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Natural Language Computer Assisted Coding and SOA Healthcare Application Market Strategies, Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010-2016

Published: Oct 2010 | No Of Pages: 650 | Published By: Winter Green Research

Product Synopsis

Natural Language Computer Assisted Coding and SOA Healthcare Application Market Strategies, Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010-2016. Computer assisted coding markets come together to make information technology delivery a system that supports the efficient and affordable patient treatment environment. CodeRyte is a vendor with advanced systems evolution. Other vendors are achieving ICD-10 capability.

Computer assisted Coding represents a utility using SOA to manage web services and transport code modules from one application to another, from one facility to another. IBM is the market leader in SOA application middleware with 75% market share.

Coders identify diagnoses and related procedures. These events must have codes assigned to them for use in billing and performance measurement programs. Coders use one system to research medical codes and another to create encoded documents. Inefficiencies in medical coding add $8 billion in administrative costs to the health care system, result in billing and payment errors and slow payments to health care providers.

Computer assisted coding markets are merging with electronic patient record systems. The ability to code medical records depends on the ability to read the chart automatically, creating a need for the coding systems to be part of the electronic records systems. Automated coding of medical records provides significant efficiency to the healthcare delivery system.

Automated process is an essential aspect of business process efficiency. Computer assisted coding represents the most significant aspect of achieving insurance efficiency. At the same time quality of care delivery improves by a quantum amount.

Computer assisted coding of medical information uses natural language solutions to link the physician notes in an electronic patient record to the codes used for billing Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies. Natural language is used determine the links to codes. 80% of the coding can occur automatically without properly designed natural language processing (NLP) solutions do not require physicians to change the way they work. They can dictate in a free flowing fashion, consistent with the way they think, and are not limited to structured inputs that may or may not fully capture the unique circumstances of each patient encounter.

Matching codes generated from physician notes to standard treatment protocols promises to improve health care delivery. Accompanying the more advanced computer generated types of physician patient management coding with measures of best practice promises to revolutionize health care delivery.

The ability to further check as to whether the recommendations for follow up made by radiologists and matching the recommendations with the actual follow up holds significant promise of vastly improved health care delivery.

Systems are implemented with natural language pattern recognition. These patterns are linked to rules and encoded with systems that learn from their mistakes, creating self healing adjustments to how a particular physician works. In order to assign appropriate billing codes based on the language, the context in which those patterns of language occur is buttressed with statistical analysis and rules developed at the outset of using a system.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires all health care organizations to use the Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) when encoding medical documentation by October 1, 2013. ICD-10 is a sophisticated index of more than 155,000 codes that describe medical conditions and their severity. It will replace ICD-9, which had just 17,000 codes.

According to CMS, ICD-10 will facilitate better analysis of disease patterns, severity and treatment outcomes, and support health care quality improvement efforts. vastly expanded code sets increase the time required to process documentation and the potential for errors, which lead to rejected claims and higher administrative costs.

Markets at $150 million in 2010 are anticipated to reach $2.6 billion by 2016. This growth comes as the electronic patient record is adopted worldwide and as automated process works in combination with sophisticated medical testing and imaging to provide superior, and less expensive healthcare delivery.

Medical testing speeds diagnosis and exposes treatment options faster. Testing is far less expensive than physician and clinician labor. The ability to wring the labor costs out of the healthcare delivery system is what brings efficiency from automated process. This is not so good for the jobs market, but it does vastly improve healthcare delivery.

SOA supports on demand systems providing scale to meet the needs of users. As cloud markets evolve and users only pay for the capacity they use., SOA becomes a significant aspect of all markets going forward. SOA strategies relate to providing a middleware to manage different application access in ways that position software with a more flexible capability. The 2010 SOA study has 650 pages, 206 tables and figures.

The popularity of the on-demand deployment model has increased significantly. Systems provide security, response time, and service availability. SaaS software as a service application is widely known by the salesforce.com computing model illustrates. Business applications and computing models have matured and adoption has become an issue for every IT department. Platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) have joined SaaS as compelling aspects of cloud computing applications and infrastructure services.

Computer Assisted Coding Executive Summary
Computer Assisted Coding Market Driving Forces
Natural Language Computer Assisted Coding Market Shares
Computer Assisted Coding Market Forecasts
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) CAC to
Ease Transition to ICD-10
SOA For Healthcare Market Shares
Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Healthcare Market Forecasts

1. Computer Assisted Coding Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 Standardized Application Of Coding Guidelines
1.2 Clinical Modification/Procedure Coding System (ICD-10)
1.2.1 Adopting an Electronic Query Process in CDI
1.3 Coding Challenge
1.3.1 Computer Assisted Coding (CAC)
1.3.2 Advances In Natural Language Processing And Informatics
1.4 Computer-Assisted Coding Technology
1.5 Computer-assisted Coding
1.5.1 Industry Forces Affecting Development of CAC
1.5.2 Application of CAC Technology
1.6 Development of a CAC Tool For Hospital Inpatient Use
1.6.1 CAC Impact on the Coding Workflow
1.6.2 Computers Replace Human Coders
1.7 Healthcare Industry Largest In United States
1.7.1 Building a Safer Health System
1.7.2 Facilitating the Use of Technology in the Healthcare Industry
1.7.3 Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act
1.8 Medical Necessity and Medical Necessity Errors
1.9 Electronic Coding Technologies
1.9.1 Electronic Coding Integrated Database
1.10 Natural Language Solutions
1.10.1 State Of Language Technology Evaluation
1.11 Computerized Workflow System
1.11.1 Confidence Assessment Module
1.11.2 Researching Electronic Coding Products:

