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Dental Gypsum Market By Product (Impression Plaster (Type I), Modelling plaster (Type II), Stone Hard Plaster (Type III), Improved stone Plaster (Type IV), High-strength plaster (Type V)), By End-user (Hospitals, Dental Clinics, Academic & Research Institutes) - Growth, Share, Opportunities & Competitive Analysis, 2023 – 2031

The global market for dental gypsum is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5% during the forecast period of 2023 to 2031. This is attributable to the rise in dental tourism, demand for cosmetic dentistry, and oral health awareness. The adoption of digital dentistry technologies, such as CAD/CAM systems and 3D printing, is anticipated to contribute to industry growth.

17 Mar, 2023

Botulinum Toxin Market By Product (Botulinum Toxin A (BNT-A), Botulinum Toxin B (BNT-B)), By Application (Cosmetics, Neurological Disorders, Other Therapeutic Areas), By End User (Hospitals, Dermatology & Beauty Clinics, Spas & Cosmetic Centers) - Growth, Future Prospects & Competitive Analysis, 2022 – 2030

The global botulinum toxin market is growing significantly, and is expected to grow at 7.2% by 2030. Worldwide growing cosmetic & surgical procedures, treatment with botulinum toxin A (BNT-A) for various therapeutic procedures along with growing population aged between 25 to 60 years and growing demand for minimally invasive procedures are the major factors driving the overall growth of the global botulinum toxin market.

19 Dec, 2018

Acquired Hemophilia Treatment Market By Type (Hemophilia A, Hemophilia B, Hemophilia C and Others), By Treatment (On-Demand and Prophylaxis), By Therapeutic Areas (Replacement Therapy, Gene Therapy, Immune Tolerance Induction Therapy and Others), By Type of End Users (Hospitals, Clinics and Others) – Growth, Future prospects & Competitive Analysis 2022-2030

According to the National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD), acquired hemophilia is a rare autoimmune disorder characterized by bleeding that occurs in patients with a personal and family history negative for hemorrhages. In acquired hemophilia, the body produces antibodies that attack clotting factors, most often factor VIII. Medical practitioners warn that acquired hemophilia can cause life-threatening bleeding complications in severe cases.

07 Jun, 2021

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The therapeutic Area Market refers to a certain area of diseases or ailments for which there are established medical treatments or prospective remedies in development. It is a method of classifying pharmaceuticals without regard to the type of therapy, mode of action, or manufacturer, but rather by the ailment it treats. Oncology expenditures are predicted to exceed US $300 billion by 2025. With estimated expenditures of roughly US $190 billion, immunology is expected to rank second.
According to the January 2021 publication "The Longitudinal Ageing Study in India (LASI)," around 75 million Indians aged 60 and older suffer from a chronic condition. Around 45 million suffer from cardiovascular disease and hypertension, while 20 million have diabetes. Consequently, the high prevalence of chronic diseases in the country will increase the demand for cost-effective therapies, such as digital therapeutic devices, and drive the market under study. There has been an increase in the therapeutic use of technology for medical ailments. People in developed markets are becoming increasingly aware of the advanced medical treatments available. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development said in July 2019 that healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP climbed significantly in 2020, as the economic situation deteriorated and health spending soared in several OECD nations. In 2020, health expenditures per capita for a group of 16 nations are projected to increase by approximately 4.9% on average. So, the choice has turned toward enhanced services in the medical industry, including the rising demand for therapeutic gadget developments. Product approval is another aspect contributing to the expansion of the industry. In December 2020, for instance, the United States Food and Drug Administration granted San Francisco and London-based Mahana Therapeutics a De Novo marketing authorization for a product called Parallel, which according to company literature is an 8-week cognitive behavioral therapy program for people with irritable bowel syndrome. Such approvals will stimulate market expansion.
The increasing prevalence of chronic illnesses contributes to the segment's expansion. According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), roughly 536 million adults (20-79 years of age) had diabetes in 2021, and this number will increase to 783 million by 2045. In the majority of countries, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes is increasing, and 79% of adults with diabetes reside in low- and middle-income countries, where 1 in 5 persons over 65 have the disease. In the majority of countries, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes is increasing, and 79% of adults with diabetes reside in low- and middle-income countries, where 1 in 5 persons over 65 have the disease.
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