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10 Things To Do to Be More Productive at Work

Disorganization breeds unproductivity. Around your office or home are a number of things you can do or items that can be re-purposed and transformed into wholly new items to raise your productivity. There are wonderful office hacks capable of making you very productive at work.

Eat properly

If you have not noticed, what you eat really affects your productivity. For instance, if a person is not fueled adequately, getting anything done is a fool’s dream. You might want to start by ditching processed junk foods for healthy balanced meals, enough water and fruit snacks in between, if you can.

Reflective alert

At the office are many people who just want to know what you are up to and exactly what you are doing. If you always find some time to get into Social media to catch up on what is trending without the boss or supervisor knowing, have a mirror on your desk and casually look at it to ensure no one is behind your chair frequently. It might not get any job done better but it ensures your job is secure in more than one way.

Organizing your desk

If you are always tired and overwhelmed at your desk in the office perhaps a little organizing will do. Just demarcate your desk and ensure books, water bottle and anything else is well organized on its place. Immediately, you will begin to see things in a refreshed better look.

Suspend your cord

Your power cords if tripped turn so many machines off at the office and you might already tired about it. You can find a way of suspending the cord in a safe place, either on the wall, ceiling or on your desk’s side. The cleaning crew will also find it easier to clean your work area better and turning things off accidentally wasting your time will not happen.

Binder clips

Cable cords, such as the network internet connection, USBs and others around your cubicle are always cumbersome, hazardous and make things look disorganized. There are binder clips you can use creatively to hold these cords in position actualizing management in turn.

Use sticky pads creatively

Sometimes it is important to remind yourself about stuff while at the office in a homely way. Sticky pads used at home, especially on the fridge, can also be used at the office by getting yourself a little notice board on both sides of your monitor reminding you to collect kids at 5pm, call mother, meeting dates and birthdays etc.

Paperclip your phone

If you are always using your Smartphone or tablet as a speakerphone, videophone or watching videos at the office and you do not want to spend more on a simple item, simply use paperclips by turning and twisting them. This makes them functional Smartphone holders.

Working at home

Many companies are realizing work can also be done while at home. If your employer allows it, working from home is a great idea, particularly in times of snow, bad weather or general malaise. You might also find yourself more productive when you interchange between working from home and at the office.


If you do not know how you are spending time at the office you cannot know how to be productive. An app such as RescueTime will let you know when you mostly waste time, a background running app providing you with activity reports to ensure you have accomplished a lot from your day.

Get Some Exercise

Exercising has lasting effects not only at home but at work as well. With just 7 minutes you can get an effective workout completed. Some exercises are simple for the office, such as stretch exercises.

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