2. Computer Assisted Coding Market Shares and Forecasts
2.1 Computer Assisted Coding Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Computer Assisted Coding of Medical Information Natural Language Market Driving Forces
2.1.2 Medical Best Practice Linking
2.1.3 Best Practice Using NLP Computer Assisted Coding
2.1.4 Natural Language Computer Assisted Coding Medical Information Solutions
2.1.5 Natural Language Coding Solutions
2.2 Natural Language Computer Assisted Coding Market Shares
2.2.1 Ingenix / A-Life Medical, Inc.
2.2.2 Ingenix / A-Life Medical Physician Solutions Computer-Assisted Coding
2.2.3 CodeRyte
2.2.4 CodeRyte’s NLP Engine Built For Compliance
2.2.5 Picis LYNX Pressure On, Observations Up, Admissions Down
2.2.6 LYNX
2.2.7 Cerner / LingoLogix
2.2.8 Med2020
2.2.9 Craneware's Chargemaster Large Multi-Hospital Systems
2.2.10 Craneware Bill Analyzer
2.3 Computer Assisted Coding Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) CAC to Ease-Transition to ICD-10
2.4 SOA For Healthcare Market Shares
2.5 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Healthcare Market Forecasts
2.6 Computer Assisted Coding Regional Market Segments

3. Computer Assisted Coding Product Description
3.1 Medical Coders Use CAC Software As They Move To ICD-10
3.2 A-Life Medical Physician Solutions Computer-Assisted Coding
3.2.1 A-Life MedicalCoding Services
3.2.2 A-Life MedicalReal-time Coding Integration
3.2.3 A-Life Medical Auditing
3.2.4 A-Life Medical Reconciliation
3.2.5 A-Life Medical Hospital Computer-Assisted Coding Solutions
3.3 CodeRyte
3.3.1 Coderyte Supports Coding In ICD-10
3.3.2 CodeRyte Computer Assisted Coding
3.3.3 CodeRyte CodeAssist
3.3.4 CodeRyte CodeComplete
3.3.5 CodeRyte DataScout
3.3.6 CodeRyte Patterns of Care Recognition
3.3.7 CodeRyte Medical Coding Process Solutions
3.3.8 CodeRyte Multi-Specialty Clinics
3.3.9 CodeRyte Supports Single-Specialty Physician Groups
3.3.10 CodeRyte Support for Billing Companies
3.3.11 CodeRyte Serves Hospitals With Computer Assisted Coding
3.3.12 3M Teams With CodeRyte To Offer Advanced Computer-Assisted Coding Software For ICD 10
3.4 3M Health Information Systems Specializes in Computer Assisted Coding
3.4.1 3M Population Based Tools
3.4.2 3M Health Information Management
3.4.3 3M Health Information Exchange
3.4.4 3M Document Management
3.4.5 3M ChartFact
3.4.6 3M Health Information Systems
3.4.7 3M Open System Architecture
3.4.8 3M Health Information Systems Medical Coding Process
3.4.9 3M™ Ambulatory Revenue Management Software (ARMS)
3.4.10 3M™ APC Editing and Compliance Software
3.4.11 3M™ APC Grouper Plus Software
3.4.12 3M™ APCfinder™ Software
3.4.13 3M™ APCfinder™ Software for TRICARE
3.4.14 3M Grouping Logic
3.4.15 3M Editing
3.4.16 3M Reimbursement
3.4.17 3M™ APCfinder™ Software with Medical Necessity Validation
3.4.18 3M™ APR DRG Classification System
3.4.19 3M™ APR DRG Software
3.4.20 3M™ Audit Expert System (Inpatient)
3.4.21 3M™ ChartFact™ Software for Hospitals and Clinics
3.4.22 3M™ ChartLocator™ Software
3.4.23 3M™ ChartRelease™ Software
3.4.24 3M™ ChartScan™ Software for Document Capture
3.4.25 3M™ ChartScriptMD™ Document Creation Software for Radiology
3.4.26 3M™ ChartScript™ Software for Clinical Documentation
3.4.27 3M™ Codefinder™
3.4.28 3M™ Codefinder™ (CAE) Computer-Assisted
3.4.29 3M™ Coding and Reimbursement System Software
3.4.30 3M™ Coding Reference Software and 3M™ Coding Reference Plus Software
3.4.31 3M™ Core Grouping Software
3.4.32 3M™ ICD-10 Code Translation Tool
3.4.33 3M™ Medical Necessity Dictionaries
3.4.34 3M™ Physician Coding and Reimbursement System
3.5 PlatoCode System
3.5.1 Platocode Offers Clinical Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC)
3.5.2 Platocode Output
3.5.3 Platocode® CAC Benefits
3.6 IBM Healthcare SOA Framework Foundation Systems
3.6.1 IBM Healthcare SOA Response to Complex Electronic Patient Record IT Challenges
3.6.2 IBM SOA Business Integration Foundation Systems
3.6.3 IBM WebSphere Healthcare Services Oriented Architecture
3.7 Artificial Medical Intelligence, Inc.
