Privacy Policy

Acute Market Reports understands that you are careful about the use and sharing of your information. We appreciate your faith in us. We assure you of maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the information furnished/provided by you. This notification defines our privacy policy.

How does personal information provided by customers help Acute Market Reports?

The information that we receive from the consumers helps us personalize your requirements and assists us in continuously improving our business information delivery.

Here is the kind of information that we collect from our customers:

Information that you provide us: We collect any information entered by you on our site. We utilize this information for enhancing your experience with our site and understanding your requirements. This will enable us to continuously improve customer service and sales processes.

Automatic Information: We store certain kinds of information provided by you during our interaction.

Email Communications: To assist us in making e-mails more interesting and useful, we frequently receive confirmation emails when you open e-mails sent to you by Acute Market Reports. We compare our client lists to the lists received from other firms so that we can avoid sending unnecessary email messages to our clients.

Information from other sources: We may receive information about your firm or you from other sources and append it to our account information.

How about the Cookies?

Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that are transferred by us to the hard drive of your computer through the internet browser to help our systems identify your browser. It helps in providing you with additional features such as personalized information. It also helps in storing items in your spending cart between online visits.

The online help option on the toolbar on any of the browsers will provide you with information as to how you can prevent your internet browser from receiving new cookies, how to have your browser provide you with a notification on accepting a new cookie, or how to deactivate the cookie functionality/ functions of browsers completely.

What about the security, confidentiality, and privacy of the information provided by you?

We protect the confidentiality, security, and privacy of the information furnished by you using the Secure Socket Layer Software which encodes the information that you input. It is very important that your password is prevented from unauthorized access and hacking. So SSL helps in preventing this unauthorized access of the password of your computer and blocks the access to login details of your PC.

Note: Always log out or sign off after you have finished your work or completed the using a shared network.