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Report on Logistics Industry in China Proposal

Published: Jun 2015 | Published By: ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd.
Modern logistics is a strategic measure that takes manufacturing, transportation and sales into consideration to satisfy consumer demand. In 2014, the growth of demand for logistics slow down but the transformation of the industry has fastened. The total expense of logistics in China was RMB10.6 trillion in 2014, with YoY growth of 6.9%; while the total amount of logistics in China was RMB213.5 trillion, increased by 7.9%. The growth of the market was stable and has slowed down. In this report, ASKCI analyzes logistics market in China to provide understanding of this industry in terms of market demand, freight transport, logistics in different industries and regions, key players, etc. Meanwhile, recommendations will be given at the end of the report to describe the prospect and provide forward-thinking strategies. 1)The Aim of Report ?To provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese logistics industry; ?To analyze market and current development of the industry to indicate its potential; ?To analyze drivers and barriers of the industry; ?To reveal opportunities for logistics industry in China. 2)Benefit from the Report ?Obtain latest information of logistics industry, such as market size, freight transport, logistics for different industries and regions, key companies, etc.; ?Discover market opportunities in different segments; ?Find out how Chinese logistics market will change and how your business can be involved in; ?Keep informed of your competitors/their activities in China; ?Learn about key market drivers and barriers; ?Share this information within your organization using free global intranet license. 2. SCOPE OF INVESTIGATION The report will investigate Chinese logistics industry from the following aspects: ?Current development; ?Freight transport mode; ?Market segments; ?Logistics in different regions; ?Key players and their locations; ?Commercial opportunity.
Part Contents Executive Summary Definition and Methodology I Development of Logistics Industry in China I-1 Logistics Industry in National Economy I-2 Development Analysis I-3 Cost Analysis I-4 Government Regulation I-5 Policy II Market Demand of Logistics Industry in China II-1 Total Amount of Industrial Goods Logistics II-2 Total Amount of Import and Export Logistics II-3 Total Amount of Agricultural Product Logistics II-4 Total Amount of Renewable Resources Logistics III Analysis of Logistics by Freight Transport Mode III-1 Road Transport III-1.1 Market Analysis III-1.2 Development Analysis III-1.3 SWOT Analysis III-2 Rail Transport III-3 Air Transport III-4 Waterway Transport IV Express Logistics Analysis IV-1 Regulation IV-2 Development IV-3 Characteristics IV-4 Competition Analysis IV-5 Key Factor Analysis IV-6 Key Express Companies IV-7 E-Commerce Express Industry IV-8 Case Study of Leading Company V Analysis of Logistics by Product Type V-1 Steel Logistics Analysis V-1.1 Development V-1.2 Processing Distribution Center V-1.3 Informationalization V-1.4 SWOT Analysis V-2 Automotive Logistics Analysis V-3 Coal Logistics Analysis V-4 Agricultural Product Cold Chain Analysis V-5 Grain Logistics Analysis V-6 Major Industry Logistics Analysis V-6.1 Pharmaceutical distribution V-6.2 Household Appliance Logistics V-6.3 Tobacco Logistics V-6.4 Chemical Logistics V-6.5 Flower Logistics V-6.6 Trade Logistics VI Major Areas of Logistics VI-1 Third Party Logistics VI-2 Fourth Party Logistics VI-3 Green Logistics VI-4 Reverse Logistics VII Construction and Operation of Logistics Park VII-1 Overview of Logistics Park VII-2 Analysis of Logistics Park by Type VII-3 Analysis of Logistics Park by Region VII-4 Construction Analysis VII-5 Main Logistics Parks VII-6 Industry Cluster VII-7 Layout Planning VIII Development of Logistics Industry by Region VIII-1 Logistics Industry in Yangtze Delta VIII-1.1 Shanghai VIII-1.1.1 Construction VIII-1.1.2 Development VIII-1.1.3 Prospect VIII-1.2 Jiangsu Province VIII-1.3 Zhejiang Province VIII-2 Logistics Industry in Pearl Delta VIII-2.1 Guangzhou VIII-2.2 Shenzhen VIII-2.3 Dongguan VIII-2.4 Zhuhai VIII-3 Logistics Industry in Bohai Bay Economic Zone VIII-3.1 Beijing VIII-3.2 Tianjin VIII-3.3 Shandong Province VIII-3.4 Liaoning Province VIII-3.5 Hebei Province VIII-4 Logistics Industry in Central China VIII-4.1 Henan Province VIII-4.2 Hubei Province VIII-4.3 Hunan Province VIII-4.4 Anhui Province VIII-5 Logistics Industry in Western China VIII-5.1 Chongqing VIII-5.2 Sichuan Province VIII-5.3 Shanxi Province VIII-5.4 Yunnan Province IX Market Analysis of Logistics Informationization IX-1 Development of Logistics Informationization IX-2 Application of Internet of Things Technology in Logistics Industry IX-3 Multinational Enterprises in China IX-3.1 UPS IX-3.2 DHL IX-3.3 TNT IX-3.4 FEDEX IX-4 Competition Analysis IX-5 Merging and Reorganization IX-6 Development Strategy X Competitiveness Analysis of Listed Logistics Company in China X-1 CMST Development Co., Ltd. X-1.1 Company Profile X-1.2 Operation Analysis X-1.3 Financial Indicator X-1.4 Profitability Capability X-1.5 Debt Paying Ability X-1.6 Operation Ability X-1.7 Cost Analysis X-2 China Shipping Develop Co., Ltd.  X-3 Shanghai Haibo Co., Ltd.  X-4 Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co., Ltd. X-5 China Railway Tielong Container Logistics Co., Ltd. X-6 Y.U.D Yangtze River Investment Industry Co., Ltd. X-7 Jiangsu Xinning Modern Logistics Co., Ltd. X-8 Jiangsu Feiliks International Logistics Inc. XI Competitiveness Analysis of Major Logistics Company in China XI-1 China Ocean Shipping(Group) Company XI-1.1 Company Profile XI-1.2 Organization Structure XI-1.3 Logistics Business XI-1.4 Business Network XI-1.5 Operation Analysis XI-2 Sinotrans&CSC Holdings Co., Ltd. XI-3 China Shipping (Group) Company XI-4 Kailuan Group Company Limited XI-5 China National Materials Storage and Transportation Corporation XI-6 Xiamen Xiangyu Group Corporation XI-7 China Petroleum Transportation Corporation XII Prospect of Automotive Logistics Industry in China XIII Conclusion and Recommendations ASKCI's Legal Disclaimer
List of Table Table III-2-1 Rail transport expenses Table III-4-1 Domestic container trade market SWOT analysis Table IV-2-1 Income structure of express delivery, 2014 …… List of Figure Figure II-1-1 Total amount of industrial goods logistics, 2006-2014 Figure II-2-1 Total amount of import and export logistics, 2006-2014 Figure IV-2-1 Volume and income scale of express delivery industry, 2008-2014 ……
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