3.7.1 Artificial Medical Intelligence ICD 10
3.7.2 Artificial Medical Intelligence Computer Assisted Coding
3.7.3 Artificial Medical Intelligence E-Path Sensitivity and Specificity
3.7.4 Artificial Medical Intelligence E-Path Extensibility
3.7.5 Artificial Medical Intelligence Modular Components of E-Path
3.7.6 Artificial Medical Intelligence The major E-Path Components
3.7.7 Artificial Medical Intelligence E-Path Solutions:
3.7.8 Cancer Care Ontario
3.7.9 INSCYTE Corporation
3.7.10 Newfoundland Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation
3.7.11 CancerCare Manitoba
3.7.12 Cancer Care Ontario
3.7.13 Artificial Medical Intelligence AutoCode Computer Assisted Coding
3.7.14 Artificial Medical Intelligence AutoCode Lexicons
3.7.15 Artificial Medical Intelligence Summary of AutoCode Features
3.7.16 Artificial Medical Intelligence AutoCode™ Successful Projects:
3.7.17 Artificial Medical Intelligence TissueMetrix Successful Projects:
3.8 Dolbey Fusion CAC™Computer-Assisted Coding With Natural Language Processing
3.8.1 Dolbey Inpatient and Outpatient Coding
3.8.2 Dolbey Digital Coding Solution
3.9 TruCode
3.9.1 TruCode Encoder Intuitive Design
3.9.2 TruCode Encoder Intelligent Research Pane
3.9.3 TruCode Encoder Customization
3.9.4 TruCode Encoder Content Updates
3.10 Lynx Medical Systems CareBridge
3.10.1 Lynx Medical Systems E/Point
3.10.2 Lynx C/Point Reducing Risk with Improved Outpatient Coding Management
3.10.3 Lynx C/Point Performance Monitoring Services
3.10.4 Lynx Coding Services
3.11 CranWare Chargemaster Toolkit®
3.11.1 Craneware's Chargemaster Large Multi-Hospital Systems
3.11.2 Craneware Chargemaster Toolkit - CAH
3.11.3 Craneware Online Reference Toolkit®
3.11.4 Craneware Bill Analyzer
3.11.5 Craneware Interface Scripting Module
3.11.6 Craneware Physician Revenue Toolkit®
3.12 Language & Computing L&C Technology
3.12.1 Language & Computing Ontology: A Conceptual Representation That Computers Can Understand And Process.
3.13 QuadraMed Health Information Management Physician Coding
3.13.1 QuadraMed's ICD-10
3.14 Cerner
3.14.1 Cerner NLP technology Discern nCode
3.14.2 Radiology Business Management Accounts Receivable Management and Coding
3.14.3 Radiology Business Management Coding
3.15 Med2020
3.15.1 MED2020 WinRecs
3.15.2 MED2020 WinRecs Regional Solutions
3.15.3 MED2020 WinRecs Customization
3.15.4 MED2020 WinRecs Suite of Modules
3.15.5 MED2020 Grouper Program - Acute care, Emergency Room, and Ambulatory Surgery
3.15.6 MED2020 N~Coder Chart Deficiency Chart Locator Modules
3.15.7 MED2020 N~Coder Maximizes Efficiencies In Coding Practices
3.16 BayScribe
3.16.1 BayScribe Tools Take Control of Transcription
3.17 Ingenious Med
3.17.1 Ingenious Med’s Charge Capture and Coding Suite
3.17.2 IM Coding and Compliance Tools
3.17.3 IM MasterCoder
3.17.4 Ingenious Med IM Quality Measures
3.17.5 Ingenious Med IM Communication Tools, Chat, Messaging And Cross-Cover Capabilities
3.17.6 Ingenious Med IM Business Intelligence Tools
3.17.7 Ingenious Med IM Business Integration
3.17.8 Ingenious Med IM HIS/ADT Integration
3.17.9 Ingenious Med Billing Integration
3.17.10 Ingenious Med Client Support
3.18 MDe Solutions ePrecisionCode®
3.18.1 MDe Solutions PrecisionCode® Enterprise
3.18.2 MDeSolutions PrecisionCode® Rules Engine
3.18.3 MDeSolutions PrecisionCode® E&M Identifier
3.18.4 MDeSolutions PrecisionCode ICD-9 to ICD-10 Reference
3.18.5 MDeSolutions PrecisionCode eReference ICD-10
3.18.6 MDeSolutions HCPCS Level II Database
3.18.7 MedCodePIX
3.18.8 MedCode icdPIX - ICD Code Lookup
3.18.9 MedCode icdPIX™ ICD Lookup Using An Anatomical Image Driven Technology
3.18.10 MedCode cptPIX™
3.19 Synoptex Computer Assisted Coding
3.20 Meta Health Technology HIM Solutions
3.20.1 Meta Health Technology HIM Digital Physician Signature Software
3.20.2 Meta Health Technology PowerAbstract Streamlines Chart Abstracting & Coding
3.20.3 Meta Electronic Physician Query
3.20.4 Meta eCDI
3.20.5 Meta PowerMonitor
3.20.6 Meta PowerTrac
3.20.7 Meta PowerRelease
3.20.8 Meta PowerImage

