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Published: Nov 2014 | No Of Pages: 48 | Published By: IDate

Opportunities for Telcos around VoD, SVOD and Telco CDN

This report analyses the choices that telcos are having to make in the arena of video, taking into consideration the costs tied to the ongoing traffic surge and the need for optimisation. It explores opportunities in the retail market , with the sale of managed services (chiefly VoD and SVoD to a lesser extent), and in the wholesale market, through the deployment of CDN solutions and access networks (telco CDN). The report includes case studies on OTT players' and telcos' video strategies.

List of players examined

  • Amazon
  • Apple - iTunes
  • Netflix
  • Facebook
  • Google – YouTube
  • Comcast
  • Orange
  • Numericable/SFR
  • Telecom Italia
  • Telefónica
  • Verizon

Slideshow contents

  • Video, a key market for telcos
  • OTT strategies
  • Set-top boxes, a key issue between OTT and telcos
  • Telco strategies
  • Telcos' strong involvement in TV and Video
  • Telcos video offering diversification
  • More opportunities for telcos around paid video contents than network enabler

1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology & definitions

3. Main concepts of OTT video
3.1. Delivery modes
3.1.1. Managed
3.1.2. OTT
3.2. Video formats
3.2.1. Advertising-based revenue platforms
3.2.2. VoD
3.2.3. SVoD
3.3. Internet delivery modes
3.3.1. CDN and telco CDN
3.3.2. Peering
3.3.3. eMBMS
3.4. STB and related devices
3.5. General drivers of online video, and the barriers
3.5.1. Drivers
3.5.2. Barriers

4. OTT video markets
4.1. Advertising-based revenue platforms
4.1.1. Market size
4.1.2. Market structure and ecosystem
4.1.3. Key trends
4.2. VoD
4.2.1. Market size
4.2.2. Market structure and ecosystem
4.2.3. Key trends
4.3. SVoD
4.3.1. Market size
4.3.2. Market structure and ecosystem
4.3.3. Key trends
4.4. CDN and Telco CDN
4.4.1. Market size
4.4.2. Market structure and ecosystem
4.4.3. Key trends

5. Telcos' and OTT players' strategies
5.1. OTT players
5.1.1. Amazon
5.1.2. Apple - iTunes
5.1.3. Netflix
5.1.4. Facebook
5.1.5. Google - YouTube
5.2. Telcos
5.2.1. Comcast
5.2.2. Orange
5.2.3. Numericable/SFR
5.2.4. Telecom Italia
5.2.5. Telefónica
5.2.6. Verizon

Table 1: Top 10 online video sites properties, in the USA
Table 2: Top 10 peak period applications, North America, Fixed access, 1H2014
Table 3: Top 10 peak period applications, North America, Mobile access, 1H2014
Table 4: Top 10 Peak period applications, Europe, Fixed access, 1H2014
Table 5: Top 10 Peak period applications, Europe, Mobile access, 1H2014
Table 6: Top 10 Peak period applications, North America, Mobile access
Table 7: Content offering through managed services
Table 8: Content strategy
Table 9: Different approaches to the telco CDN
Table 10: Telco CDN strategies

Figure 1: Spectrum dynamic allocation
Figure 2: CDN and telco CDN market, 2013-2018
Figure 3: Number of videos viewed in a month in the USA
Figure 4: Top 10 online video sites in the UK, by unique viewers, February 2014
Figure 5: iTunes Revenue Mix per account and active users accounts
Figure 6: Sales of Apple TV
Figure 7: Netflix yearly revenue history and forecasts, 2007-2014
Figure 8: Evolution in Netflix R&D expenditure
Figure 9: Facebook engagement by post/media type
Figure 10: Facebook's yearly capital expenditure
Figure 11: YouTube content protection process
Figure 12: Google quarterly capex spending since 1Q2011-1Q2014
Figure 13: Comparison of increases in traffic costs and access revenue
Figure 14: Telco vs OTT markets for video
Figure 15: Comcast road map
Figure 16: Consolidated Capital Expenditures of Comcast
Figure 17: SFR distribution chain
Figure 18: TI Group CDN
Figure 19: Telefónica's inter-regional architecture
Figure 20: Telefónica's global video platform
Figure 21: End-to-end CDN product

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