Customer FAQ

Which format of delivery should I choose?

Different kinds of products on our website are available in various formats. The number of formats in which a product is available on our website can be observed on the right-hand side of each product page. You can also get detailed information on types of licenses by clicking on the “Delivery & Formats” tab on each product page. A few of the typical format options provided are:

Electronic Format: - Acute Market Reports delivers reports in multiple formats that are best suitable to its clients. PDF is the most common report format that is demanded by clients. However, depending on the client's needs. Acute Market Reports also delivers quantitative analysis and output in MS Excel and quantitative and qualitative analysis in PPT. They are either delivered as supplements along with the PDF report or delivered as standalone formats as per the client's requirement. The price of each format varies depending on the depth of the delivery required by the client. Different kinds of licenses are available in electronic format are:

  • Single User License: It provides product access only to the consumer of the ordered product.
  • 1-5 User License: It allows the ordered product to be shared by a maximum of five persons within your company.
  • 1-10 User License: It allows the ordered product to be shared by at the most 10 persons in your organization.
  • 1-15 User License: It allows a maximum of up to fifteen people within your firm to share the ordered product.
  • Enterprise-wide License: It permits the product to be shared by all employees of your firm irrespective of their topographical areas.
  • Site License: Generally it permits the ordered product to be shared among all the employees of your firm in one place only. 

Online Access Format- Detailed information about your online access will be sent to you via email after receiving payment.

CD - ROM Format: - This product will be shipped to you in CD-ROM disc form after the receipt of your payment.

Hard Copy:- This product will be shipped to you in either soft cover or hard cover format after receipt of your payment.

What methods of order can you avail?

Our research reports ordering procedure is described below:

Order through the internet: This is the fastest procedure for placing your order with us. From our product pages, simply choose the product format that you wish to order from the right side of the screen. Then click the “Buy Now” button below to add that format choice to the shopping basket. Our site will direct you toward the shopping basket screen from which you can continue to do shopping or can check out other available shopping options.

How should I add a product to the basket?

One can add a product to his or her basket from the right side of the product page. First, choose the radio button adjacent to the format option that one wishes to order, and then click the “Buy Now” button below this to add that option to your basket.

How should I access the shopping basket?

When you have finished adding products to your basket you can assess all the contents by clicking on the Checkout button available on the top right of our website.

How should I change the basket contents?

On your shopping screen basket, you can change the product quantity that you wish to buy by choosing the required amount from the quantity-down menu located near the left of the shopping screen basket, or remove an item by clicking on the “Remove” link.

What is the checkout process?

Once you feel satisfied that you have all the products that you require in your basket, click the “Proceed to Secure Checkout” button on your shopping screen basket to commence checking out. If you are not registered as a user, you are required to register at that moment, to provide your delivery address and invoice address. You can then select your method of payment and confirm your order. If you have any issues with ordering please contact us through the web page Contact Us.

I have not yet received my electronic product, what should I do?

In order to assure the perfect/correct delivery of your order you should ensure that there is complete free space in your email inbox so that you can receive many emails. Also, you should verify that your email account is configured in such a manner that it can receive both the word document and PDF attachments. It is essential for you to be in touch with the system administrator to ensure that you receive an email in your inbox and that it does not go into the spam mail.

Do Acute Market Reports need payment before dispatch order?

Due to the kind of products that we sell it is necessary for us to arrange for the dispatching of an order till the full payment is received against the order.

What is Acute Market Reports return or refund policy?

As our products are information-based and are consumed easily after their purchase, they cannot be easily returned once reports are sold. Due to this, we do not have any refund policy for orders.

What is the Acute Market Reports Cancellation Policy? 

In general, Acute Market Reports does not accept order cancellation once the order is placed. After the order is placed with Acute Market Reports, you should accept our Terms & Conditions which can be viewed after you click on the link