4. Computer Assisted Coding Of Medical Information Technology
4.1 CodeRyte Decodes ICD-10
4.2 Hybrid Technology
4.2.1 Computer Assisted Coding Engine
4.3 Preventable Medical Conditions
4.4 Natural Language Processing (NLP) Medical Coding
4.4.1 Rules Based Approaches
4.4.2 Reports Based On Statistics
4.4.3 Normalize the Data
4.5 Reports Must Be In Some Kind Of Electronic Format
4.5.1 NLP Software Statistical Analysis
4.5.2 Workflow
4.5.3 Feedback for Machine Learning
4.5.4 Coding
4.5.5 Accuracy And Specificity Of Retrieval
4.5.6 Natural Language Programming (NLP) Vocabulary Processor
4.5.7 Robust Underlying Terminological Model And A Component Architecture
4.6 TeSSI® (Terminology Supported Semantic Indexing)
4.6.1 L&C’s LinkBase® Medical Ontology
4.6.2 Semantic Indexing With The TeSSI® Indexing Engine
4.6.3 Semantic Indexing Solution Automates The Indexing Process
4.6.4 Information Extraction with TeSSI® Extraction Engine
4.6.5 Semantic Search with TeSSI® Search Engine
4.7 Technology Requirements

5. Computer Assisted Coding Company Profiles
5.1 Allscripts
5.1.1 Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solutions
5.1.2 Allscripts and Eclipsys Merge
5.1.3 Allscripts Market Positioning
5.1.4 Allscripts Is Leader In Driving Full Utilization Of Electronic Health Records
5.2 APP RHIOnet
5.2.1 APP Design Anvil™
5.3 Artificial Medical Intelligence, Inc.
5.3.1 Artificial Medical Intelligence (AMI) Focusing On Increasing Efficiency Within Health Information Management
5.4 BayScribe
5.5 Cerner
5.5.1 Cerner Second Quarter 2010 Revenue
5.5.2 Cerner CEO Pages® Enterprise Executive Reporting
5.5.3 Cerner Implementation Highlights
5.6 CodeNet Inc.
5.7 CodeRyte
5.7.1 CodeRyte Client Base
5.7.2 CodeRyte Coding Engine Functions
5.7.3 CodeRyte Web-based. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Coding Process Engine
5.7.4 CodeRyte’s NLP Engine Built For Compliance
5.7.5 CodeRyte’s NLP engine Accommodates Preferences
5.7.6 CodeRyte’s NLP Engine Thorough Auditing
5.7.7 CodeRyte’s NLP Engine Client Service
5.8 CranWare
5.8.1 Craneware- Focus on Preventing Revenue Leakage for Chargeable Supplies
5.8.2 Revenue Leakage Addressed By Craneware Systems Integration
5.8.3 Craneware Automates Revenue Integrity Program
5.8.4 Craneware Revenue
5.8.5 Craneware Operational Highlights First Half of FY2010
5.9 Dolbey Fusion CAC(TM)
5.9.1 Dolbey Dictation, Transcription, Speech Recognition And Coding
5.9.2 Dolbey Products For Recording, Documenting, Information Tracking And Coding
5.9.3 Dolbey Fusion Suite
5.9.4 Dolby Fusion Voice® System Centralized Multi-Source Digital Dictation Management System
5.9.5 Dolby Dictation Recording Leveraging PC Resources
5.9.6 Dolby Transcribe With Multi-Media PC
5.9.7 Dolby Flexible Work Modalities
5.9.8 Dolby Dictate, Recognize, Store and Edit Documents
5.9.9 Dolby / Newark Beth Israel Medical Center now using Fusion CAC
5.9.10 Dolbey Technologies
5.9.11 Dolbey / Adventist Health System Fusion CAC Powered by EMscribe, Computer-Assisted Coding Solution
5.10 Healthcare Systems Integration Engine HCnet®
5.10.1 Healthcare Systems Integration Engine HCnet® Services
5.11 Ingenix / A-Life
5.11.1 Ingenix Leading Provider Of Health Information
5.11.2 Ingenix A-Life Medical, Inc.
5.11.3 A-Life Medical, Inc. Named Finalist in Adaptive Business Leaders' 12th Annual Innovations in Healthcare Abby Awards
5.11.4 A-Life Medical, Inc.
5.12 IBM Open-Source Endeavor
