030 58
22.3. India Solar PV Investments, $Million, 2013-2030 58
22.4. India Solar PV LCOE, ($/MWh), 2013-2030 59
22.5. India Solar PV Opportunities, $Million 59
22.6. Solar PV Market, India, Import and Export of Solar Modules, $Million, 20092013 60
22.7. Solar PV Market, India, Top 5 Importer and Exporter of Solar Modules, %, 2013 61
23. Solar PV Power Market, India, Company Profiles 61
24. Appendix 94
24.1. Market Definitions 94
24.2. Methodology 94
24.3. Secondary Research 94
24.4. Primary Research 94
24.5. Modeling and Forecasting 95
24.6. Market Estimates and Assumptions 95
24.7. LCOE Calculation 95
24.8. Investments 95
24.9. Contacts 95
24.10. Disclaimer 95

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