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The Complete Guide To Telematics In China


Product Synopsis

An invaluable resource for indentifying vehicle theft threats...

Developments in vehicle security over recent years have made it increasingly difficult for thieves to steal vehicles by conventional means and this has led to the use of more sophisticated equipment during theft.

SBD’s Electronic Theft Threats Database provides detailed information on the availability of these sophisticated tools throughout the global market and highlights the functions that could be utilised by a thief in order to steal a vehicle. The database is an essential tool that can be used to determine which manufacturers are at risk and from what method of attack.

With SBD’s Electronic Theft Threats Database you can see:

  • A comprehensive list of 45 electronic tools covering potential attacks on 66 vehicle manufacturers globally
  • An overview of each tool including who supplies it, how much it costs, and its purpose
  • Detailed functionality, including whether each tool has the ability to perform key programming, immobiliser bypass and more
  • How easy these tools are to obtain at low cost, and where to purchase them from




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