5.12.1 IBM
5.12.2 IBM WebSphere
5.12.3 IBM Business Partnering Strategy
5.12.4 IBM Strategic Priorities
5.12.5 IBM BPM Powered By Smart SOA
5.12.6 IBM Delivers Integration and Innovation to Clients
5.12.7 IBM Business Model
5.12.8 IBM Unified Communications In The Cloud Architecture
5.12.9 IBM LotusLive Cloud-Based Portfolio Of Social Networking And Collaboration Services
5.12.10 IBM Revenue
5.12.11 IBM Full-Year 2009 Revenue
IBM Q1 2009 Revenue
IBM Q2 and H1 2010 Revenue
IBM Q2 2009 Revenue
IBM Software Capabilities
5.12.12 IBM Systems and Technology Capabilities
5.12.13 IBM Worldwide Organizations
5.12.14 IBM Integrated Supply Chain
5.12.15 IBM Security
5.13 Language & Computing
5.13.1 Language & Computing Natural Language Processing to Improve Coding Efficiencies
5.13.2 Language & Computing Natural Language Processing
5.13.3 Language And Computing Natural Language Processing Patent
5.13.4 Foundation Of Language And Computing L&C’s Technology
5.14 MedQuist and Artificial Medical Intelligence Partner
5.14.1 3M teams with CodeRyte
5.14.2 3M™ Codefinder™ Computer-Assisted Edition For Inpatient Coding
5.14.3 3M Takes Advantage of CodeRyte Technologies
5.14.4 3M Health Information Systems
5.14.5 3M Mobile Dictation Software for iPhone Platform
5.14.6 3M Releases Platform Accelerates Documentation Improvement
5.15 MDS Medical Software
5.16 MDS Medical
5.17 MedQuist
5.17.1 Artificial Medical Intelligence / MedQuist
5.18 MedScribe Information Systems Inc.
5.19 Med Scribe
5.20 Meta Health Technology
5.21 M-Modal
5.22 MED2020
5.22.1 Med2020 Coding and Abstracting Software
5.23 New Wave Software
5.24 Source: New Wave Software.
5.24.1 New Wave Software NWS/EDS Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)
5.25 Peak HealthCare Solutions, Inc.
5.25.1 Peak HealthCare Solutions Electronic Media Claims (EMC)
5.25.2 Peak Healthcare Solutions Consulting Services
5.25.3 Peak Healthcare Solutions Real-Time Access/Reports
5.25.4 Peak Healthcare Solutions Coding Analysis
5.25.5 Peak Healthcare Solutions Practice Management Software
5.25.6 Peak Healthcare Solutions Forms Creation
5.25.7 Peak Healthcare Solutions Outsource Coding
5.25.8 Peak Healthcare Solutions Remote Coding
5.25.9 Peak Healthcare Solutions Technology
5.25.10 Peak Healthcare Solutions Auditing Services
5.25.11 Peak Healthcare Solutions On-Site Coding
5.26 Picis / LYNX Medical Systems
5.26.1 LYNX E/Point HFMA Peer Review
5.26.2 LYNX E/Point
5.26.3 Picis LYNX CareBridge: Integrated Answer to Medical Necessity
5.26.4 Picis LYNX Pressure On, Observations Up, Admissions Down
5.26.5 Picis LYNX CareBridge Supports Better Admissions Decision-Making
5.27 Platocode
5.28 Precyse Solutions
5.28.1 Precyse Coding Services
5.29 QuadraMed
5.29.1 QuadraMed Clients
5.29.2 QuadraMed's Care-Based Revenue Cycle Solutions:
5.29.3 QuadraMed Smart Identity Management
5.29.4 QuadraMed Care Management
5.29.5 QuadraMed Health Information Management
5.29.6 QuadraMed Patient Revenue Management
5.30 Radiology Business Management
5.31 Sentara Healthcare
5.32 TruCode
5.32.1 TruCode Medical Necessity Editor
5.33 UnitedHealth Group
5.33.1 UnitedHealth Group Health Benefits and Health Services
5.33.2 UnitedHealthcare
5.33.3 UnitedHealth Group Ovations
5.33.4 UnitedHealth Group AmeriChoice
5.33.5 UnitedHealth Group Health Services
5.33.6 UnitedHealth Group OptumHealth
5.33.7 UnitedHealth Group Ingenix
5.33.8 UnitedHealth Group Prescription Solutions
