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M&A Boom in China's Seed Industry

Published: Jul 2015 | Published By: ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd.
China is a large agriculture country, and the annual usage of seed is more than 12.5 billion kg. Following the USA, China has become the second largest seed market in the world. As the fast increasing of seed commercialization rate, the market size of China’s seed industry rose rapidly, up to about RMB100 billion in 2014 from RMB25 billion in 2000. However, compared with the developed countries such as the USA and Japan, the industrial concentration rate of China’s seed industry is low, and the overall strength of China’s seed enterprises and competitiveness is weak. In recent years, China’s government has issued series of policies and measures to support the seed industry reform. According to the Development Guide of National Modern Crop Seed Industry (2012-2020), up to 2020, the market share of top 50 seed enterprises will reach 60% in China. China has seen a wave of M&A in seed industry in recent years. In 2010, there were about 8,700 enterprises holding a permit for management of seed sales, while in 2014 it down to less than 5,000. What’s more, the M&A boom will continue in future few years. Obviously, with advantages of R&D and financial strength, large scale enterprises have developed fast, and will become more competitive in global market. In this report, ASKCI analyzes the market size of seed industry, supply and demand of seed, major causes of M&A causes in seed industry, experience from transnational enterprises’ M&A cases, as well as make a comprehensive & in-depth analysis the M&A cases in some major domestic large scale seed companies. 1)The Aim of this report ?To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of the M&A boom in seed industry; ?To disclose market size of China’s seed industry; ?To analyze major causes of M&A in China’s seed industry; ?To find out the experiences from transnational seed enterprises; ?To analyze major M&A cases in China’s seed industry; ?To reveal opportunities in Chinese seed industry. 2)Benefit from the report ?Obtain latest info of seed industry, such as market size, product structure, supply and demand, positions and so on; ?Figure out the M&A process of the major large scale enterprises in China’s seed industry; ?Identify key trends and opportunities in China’s seed market; ?Understand what are the drivers and barriers of China’s seed companies; 2. SCOPE OF INVESTIGATION The report will investigate four large scale seed enterprises in M&A boom from the following aspects: ?Company profile (including company background, product structure, etc.) ?Process of M&A ?M&A characteristics ?M&A experience ?Financial performance
Part Contents ? Overview of China's seed industry ?-1 Market size ?-2 Supply and demand ?-3 Industry characteristics ? Cause of M&A in China's Seed Industry ?-1 Policy support ?-2 Inventory pressure ?-3 Low industrial concentration ?-4 Challenge from transnational enterprises ? M&A analysis of transnational seed enterprises ?-1 Monsanto ?-2 DuPont ?-3 Syngenta ?-4 Experience from transnational enterprises ? M&A analysis of domestic seed enterprises ?-1 Overview of M&A in China‘s seed industry ?-2 Case analysis of M&A in domestic large-scale seed company ?-2-1 Zhongnongfa Seed Industry Group LTD ?-2-1-1 Company profile ?-2-1-2 Process of M&A ?-2-1-3 M&A characteristics ?-2-1-4 M&A experience ?-2-2 Winall Hi-tech Seed Co., Ltd. ?-2-2-1 Company profile ?-2-2-2 Process of M&A ?-2-2-3 M&A characteristics ?-2-2-4 M&A experience ?-2-3 Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture Co., Ltd. ?-2-3-1 Company profile ?-2-3-2 Process of M&A ?-2-3-3 M&A characteristics ?-2-3-4 M&A experience ?-2-4 China National Seed Group Co., Ltd. ?-2-4-1 Company profile ?-2-4-2 Process of M&A ?-2-4-3 M&A characteristics ?-2-4-4 M&A experience ? Conclusion
List of Figures Figure I-1-1 Market size of China’s seed industry, 2009-2014 Figure I-1-2 Product structure by market value of China’s seed industry, 2014 Figure I-3-1 Number of seed companies in China, 2002-2014 Figure II-2-1 Seeds commercialization rate in China, 2014 Figure II-2-2 Effective inventory of hybrid rice seed, kilograms, 2001-2014 ...... List of figures Table III-1 Government policy and documents of seed industry, 2011-2014 Table III-1-1 M&A cases of Winall Hi-tech Seed Co., Ltd., 2010-2015 Table III-2-1 Financial performance of Winall Hi-tech Seed Co., Ltd., 2010 and 2015 ......
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