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The Pharmaceutical Market: Puerto Rico

Published: Dec 2014 | No Of Pages: 102 | Published By: Espicom

Product Synopsis

The outcome of the upcoming elections is expected to assist in shaping the development of Puerto Rico's healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, depending on the direction of the new governor's economic policies. Nevertheless, we do not expect a return to the historically-high annual rates of pharmaceutical spending, especially as the government now covers less than 40% of theterritory'soverall healthcare spending. In the meantime, the territory will remain an important pharmaceutical and medical devices production base, although its attractiveness has been on the wane for some time now.
Headline Expenditure Projections
  • Pharmaceuticals: US$2.81bn in 2011 to US$2.88bn in 2012; +2.5% in local currency terms. Forecast unchanged from Q4 12.
  • Healthcare: US$11.27bn in 2011 to US$11.67bn in 2012; +3.6% in local currency terms. Forecast unchanged from Q4 12.
  • Medical devices: US$536mn in 2011 to US$541mn in 2012; +0.9% in local currency terms. Forecast unchanged from Q4 12.
Risk/Reward Rating
Puerto Rico again remains third in our proprietary Pharmaceutical Risk/Reward Ratings (RRRs) matrix for the Americas in Q113, ranking behind the US and Canada. Its composite score is also an unchanged 65.6 out of the maximum 100, comprising evenly-balanced risk and reward components. In the medium to longer term, Puerto Rico's high matrix placement will come under increased pressure due to factors such as its small population, uneasy economic prospects and competition from emerging markets in Latin America.
Competitive Landscape
The competitive landscape section provides comparative company analyses and rankings by US$ sales and % share of total sales - for the total pharmaceutical sector, as well as the OTC, generics, and distribution sub-sectors.
BMI Industry View7
Industry Forecast10
Pharmaceutical Market Forecast10
Table: Pharmaceutical Sales, Historical Data And Forecasts (Puerto Rico 2010-2018)11
Healthcare Market Forecast12
Table: Healthcare Expenditure Trends, Historical Data And Forecasts (Puerto Rico 2010-2018)14
Prescription Drug Market Forecast14
Table: Prescription Drug Market Indicators, Historical Data And Forecasts (Puerto Rico 2010-2018)16
Patented Drug Market Forecast16
Table: Patented Drug Market Indicators, Historical Data And Forecasts (Puerto Rico 2010-2018)18
Generic Drug Market Forecast18
Table: Generics Drug Market Indicators, Historical Data And Forecasts (Puerto Rico 2010-2018)20
OTC Medicine Market Forecast20
Table: Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medicine Market Indicators, Historical Data And Forecasts (Puerto 
Rico 2010-2018)21
Pharmaceutical Trade Forecast22
Table: Pharmaceutical Trade Data And Forecasts (Puerto Rico 2012-2018)25
Other Healthcare Data25
Key Risks To BMI's Forecast Scenario25
Macroeconomic Forecasts27
Puerto Rico27
Table: Puerto Rico - Gdp By Expenditure, Real Growth %31
Industry Risk Reward Ratings32
Americas Risk/Reward Ratings32
Puerto Rico Risk/Reward Ratings38
Market Overview40
Industry Trends And Developments41
Healthcare Sector42
Effects of US Healthcare Reform44
Healthcare Financing45
Healthcare Provision46
Medical Tourism46
Research & Development47
Clinical Trials50
Regulatory Development51
Pricing and Reimbursement51
Tax Incentives52
Table: Incentives, Benefits And Discounts For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers54
Trade Accords55
Competitive Landscape56
Pharmaceutical Industry58
Table: Major International Drugmakers In Puerto Rico58
Pharmaceutical Production61
Plant Expansions62
Table: Puerto Rico Continues To Attract Foreign Investment, Despite Challenges63
Plant Closures64
Company Developments66
Pharmaceutical Wholesale66
Pharmaceutical Retail67
Company Profile69
Merck & Co73
Abbott Laboratories76
Eli Lilly83
Johnson & Johnson (J&J)86
Demographic Forecast89
Puerto Rico89
Table: Puerto Rico's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 ('000)90
Table: Puerto Rico's Population By Age Group, 1990-2020 (% of total)91
Table: Puerto Rico's Key Population Ratios, 1990-202092
Table: Puerto Rico's Rural And Urban Population, 1990-202092
Pharmaceutical Expenditure Forecast Model95
Healthcare Expenditure Forecast Model95
Notes On Methodology96
Risk/Reward Ratings Methodology97
Ratings Overview98
Table: Pharmaceutical Risk/Reward Ratings Indicators98
Indicator Weightings99
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