5.33.9 Unitedhealth Group Second Quarter Results 2010
5.33.10 UnitedHealth Group Product Offerings
5.33.11 UnitedHealth Group Quarterly Financial Performance
5.33.12 UnitedHealth Group
5.33.13 UnitedHealth Group / Ingenix
5.33.14 Ingenix Innovations
5.33.15 UnitedHealth Group Ingenex / HSS
5.33.16 UnitedHealth Group / Ingenix / HSS
5.33.17 UnitedHealth Group / Ingenix Partners & Alliances
5.33.18 American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)
5.33.19 America’s Health Insurance Plans
5.33.20 American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations
5.33.21 APHSA - American Public Human Services Association
5.33.22 basys
5.33.23 CaseNet
5.33.24 Connecture
5.33.25 Delmar, Cengage Learning
5.33.26 DST
5.33.27 FACTS® Services, Inc.
5.33.28 FutureVision Technologies
5.33.29 IBM
5.33.30 ITAA - Information Technology Association of American
5.33.32 The Managed Care Executive Group
5.33.33 MphasiS
5.33.34 NCQA
5.33.35 NASCIO
5.33.36 NASP
5.33.37 NaviMedix
5.33.38 Silverlink
5.33.40 TDWI - The Data Warehousing Institute
5.33.41 The TriZetto Group, Inc.
5.33.42 Ingenix Solves Problems In Health Care
5.33.43 Ingenix wholly-owned subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group
5.34 Zotec Partners
5.35 Selected Computer Assisted Coding Vendors
5.35.1 3M Health Information Systems
5.35.2 Allshred Services
5.35.3 Amphion Medical Solutions
5.35.4 Cardone Record Services
5.35.5 Certified Document Destruction
5.35.6 Cintas Document Management
5.35.7 CodeRyte
5.35.8 Complete Coding Solutions
5.35.9 Cranel
5.35.10 CPSI
5.35.11 CTech
5.35.12 DataBank
5.35.13 DeVry University
5.35.14 Diskriter
5.35.15 Dolbey
5.35.16 EDCO Group
5.35.17 Fireproof Records Center
5.35.18 First Choice Medical Transcription Service
5.35.19 FormFast
5.35.20 Fujitsu Computer Products
5.35.21 FutureNet Technologies
5.35.22 Golden Isles Medical Transcription
5.35.23 HealthPort
5.35.24 Heartland Information Services
5.35.25 HIMentors
5.35.26 InfraWare
5.35.27 Ingenix
5.35.28 iod incorprated
5.35.29 Iron Mountain, Inc.
5.35.30 JLG Medical Transcription Services
5.35.31 Keystrokes Transcription Services
5.35.32 KIWI-TEK
5.35.33 Laguna Medical Systems
5.35.35 LexiCode Corporation
5.35.36 Master of Business Operational Excellence
5.35.37 Maxim Health Information Services
5.35.38 McKesson Corporation
5.35.39 Medical Learning
5.35.40 Medical Transcription Corporation
5.35.41 MedPlus, Inc.
5.35.42 MedQuist
5.35.43 MedScribe Information Systems
5.35.44 Meta Health Technology
5.35.45 Micro Star
5.35.46 MicroImage, Inc. (35)
5.35.47 Modern Office Methods
5.35.48 MRO Corporation
5.35.49 NetWorks Group
5.35.50 New England Medical Transcription. Inc.
5.35.51 Nuance
5.35.52 OfficeTeam Healthcare Group
5.35.53 Owens Community College
5.35.54 Peak Health Solutions
5.35.55 Perry Johnson & Associates
5.35.56 Precyse Solutions
5.35.57 ProTec Solutions
5.35.58 Quality Management Consulting Group, Ltd.
5.35.59 RealMed
5.35.60 Rehabilitation Services Commission
5.35.61 RRS Release of Information Service
5.35.62 Shred-it
5.35.63 SOAP Transcription Services
5.35.64 SoftScript (
5.35.65 SPi Healthcare
5.35.66 Stat Solutions (29)
5.35.67 Streamline Health
5.35.68 College of St. Scholastica
5.35.69 Transcend Services
5.35.70 UnicorMed
5.35.71 United Audit Systems
5.35.72 University of Cincinnati-ONLINE
5.35.73 Visionary HealthWare
5.35.74 Zodiac Transcription Service

