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Vehicle Identification for Theft Prevention

Published: Nov 2011 | No Of Pages: 43 | Published By: SBD

Product Synopsis

Make an Informed Global Strategy with this Incisive Report ...

Vehicle manufacturers are faced with a challenge - what level of vehicle identification to offer in order to meet varied global legislation and insurance requirements, without incurring cost and often in the absence of clear customer benefits. To make the right decision, manufacturers will have to consider the benefits and features of various methods and techniques, understand the cost of implementation and learn what investigators prefer and what methods act as the largest deterrent for thieves.

This report is a single authoritative source that will ensure you are fully informed about different vehicle identification strategies. It includes a global overview of performance and approval criteria and examples of what thieves are doing to remove or replace the carefully placed markings. All mandatory and optional markings are explained, including additional techniques available to vehicle manufacturers as line fit or aftermarket products. Cost, tamper resistance and usefulness to an investigator are evaluated and compared for each available solution to provide manufacturers with a guide to choose the best one.

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Report Overview
1.3 Main Conclusions

2. Background
2.1 What do Thieves Try?
2.2 Insurance Companies
2.3 Law Enforcement
2.4 Vehicle Manufacturers
2.5 Vehicle Owners

3. Legislation and Insurance Criteria
3.1 Global Requirements
3.2 Australia
3.3 Germany
3.4 South Africa
3.5 Sweden
3.6 USA
3.7 United Kingdom
3.8 Global Summary

4. Identification Analysis
4.1 Analysis and Recommendations

5. Basic Identification
5.1 Vehicle Registration
5.2 VIN Based Solutions
5.2.1. VIN Plate
5.2.2. Additional VIN Labels
5.2.3. Chassis Stamp
5.2.4. Visible VIN
5.3 Glass Etching

6. Sophisticated Identification
6.1 Microdots
6.2 Covert Markings
6.3 Barcodes

7. Electronic Identification
7.1 VIN Storage
7.2 Alternative Traceability
7.3 RFID


Figure 1. Market Drivers for Vehicle Identification
Figure 2. Global Summary of Vehicle ID Criteria
Figure 3. NMVTRC Approval Criteria – Microdot Locations
Figure 4. RCAR New Vehicle Theft Resistance Assessment Scoring
Figure 5. AZT 5 Star Certified Security – Vehicle ID Relevant Criteria
Figure 6. South African Microdot Standard – Marking Locations
Figure 7. Thatcham NVSA Requirements – Vehicle ID
Figure 8. Matrix Of Mandatory Identification Types By Market
Figure 9. SBD Categorisation of Vehicle ID
Figure 10. Overt Versus Covert Security
Figure 11. SBD Analysis Of Vehicle ID
Figure 12. VIN Composition

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