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Who will win the race to become China's leading telematics service provider

Published: Jul 2011 | No Of Pages: 37 | Published By: SBD

Product Synopsis

Choose your perfect telematics partner in China with this comprehensive guide...

Around 20 vehicle manufacturers are either launching or planning OE telematics services in China over the next 3 years, addressing a growing consumer demand for connectivity. However, in doing so, vehicle manufacturers in China also face significant financial and strategic challenges in deciding which companies to partner with. Do you want to understand the telematics value chain in China and choose the right domestic partner? Look no further - SBD’s new report provides all the information you need to succeed in this complex market.

Based on interviews with OEMs and telematics players in China, this report details partnerships forged by domestic and international vehicle manufacturers with Telematics Service Providers (TSPs) such as China Unicom, Navinfo and 95190. To help you create your partnership strategy, the different types of TSPs emerging in China are analysed with case studies and clear explanations of their strengths and weaknesses. Further analysis of the unique aspects of the telematics business chain in China such as regulations and licensing, geography and consumer preferences ensures you are in the best position to minimise risk in this growing market.

1. Executive summary

2. Overview of the Connected Car value chain in China
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Value chain for services in China
2.3 OEM-by-OEM outline of key partnerships for connected services
2.4 Unique aspects of offering services in China

3. The different types of TSPs emerging in China
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Classification of TSPs in China
3.3 In-house TSPs
3.4 International TSPs
3.4.1 WirelessCar
3.4.2 ATX
3.4.3 Hughes Telematics
3.4.4 Connexis
3.4.3 Airbiquity
3.5 Non-dedicated domestic TSPs
3.5.1 Telecom operators as TSPs
3.5.2 Call centre operators as TSPs
3.5.3 Content providers as TSPs
3.6 Dedicated domestic TSPs
3.7 Future trends

4. Company profiles for Chinese TSPs
4.1 Introduction
4.2 China Unicom
4.3 95190
4.4 NavInfo
4.5 Neusoft
4.6 Pateo
4.7 CTMS
4.8 EMapGo

5. Recommendations to key stakeholders
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Vehicle manufacturers
5.3 Tier-one suppliers
5.4 International Telematics Service Providers
5.5 Domestic Telematics Service Providers


Fig. 1 Partnerships between domestic and international TSPs
Fig. 2 The telematics value chain
Fig. 3 Current and planned telematics services in China
Fig. 4 Categories of TSPs emerging in China
Fig. 5 Telecom operator 2G/3G subscriber share and M2M customers
Fig. 6 China Unicom case study
Fig. 7 95190 case study
Fig. 8 NavInfo case study
Fig. 9 Leading TSP contenders in China

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