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Theft Risks for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Published: Jan 2010 | No Of Pages: 35 | Published By: SBD

Product Synopsis

SBD has identified several different theft threats to hybrid and electric vehicles and their supporting technology in its latest research. Some of these are likely to occur from vehicle launch, whilst others are longer term.

According to SBD’s research, a new vehicle typically enjoys a period of around a year while thieves perfect new methods and theft of and from the vehicle begin to increase. Vehicle manufacturers need to start seriously considering the causes and effects of hybrid and electric vehicle-related crime as soon as possible, before these issues do any long-term damage to the customer perception and market interest for these vehicles.

This report will enable you to:

  • Identify potential security weaknesses in hybrid and electric vehicles as well as associated technology such as charging stations, batteries and power cables
  • Learn why and when these types of vehicles will start to be targeted by thieves
  • Understand the impact of theft issues on public perception and cost of ownership of hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Gain independent recommendations on how to combat the particular security risks and improve vehicle design

1. Executive summary
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Main conclusions
1.3 Overview of theft issues

2. Background
2.1 Hybrid and Electric vehicles
2.2 Local schemes and initiatives

3. Stealing components - “Theft From”
3.1 Contributing factors and market drivers
3.2 Cable theft
3.3 Battery theft
3.4 Telematics and infotainment

4. Stealing whole vehicles - “Theft Of”
4.1 Immobilisers

5. Additional issues
5.1 Vandalism
5.2 Theft of power

6. Timing

7. The effects of thefts
7.1 Negative public image
7.2 Cost of ownership

8. Future security considerations
8.1 Vehicle batteries
8.2 Charging cables
8.3 Theft of vehicles
8.4 Theft of power


Fig. 1 Examples of Government incentives
Fig. 2 Global hybrid and electric passenger car sales
Fig. 3 US metal commodity prices
Fig. 4 Examples of HEV and EV warranty periods
Fig. 5 Theft of SatNav systems in Japan
Fig. 6 Global theft trends from 2000 to 2009
Fig. 7 Incidents of vehicle vandalism in the UK
Fig. 8 User guide to the Elektrobay - EV charging point
Fig. 9 The future threats for hybrid and electric vehicles
Fig. 10 Timeline of vehicle launches and theft threats
Fig. 11 Examples of marketing and hybrid and electric vehicles
Fig. 12 Summary of theft threats and SBD recommendations - Battery
Fig. 13 Summary of theft threats and SBD recommendations - Charging cables
Fig. 14 Summary of theft threats and SBD recommendations - Theft of vehicle
Fig. 15 Summary of theft threats and SBD recommendations - Theft of power

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