Table ES-1
Electronic Computer Assisted Coding Solution Market Driving Forces
Figure ES-2
Computer Assisted Coding Market Shares, Dollars, First Half 2010
Figure ES-3
Computer Assisted Coding SaaS and License Shipments,
Market Forecasts Dollars, 2010-2016
Figure ES-4
SOA Healthcare Applications Shipments Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Table ES-5
SOA Healthcare Applications Shipments Market Forecasts,
Dollars, 2010-2016
Table 1-1
Computer Assisted Coding Functions:
Table 1-2
Advantages of CAC
Table 1-3
Barriers to CAC
Table 1-4
Electronic Coding Integrated Database Issues
Table 1-5
Medical Necessity Online
Table 1-6
Natural Language Solutions System For Coding
Table 1-7
Computerized Workflow System Systems Features
Table 1-8
Confidence Assessment Module System
Figure 2-1
Automated Coding of Medical Records
Table 2-2
Electronic Computer Assisted Coding Solution Market Driving Forces
Figure 2-3
Computer Assisted Coding Decreases Paperwork Costs
Figure 2-4
SOA Component Architecture for Healthcare
Figure 2-5
Blood Pressure Tracking Advantages
Table 2-6
Electronic Coding Product Issues
Table 2-7
Electronic Coding Challenges
Figure 2-8
Computer Assisted Coding Market Shares, Dollars, First Half 2010
Table 2-9
Computer Assisted Coding in Canada Market Shares, S
oftware as a Service (SaaS) Dollars, Worldwide, 2009 and H1 2010
Figure 2-10
Computer Assisted Coding SaaS and License Shipments,
Market Forecasts Dollars, 2010-2016
Figure 2-11
Computer Assisted Coding Dollars Per Patient Records
Processed Market Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Figure 2-12
Computer Assisted Coding Patient Records Processed
Market Forecasts, Millions, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Figure 2-13
Computer Assisted Coding SaaS and License Shipments,
Market Forecasts Dollars, 2010-2016
Figure 2-14
SOA Healthcare Applications Shipments Market Shares,
Dollars, 2009
Table 2-15
SOA Healthcare Applications Shipments
Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Table 2-16
SOA Healthcare Applications Shipments
Market Forecasts, Dollars, 2010-2016
Figure 2-17
Reimburse for eMail Contact with Patients
Figure 2-18
Computer Assisted Coding Regional Market Segments, 2009
Table 2-19
Computer Assisted Coding Regional Market Segments, 2009
Table 3-1
A-Life Medical Computer-Assisted Coding Solution Key Features
Table 3-2
A-Life Medical Key Coding Features
Table 3-3
A-Life Medical Key Features
Table 3-4
A-Life Medical Auditing Key Features
Table 3-5
A-Life Medical RecoverIt Charge Capture Process Key Features
Table 3-6
A-Life Medical Hospital Computer-Assisted Coding Key Features
Table 3-7
CodeRyte Products Computer-Assisted Coding Technologies
Table 3-8
CodeRyte Product Benefits
Table 3-9
CodeRyte CodeAssist Functions
Table 3-10
CodeRyte CodeComplete Functions
Table 3-11
CodeRyte DataScout Functions
Table 3-12
CodeRyte DataScout Features
Table 3-13
CodeRyte DataScout Context-Sensitive Data
Mining And Clinical Information Extraction Features
Table 3-14
CodeRyte DataScout Pattern Analysis
Table 3-15
CodeRyte Academic Institution Sophisticated
Natural Language Processing Technology
Table 3-16
CodeRyte Multi-Specialty Clinics
Table 3-17
CodeRyte Automates Medical Coding For Specialty,
Hospital-Based Practices
Table 3-18
CodeRyte Billing Company Features
Table 3-19
CodeRyte Hospital Computer Assisted Coding Features
Table 3-20
3M Health Information Management Benefits
Table 3-21
3M ARMS Clinicians Reimbursement Opportunities Functions
Table 3-22
3M Computer Assisted Coding Revenue Savings Results
Table 3-23
3M Reimbursement Support
Table 3-24
3M™ Audit Expert System (inpatient) Functions
Table 3-25
3M ChartFact Key Features and Benefits
Table 3-26
3M™ ChartLocator Key Features and Benefits
Table 3-27
3M™ ChartRelease™ Software Key Features and Benefits
Table 3-28
3M™ ChartScan™ Key Features and Benefits
Table 3-29
3M™ ChartScriptMD Key Features and Benefits
Table 3-29 (Continued)
3M™ ChartScriptMD Key Features and Benefits
Table 3-30
3M™ ChartScript™ Key Features and Benefits
Table 3-31
3M Codefinder Key Benefits
Table 3-32
3M Codefinder Key Features
Table 3-33
3M Codefinder Functions
Table 3-34
3M Codefinder System components
Table 3-35
3M™ Coding Reference Software State-Of-The-Industry
Figure 3-36
3M Supports ICD-10 code
Figure 3-37
3M ICD-10 code E11341 Translates To A Combination of ICD-9 Codes
Figure 3-38
PlatoCode System
Table 3-39
SOA Leveraging of Business Integration Systems
Table 3-40
SOA Engine Segments
Table 3-41
Artificial Medical Intelligence EMscribe™ Benefits
Table 3-42
Artificial Medical Intelligence Emscribe™ Efficient Benefits
Table 3-43
Artificial Medical Intelligence AutoCode Features
Table 3-44
TruCode Encoder Capabilities
Table 3-45
TruCode Encoder Research Pane Codes Presented
Table 3-46
TruCode Encoder Customization
Table 3-47
