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11 things must offered to Lord Shiva in Shravan month

It’s an auspicious month for worship of lord Shiva and gets their blessing. But it is not possible to everyone to follow the ideal procedure of worship. Lord Shiva is known for its ease to please and kind nature, he become happy with very ordinary things. Here are some things which you should have offered to lord Shiva on shravan month:

1 Milk: Offering milk to Shiva lingam can give good health to us.

2 Curd: Offering curd to Shiva lingam gives happiness and joy to our life.

3 Honey: Offering honey to Shiva lingam brings sweetness and calmness in our life.

4 Ghee (clarified butter): Offering ghee to Shiva lingam can sharpens our life.

5 Sugar: Offering sugar to Shiva lingam gives wealth, goodness and prosperity in society.

6 Scented Perfume: Offering scented perfume to Shiva lingam brings honesty and increase devotional power in us.

7 Sandalwood Paste: Offering sandalwood paste to Shiva lingam increase popularity and respect in society.

8 Saffron: Offering saffron to Shiva lingam brings closeness to partners.

9 Cannabis (bhang): Offering cannabis to Shiva lingam can evict our sins.

10 Indian Gooseberry (awla): Offering awla to Shiva lingam gives long lives to us.

11 Sugarcane Juice: Offering sugarcane juice to Shiva lingam brings equality and happiness to the family.

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