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The future of Broadcast and Internet radio in the car

Published: Jul 2011 | No Of Pages: 40 | Published By: SBD

Product Synopsis

A comprehensive analysis of the radio industry in Europe and the USA - market trends, major players, consumer needs, changing technology and future outlook

Did you know that 45% of listeners in the USA rely on their smart phones to access Internet radio and that the German government is expected to vote on a new law that would mandate that all radios sold from 2015 be capable of receiving DAB? SBD’s new report titled ‘The future of Broadcast and Internet radio in the car’ is packed with such insights about the radio industry in Europe and the USA. With this report you can examine how consumer needs and legislative policies are transforming the radio landscape. An analysis of the key players in the market is provided to further your understanding.

Gain unparalleled insight into the future outlook of various radio platforms and forecast their growth in the automotive industry. With expert recommendations on managing the balance between HD, Satellite and Internet radio, you can be confident of making the right strategic decision in this turbulent market.

1. Executive summary
1.1 USA summary table
1.2 Europe summary table

2. USA Insight
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Broadcast radio trends
2.2.1 Analogue radio
2.2.2 Satellite radio
2.2.3 HD radio
2.3 Internet radio
2.3.1 Listenership
2.3.2 Receivers
2.3.3 Key players
2.4 Automotive trends

3. Europe insight
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Broadcast radio trends
3.2.1 Analogue radio
2.2.2 DAB radio
2.2.3 DRM radio
3.2.4 Satellite radio
3.2.5 HD radio
3.3 Internet radio
3.3.1 Listenership
3.3.2 Receivers
3.3.3 Key players
3.4 Automotive trends

4. Recommendations to key stakeholders
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Europe: Deploying DAB-ready radios as standard from 2012/2013
4.3 USA: Managing the balance between HD, Satellite & Internet radio
4.4 Internet radio: Adapting to an immature value chain 4.5 Convergence: Developing Hybrid radio solutions


Fig. 1. Annual unit sales of radios by platform (2010-2015)
Fig. 2. Summary of radio market trends in USA
Fig. 3. Summary of market trends in Europe
Fig. 4. Evolution of radio in the USA
Fig. 5. Public radio coverage across the USA
Fig. 6. Decline in analogue radio listeners (1990-2010)
Fig. 7. Sirius XM Revenue (2006-2010)
Fig. 8. Consumer knowledge and interest in HD radio
Fig. 9. Forecast growth in weekly listenership of Internet radio
Fig. 10. Smartphone monthly data usage estimates for Internet radio
Fig. 11. Internet-only radio service providers (USA)
Fig. 12. Top 10 US Internet radio websites (March 2011)
Fig. 13. Forecast of USA annual unit sales for OE radio platforms (2010-2015)
Fig. 14. Evolution of radio in Europe
Fig. 15. Industry and listenership statistics for analogue radio in Europe (2010)
Fig. 16. Summary table of DAB status in Europe (2010)
Fig. 17. On-going DRM trials in Europe
Fig. 18. Growth of radio listenership over different platforms (Germany 2009-2010)
Fig. 19. Growth of Internet radio listenership (UK 2002-2008)
Fig. 20. Growth in sales of Home internet radio receivers (EU 6)
Fig. 21. Internet-only radio service providers (Europe)
Fig. 22. Forecast of annual unit sales for OE radio platforms (2010-2015)
Fig. 23. Different strategic approaches for offering Internet radio in the car

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