TruCode Encoder Coding Results
Table 3-48
TruCode Encoder Cost Benefits
Table 3-49
Lynx CareBridge Key Features
Table 3-50
Lynx Medical Systems E/Point Functions
Table 3-51
Lynx Medical Systems Picis ED PulseCheck Functions
Table 3-52
Lynx C/Point Key Features
Table 3-53
Lynx performance monitoring: functions
Table 3-54
CranWare Chargemaster Computer Assisted Coding Functions
Table 3-55
Language & Computing Comprehensive Ontology
Knowledgebase Segments Supported
Table 3-56
Language & Computing Computer Assisted Coding Functions
Table 3-57
Language & Computing Computer Assisted Coding Benefits
Table 3-58
QuadraMed physician coding Product Benefits
Table 3-59
QuadraMed eSignature Product Benefits
Table 3-60
QuadraMed Clinical Modification/Procedure
Coding System (referred to as "ICD-10)
Table 3-61
Cerner Discern nCode Functions:
Table 3-62
Cerner Discern nCode Key features
Table 3-63
MED2020 Benefits of WinRecs Cloud Services
Table 3-64
Benefits of MED2020 WinRecs Regional Solutions
Table 3-65
Benefits of MED2020 WinRecs Technical Overview
Table 3-66
MED2020 WinRecs Features
Table 3-67
MED2020 WinRecs Benefits
Table 3-68
MED2020 Coding Features
Table 3-69
MED2020 N~Coder Features
Table 3-70
MED2020 N~Coder Customized Features
Table 3-70 (Continued)
MED2020 N~Coder Customized Features
Table 3-71
MED2020 N~Coder Benefits
Table 3-72
Ingenious Med’s Client and Technical Support
Table 3-73
MDe Coding Solutions Benefits
Table 3-74
MDe Solutions Product Features
Table 3-75
MDeSolutions PrecisionCode® Rules Engine Applications Formats
Table 3-76
PrecisionCode® Rules Engine Benefits
Table 3-77
MDeSolutions PrecisionCode® Rules Engine Features
Table 3-78
MDeSolutions PrecisionCode® Rules Engine Functions
Table 3-79
MDeSolutions ICD-9-CM Database Elements
Table 3-80
MDeSolutions CPT Database Elements
Table 3-81
MDeSolutions HCPCS Level II Database Elements
Figure 3-82
MedCode icdPIX Button Images
Table 3-83
Synoptex Synoptic Pathology Coding
Table 3-84
Synoptex Synoptic Pathology Conditions Identified
Table 3-85
Meta Health Technology HIM Solutions
Table 3-86
Meta Health Technology Coding From Remote Locations
Table 3-87
Meta Health Technology HIM Digital
Physician Signature Software Features
Table 3-88
Meta Health Technology PowerAbstract
Chart Abstracting & Coding Features
Table 3-89
Meta Health Technology Functions To Streamline
The Workflow for CDI
Table 3-90
Meta Health Technology eCDI functions
Table 3-91
Meta PowerMonitor Features
Table 3-92
Meta Health Technology HIM Medical Record
Tracking Software Features
Table 3-93
Meta Health Technology PowerRelease
Table 4-1
Semantic Indexing Benefits L&C’s LinkBase® Medical Ontology
Figure 4-2
L&C’s LinkBase® Semantic Process Flow Index
Component Medical Ontology
Table 4-3
Information Extraction with TeSSI® Extraction Engine Functions
Figure 4-4
L&C TeSSi Indexing L&C TeSSi Search
Table 4-5
Resulting Template With Extracted Information
Figure 4-6
Semantic Extraction by TeSSi Semantic Indexing by TeSSi
Table 5-1
Allscripts Market Positioning
Table 5-2
Cerner Millennium® Positioning
Table 5-3
Cerner CEO Pages Key Benefits
Table 5-4
Cerner CEO Technical Highlights
Table 5-5
CodeNet Primary Service
Table 5-6
CodeRyte Sophisticated Medical Coding Technology Functions
Table 5-7
CodeRyte Coding Engine Functions
Table 5-8
CodeRyte’s NLP Engine Benefits
Table 5-9
Dolby Dictate, Recognize, Store and Edit Document Features
Table 5-10
Healthcare Systems Integration Engine Features:
Figure 5-11
Healthcare Systems Integration Engine Target Markets
Table 5-12
Healthcare Systems Integration Engine Services Offering
Figure 5-13
IBM SMB Partner Go to Market Approach
Table 5-14
IBM Strategic Priorities
Table 5-15
Foundation Of Language And Computing L&C’s Technology
Table 5-16
3M Health Information Systems Core Capabilities
Table 5-17
Meta Health Technology Coding Features
Table 5-18
Meta Health Technology Partners
Table 5-19
M-Modal Partners:
Table 5-19 (Continued)
M-Modal Partners:
Table 5-20
New Wave Software Functions
Figure 5-21
New Wave Software Customers
Table 5-22
New Wave Software NWS/EDS Emergency Department Functions
Table 5-23
Technical & Service Highlights:
Table 5-24
Peak Healthcare Solutions
Table 5-25
Peak Healthcare Solutions Medical Practice Management
Table 5-26
Peak Healthcare Solutions Guarantee
Table 5-27
Peak Healthcare Solutions Comprehensive Client Reporting System Benefits
Table 5-28
Peak’s Healthcare Solutions Remote Coding Solution Functions
Table 5-29
Peak Auditing Solutions: Functions
Table 5-30
Picis LYNX CareBridge Hospitals Functions
Table 5-31
LYNX Revenue Management Solutions Benefits
Table 5-32
Precyse Solutions Functions:
Table 5-33
Precyse Solutions Positioning
Table 5-34
TruCode Coding Functions
Table 5-35
Ingenix Computer Assisted Coding Technology Innovations

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