Terms of Use

Acute Market Reports offers its services to you depending upon the given conditions. We preserve every right to make amendments to these terms of use which is at our sole discretion. Terms of use are applicable to every business deal which is available on our website. It is your own choice and responsibility to go through the terms of use before placing your order. 

Electronic Communications

When you send emails to us, you are interacting with us online and it is acknowledged that you have permitted/allowed us to communicate with you through the web. We will interact with you through e-mail or post notifications on our website. You must agree to it that all notifications, disclosures, agreements, and other kinds of communications that we provide you online fulfill the legal requirements/ legalities and should be written communications. 


All the contents like graphics, texts, logos, images, icons, audio clips, software, data compilations, and digital downloads that are displayed on this website are the property of Acute Market Reports. The collation of all the contents on this website is the private property of Acute Market Reports. Sole proprietorship of all software used on this website and rights of ownership of the software solely remains with Acute Market Reports. You must agree not to sell, duplicate, resell, reproduce, or exploit for any personal gains, any section/part of the website, its usage, or its access. You must not use any data mining methods, robots, or any similar search techniques and tools of extraction for reusing any important website component/content without the permission of Acute Market Reports. You must not utilize any vital content of our site on the website owned by you without permission of Acute Market Reports. 


Once you have placed an order for a market research report that is listed on our site, disbursement for that report becomes outstanding straightaway. Nonetheless, it remains the fact that the report is not going to be dispatched unless full payment is made to Acute Market Reports after you have placed the order. The reason is that we have to buy the report from the publisher and carry out the payment process. So it is not possible for us to cancel the order once it gets submitted. Acute Market Reports should not be held accountable in case of any failure or delay to comply with conditions as per the contract due to such causes that are not within our control. 

License and Access to Site

Acute Market Reports provides you with limited revocable authorization. You must not make use of any of the logos and graphics as a part of your link without our permission. Access to the website portal and its personal use is allowed but a modification of the web page or downloading of the website is not allowed prior to our permission. The license or the authentication does not comprise any commercial use or resale of this website's contents. It also does not include the collection or the use of any descriptions, prices, listings, or derivative use of this website or its contents. You must not frame nor use framing methods to enclose any trademark or any other proprietary information comprising texts or images of Acute Market Reports without our prior permission. You must not make use of any hidden texts or Meta tags using the title or logo of Acute Market Reports without prior permission of Acute Market Reports. Any unauthorized access, use, or authentication automatically cancels the license provided to you by Acute Market Reports. 

Delivery Time

After you place an order for a market research report with Acute Market Reports, our effort is to dispatch the report electronically as quickly as possible. The majority of our market research reports are delivered online within twenty-four hours of order placement for market research reports. 

Return Policy / Order Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

As products of Acute Market Reports are knowledge-based, they cannot be returned. So Acute Market Reports does not have a Return Policy nor an order cancellation policy and neither has a refund policy. 

Indemnity /Guarantee

You must agree to not hold Acute Market Reports nor its partners or neither its employees accountable for your violation of the TOS or any other violations from your side. 

Applicability of Law

You must abide by the laws governing these terms of use and avoid a dispute of any type that may arise between Acute Market Reports and you with regard to the violation of these principles of law. 

Disclaimer of Warranties and limited liability

This website is provided by Acute Market Reports on the basis of “As available “or “As is “. Acute Market Reports makes no warranties nor any representations of any type, implied or express, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose. Acute Market Reports is not liable for any kind of damages incurred from the use of the website. Visiting the website of Acute Market Reports implies that you have accepted to abide by the rules and regulations of/ governing Acute Market Reports.