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Rectal thermometer proved better again than others in detecting fever

Measuring body temperature is among the preliminary diagnosis at any Physician’s clinic. People often tend to measure their body temperature, if they feel any slight increment in the body temperature, right at their home. But let me tell you that examining body temperature with the regular peripheral thermometer may not give the accurate idea as it can obliterate your health by hiding creeping infection or other health problems. Worried? Check the recent medical update regarding the use of traditional thermometer.

The scientist has discovered that rectal thermometer (central thermometer) is more accurate than regular mouth or armpit the body temperature measurement via Peripheral thermometer. Dr. Daniel Niven, along with his researchers carried forward an examination at the Peter Lougheed Center in Calgary, Canada, examining the effectiveness of peripheral and the invasive methods of measuring the body temperature.

The physician, gathered data from the 75 studies, including 8,600 adults and child patients. The peripheral sites such as mouth, armpit, ear and forehead does not record the most accurate results for body temperature and are off by 1.5 degrees while the temperature measured from the Central thermometer inside the body such as, rectum or bladder is found to be more accurate. However, the major constraint lies with the latter is that one cannot easily use it until the clinical support.

The central thermometer is commendable as it can inform doctors when disease in budding in the dark abysses and the diagnosed problem can be treated well at the right time. Physician Niven said that the tool can be useful for the treatment of the significant infections. The Central thermometers, both the rectal and the bladder ones can easily be used if the patient is hospitalized using catheters. Further, the reports published in Annales of Internal Medicine say, it is more accurate for the patients suffering from chronic illness.

Nevertheless, the peripheral thermometers are useful in case of a soft examination of toddlers and kids, yet one should take a note to measure the temperature via mouth or armpit.

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